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LED Lighting Solutions and Company Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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LED Lighting Solutions and Company Overview

LED Lighting Solutions and Company Overview

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LED Lighting Solutions and Company Overview

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  1. LED Lighting Solutions and Company Overview

  2. The Objectives • Key Presentation Objectives • LED Lighting Systems • What are LEDs? • Why LED Lighting? Benefits of • switching from Incandescent and • CFL Lights to LEDs; a head-to-head • comparison. • Uses and Applications of LED lights • Why Instapower? • Instapower’sExpertise in providing LED • Energy Efficient Lighting solutions. • AboutInstapower. • Products and Projects • Instapower’s Diverse Product • Lines. • Projects and Installations

  3. LED Lighting Systems Types of LEDs The main types of LEDs are miniature, mid-range and high power. They are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. The 5mm cylindrical package (red, fifth from the left) is the most common. The colour of the plastic lens is often the same as the actual color of light emitted, but not always. • Miniature LEDs: • Mostly single-die LEDs used as indicators • Come in various sizes from 2mm to 8mm, through –hole and surface mount packages • They usually do not use a separate heat sink • Mid-range LEDs: • Medium-power LEDs are often through-hole-mounted and used when an output of a few lumen is needed. • They sometimes have the diode mounted to four leads (two cathode leads, two anode leads) for better heat conduction and carry an integrated lens • Most commonly used in light panels, emergency lighting and automotive tail-lights LEDs - 8 mm, 5 mm & 3 mm with a wooden match-stick for scale • High-Power (HP) LEDs: • HPLEDs can be driven at currents from hundreds of mA to more than an Ampere. • Some can emit over a thousand lumens. • HPLEDs are mounted on a heat sink to allow for heat dissipation. • One HPLED can often replace an incandescent bulb in a torch, and can be set in an array to form a powerful LED Lamp.

  4. LED Lighting Systems LED Driver The LED driver is an electronic circuit which keeps the current constant despite fluctuations in voltage. In LEDs, current increases very quickly as voltage increases across them. So, an LED driver must be employed to control the input current to the LED.

  5. LED Lighting Systems LED at real Tj 90% Optic 90% Best Case 120x0.9x0.9x0.9=87.48lm/w Driver 90% *More than 40% increase in lumens compared to FTLs

  6. LED Lighting Systems • Rise in temperature of the Secondary heat sink is more than 20°C of the ambient.

  7. LED Lighting Systems Why LED Lighting?

  8. Why LED Lighting? • Efficiency: LEDs emit more light per watt than incandescent light bulbs. Their efficiency is not affected by shape and size, unlike fluorescent light bulbs or tubes. • Color: LEDs can emit light of an intended color without using any color filters as traditional lighting methods need. This is more efficient and can lower initial costs. • Size: LEDs can be very small (smaller than 2mm) and are easily populated onto printed circuit boards. • Toxicity: LEDs do not contain mercury unlike fluorescent lamps and tubes.

  9. LED Lighting Systems Uses and Applications • From NASA using LED lights to grow plants in space to LED bulbs used at private residences, LED lighting solutions are available for every use that CFL and Incandescent lights have been used for till date…and more. • Bulbs • Downlighters • Solar home lights • Ceiling lights • Tubelights • Streetlights / Solar Streelights • Flood lights/Façade lights • Aviation warning lights • Traffic Signals • High bay industrial lights • Billboard lights for advertising • Moving display boards • Color changing architectural lights • Solar road studs / Solar delineators

  10. Energy Saving Calculator Comparison between LED lights and existing light fittings • The ROI is less than 2 years and The Organization would start earning by implementing LED Lights from 3rd year. • These fittings are FIT IT FORGET IT systems. • There is no replacement or maintenance required for the next 10 years. • There is no heating in the products and therefore reduces the AC bills. • The life of the product is more than 10 years and Instapower offer a 5 year warranty on the product. • There is no mercury in LED and therefore environmentally friendly. LEDs promote the Green Technology • The reduction in the AC bill which will result due to implementation of LED's has not been considered by us

  11. Energy Saving Calculator Comparison between LED lights and existing light fittings • The ROI is less than 2 years and The Organization would start earning by implementing LED Lights from 3rd year. • These fittings are FIT IT FORGET IT systems. • There is no replacement or maintenance required. • The life of the product is more than 10 years and Instapower offers a 5 year warranty on the product. • There is no mercury in LED and therefore environmentally friendly. LEDs promote the Green Technology.

