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Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing
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Much Ado About Nothing

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  1. Much Ado About Nothing Test Prep

  2. This powerpoint is designed to help you review for the upcoming test. Use your class assignments and notes to answer the following questions.

  3. The Author

  4. Who is considered the greatest English playwright?

  5. William Shakespeare

  6. How long ago did he live?

  7. 400 Years

  8. How many plays and sonnets did Shakespeare write?

  9. 37 plays, 154 sonnets

  10. What was the name of his theatre and performing troupe?

  11. Theatre – the GlobePerforming Troupe – The King’s Men

  12. Which members of royalty did he perform for?

  13. Queen Elizabeth and King James I

  14. Why is Shakespeare’s grave still undisturbed?

  15. He put a curse on his epitaph

  16. The Play

  17. How does the play begin?

  18. A servant comes and tells GovenorLeonato that Don Pedro’s military is returning home from war and will stop by his home.

  19. Who refuses to marry in the beginning of the play?

  20. Benedick and Beatrice

  21. What do Don Pedro, Benedick, and Claudio discuss after their arrival at Leonato’s estate?

  22. Love and marriage. Specifically, Claudio being in love with and wanting to marry Hero. Benedick claims he will never marry.

  23. Who noted or overheard the conversation between Claudio and Don Pedro?

  24. Servants of both Leonato and Don John.

  25. Who is Don John andwhat does he want?

  26. “ I am a plain dealing villian… I will bite.” (Don John)He claims he is devious and wants to hurt other people’s happiness.

  27. What significant events happen at the masquerade party that night? [Name three]

  28. 1. Don Pedro woos Hero in Claudio’s behalf2. Don John tries to ruin the arranged marriage plans by lying to Claudio3. Don Pedro proposes to Beatrice (but, she declines)

  29. How does Benedick describe Beatrice?

  30. How does Beatrice describe Benedick?

  31. How do Don Pedro and the others make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love? What do they do exactly?

  32. They trick them into being in love. They have a conversation where they claim Beatrice/Benedick is madly in love with the other person. But, no one wants to tell them, because they think they are too proud and will only be rude to the one in love.

  33. What is Borachio’s plan to stop the wedding of Hero and Claudio?

  34. He will make Claudio believe Don Pedro is proposing to Hero, for himself, not Claudio.

  35. Who appears at Hero’s window and why is she mistaken for Hero?

  36. Hero’s servant, Margaret. She is mistaken for Hero because she looks like Hero and she is in Hero’s bedroom window.

  37. Why does Claudio reject Hero at the alter?

  38. He thinks Hero has been unfaithful.

  39. Why does Don Pedro support Claudio’s public shaming of Hero?

  40. Don Pedro arranged the marriage, so his honor is on the line.

  41. Who supports Hero and offers a plan to help her?

  42. Friar Francis believes Hero is innocent. He suggests they hide Hero and claim that she died upon hearing the slander against her. He thinks people will have sympathy for her. It also gives them time to clear her name.

  43. Benedick supports Leonato’s family after Hero has been accused.1- Why does he do this?2-How does he show his support – [What does he say he will do?]

  44. He supports the family because he loves Beatrice.He agrees to challenge Claudio to a duel, to show his support for Hero and her family.

  45. What makes Claudio realize that he wrongly accused Hero?

  46. Borachio confesses

  47. What penance does Leonato set for Claudio for falsely accusing Hero?

  48. Claudio must:1. Confess to the entire town that Hero was innocent, that he wrongly accused her.2. He must sing to her epitaph each year.3. He must marry another member of the family (a niece).

  49. What is Dogberry’s and Verges’s key role in the play?

  50. They are the comic relief.