private security n.
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Private Security

Private Security

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Private Security

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  1. Private Security • Includes those self-employed individuals and privately funded business entities and organizations providing security-related services to specific clientele for a fee, for the individual or entity that retains or employs them, or for themselves, in order to protect their persons, private property, or interests from varied hazards

  2. Private security meets the needs of individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations that require more protection than is afforded by public police officers.

  3. Comprehensive Security • An approach that brings to bear—in an organized manner—all of the security components and resources concerned with loss prevention, protection of employees, physical assets, business or personal integrity, reputations, proprietary information, and other intangible assets.

  4. Preventive an Protective Functions • All segments of the physical protective forces • Emergency preparedness activities and record protection • Risk management and insurance • Internal security controls and investigative activities • Fire prevention protection • Safety and accident prevention • Auditing • Safeguarding company information and communication security

  5. Types of Private Security Services • Physical Security • Broadest branch of security • Concerned principally with the physical measures adopted to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, facilities, materials, and documents, and to safeguard them against theft, damage, sabotage, or espionage • Encompasses protection of personnel from any criminal act

  6. Communications security • Protection resulting from the application of various measures which prevent or delay the enemy or unauthorized person in gaining information through the communication system • Transmission security • Results from all measures designed to protect transmission from interception, traffic analysis and imitative deception • Crypto security • Results from the provision of technically sound crypto-systems and their proper use

  7. Hotel security • Specialized physical security • Hotel detectives, uniformed guards, and security supervisors ensure that guests and their personal effects are safeguarded; hotel properties are protected from pilferage, loss, damage, and functions in the hotel restaurants, bars and clubs are not disturbed and troubles by rowdy outsiders or by the guest themselves

  8. Bank security • Specialized physical security • Main objectives is the protection of the life of employees and assets of the bank • The physical size of the banking institution, location, volume of cash handled, number of personnel employed and its clientele are the main considerations in determining the strength and type of the security unit

  9. Document security • Physical security involving the protection of documents and classified information from loss, access by unauthorized persons, damage, theft, and compromise through disclosure • One of the most difficult task that can be assigned to security personnel • Highly specialized line that in certain aspect very few can qualify

  10. Personal and VIP security • Protection of top ranking officials of the government, visiting persons of illustrious standing and foreign dignitaries • Involves not only the safety of high ranking officials but also the diplomatic implications in the event that any untoward incident happens to foreign dignitaries

  11. Crisis security • Allied but not part of VIP security • Involved in concerns such as the kidnapping of VIPs like dignitaries, rich scions. Industrial magnates, political leaders

  12. Industrial security • Physical security applied to business groups engaged in industries, like manufacturing, assembling, research and development, processing, warehousing and even agriculture

  13. Operational Security • Deals with primarily with the protection of processes, formulas, patents and other industrial and manufacturing activities from espionage, infiltration, loss, compromise or photocopying

  14. Other special types of security • Due to peculiarities of different business activities, specialized types of security appeared. These types are adaptations, variations, and/or modifications of physical security i.e. Air cargo security, school security, supermarket security and personnel security

  15. Functions of Security officers • Prevent loss by: • Gathering information • Controlling access to and maintaining order on private property • Protecting persons and property against crime and disaster

  16. In addition, private security personnel may provide valuable public relations services. The specific type of security position an individual holds will determine which function will be of primary concern.

  17. Research the different types of security officers.