  12. Why Instapower? Pioneers of LED Lighting “To provide Innovative, High Quality and Cost Effective LED Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions – for residential and institutional use – and boosting adoption of LED’s illumination in India and around the world as part of our Go Green With LED mission.” • Pioneers of LED lighting concept in India • A TUV certified ISO 9001 and 14001 organization • Recognized as an ESCO organization by The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, • Government of India • Over 100 LED products manufactured indigenously • Over 300,000 installations of LED lights in India and abroad A leading name in power electronics for over two decades, Instapower diversified into manufacturing energy efficient lighting systems using LEDs in 2003. With a strong R&D base at Gurgaon and an over 30,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Roorkee, it has a vast, indigenously manufactured product range that is well accepted within India and the rest of the world (exports to over 25 countries). Our Vision

  13. The Organization • A state-of-the-art 30,000 sq ft manufacturing andtesting unit at Roorkee, Uttarakhand. • Employing over 200 skilled personnel Our Vision

  14. The Organization • An R&D wing in UdyogVihar, Gurgaon

  15. The Organization • Registered office in New Delhi

  16. The Organization - Certifications AAI Udaipur Completion Certificate, AAI, Udaipur

  17. The Organization - Certifications RDSO Approval Integrated LED Signal RDSO Approval For Emergency Light

  18. The Organization - Certifications CPWD Approval BHEL Approval

  19. The Organization - Certifications ISO 14001: 2004 ISO 9001: 2008

  20. The Organization - Certifications DSIR Certification ESCO, BEE Approval

  21. The Organization • Exporting to over 25 countries worldwide • Afghanistan • Argentina • Australia • Bangladesh • Denmark • Egypt • Gabon • Ghana • Greece • Kuwait • Libya • Malaysia • Mauritius • Nepal • Nigeria • Oman • Pakistan • Saudi Arabia • Spain • Sri Lanka • Sudan • Tanzania • UAE • UK • USA • Vietnam

  22. Why Instapower? Value Proposition The InstapowerValue Proposition is built over 4 key elements • Product and design innovations to • adapt to local conditions. • Superior product offerings using • latest and improved technologies • Customization of products as per client’s • requirements. • Ensure quality checks at every level. • Ensures timely deliveries. 100% Backward Integration Strong R&D Initiatives Competitive Pricing PAN India Sales Network • Effective Sales and Service • support anywhere in India. • Manufacturing facility in the • excise-free state of Uttarakhand. • Constant technological innovation • by in-house R&D using better and • more cost effective technologies.

  23. Why Instapower? Innovation through R&D Instapower has a strong R&D wing that works diligently at harnessing technology and towards product and design innovation to meet the diverse needs of its various clients for energy efficient lighting systems. It has filed for over 10 product patents and 30 design patents in various categories of LED lighting systems. A few are listed below:

  24. Why Instapower? Commendations & Recognitions Instapower has received several Commendations and Recognitions for its unrelenting efforts in introducing and propagating the use of LED based Energy Efficient Lighting Systems in India. Received commendation from Smt. Shiela Dixit, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi, for un-wavering commitment towards development and promotion of energy efficient technologies. Instapower Product has been approved by RDSO, BHEL, PGCIL, NTPC at and all india level. Products tested by various prominent laboratories such as National Physical Laboratory (NPL), ERDA, ERTL, IIT, ARAI (Pune). These are the country’s top laboratories and have international recognition. LED Lighting products approved by Military Engineering Services. Instapower is the only company till date to be awarded such an approval at an all India level.

  25. Why Instapower? Board of Directors Board of Directors • Retired as the first Director General of C.P.W.D in 1979. • Was Chairman and Managing Director of NBCC besides being an advisor to several government organizations. • Member of the Governing Body of Delhi Public School Society, which runs 140 schools in India and abroad. V. R. Vaish Chairman • Alumnus of IIT-Delhi, he is a first generation entrepreneur. Also a fellow of the Institution of Lighting Engineers. • Founded Instapower in 1990, manufacturing power conditioning equipments as UPS and Invertors. • Diversified into manufacturing LED Lighting Systems in 2003. H. R. Vaish Managing Director • A fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and ICA of India. • Retired as Senior VP – Allied Businesses, Corporate and Government Affairs at Ranbaxy • A keen spokesperson for the pharmaceutical industry at various trade forums. B. K. Raizada Director • An M.Com, L.L.B., MBA-Finance, C.A.I.I.B., he is a leading practicing advocate. • Former legal advisor to IFCI. S. S. L. Gupta Director • An Electronics and Communications Engineer from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. • Fellow of Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers (India) for over 20 years. • Retired in 2008 as Wireless Adviser to Government of India, Ministry of Communication & IT. P. K. Garg Director • An Electrical Engineering Alumnus from IIT-Delhi. • Professor and Dean at G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, Greater Noida. • Over 12 years of teaching experience and over 20 years of Industry experience. K. S. Mehta Director

  26. Products and Projects Product Lines and applications - Recessed spot/ceiling Lights - Surface mounted ceiling Lights - Ceiling suspended Lights - General Lighting - Emergency Lights - Edge lit Indoor Signage Traffic Lights - Traffic Blinkers - • - General Lighting • - Street Lights • - Façade Lighting • - Flood Lights • Security Lights • Lanterns Backlit signage - 3D Character signage - Destination Boards - • Theme based lighting • Garden lighting • Decorative lighting • Building façade lighting Stairs - Pathways - Planters - Water bodies - • Aviation warning lights • (Low/Medium/High Intensity)

  27. Products and Projects Sampling of product portfolio • Product specifications and technical details can be viewed on • or ask for our Product Catalogue 2011

  28. Products and Projects Projects and Installations Delhi Secretariat Landscape Lights, Architectural Lights, Outdoor Lights Rail Bhawan Architectural Lights, Outdoor Lights BHEL Indoor LIghts

  29. Products and Projects Projects and Installations Solar Power Medium Intensity Aviation Light atUdaipur Airport Nano Zenith Solar

  30. Products and Projects Projects and Installations Signage Board - Similar boards can be fabricated for outside the airports.

  31. Products and Projects Projects and Installations ONGC Indoor Lights Apollo Hospital Indoor Lights, Architectural Lights, Landscape Lights Safdarjung Hospital Indoor Lights, Architectural Lights, Landscape Lights

  32. Advantages of using LED Lights by The Organization • The LED Display Boards manufactured by us indigenously in India unlike others suppliers who are importing in SKD units. • It will reduce the power consumption by 60% and therefore saving of electricity costs. • It comes with a 3 year warranty. ROI is within 3 years. • The life of the product is more than 10 years. Fit it Forget it. • The power backup load (Generator), Cable Size will reduce significantly. • For Indoor lighting the AC load will reduce and the Air conditioning will become more effective. • Huge saving in operational cost and maintenance cost. In case of Solar Installations the battery and solar size will reduce significantly. • The common area load can be directly connected to Solar Panels as per the Green Building norms. • There is no mercury content therefore Environment friendly. Promotes Green Technology

  33. Key Customers Contact Us Corporate Office : 457, UdyogVihar, Phase - V, Gurgaon - 122 016, Haryana T : +91 124 412 4000 F : +91 124 412 4034 Registered Office : S-19, Panchshila Park, New Delhi – 110 017 T : +91 11 2604 5000 F : +91 11 2601 4770 Manufacturing Unit : 103, Raipur Industrial Area, Bhagwanpur, 15.5 Km. Roorkee-Dehradun Highway, Uttarakhand – 247 661