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Authentic Sales Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Authentic Sales Culture

Authentic Sales Culture

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Authentic Sales Culture

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  1. Authentic Sales Culture

  2. The Sales World Consumer - Client Competition Information Management Data to Knowledge Conversion Risk Management Channel & Campaign Management

  3. Sales Reps’ Biggest Mistakes

  4. Sales Needs a Change • Allsalespeopleare“pushy”. • All sales people onlysell! They do not look back to customer after sale. • Allsalespeopleare“moneyhungry”. • Allsalespeopleare“dishonest”. • Allsalespeopleare“ruthless”. Need to be so ?

  5. Authenticity is shortly “being true to oneself”. It has dynamic ingredients such as: What is Authenticity?

  6. Authentic Figures - Lance Armstrong • In October 2, 1996, he was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer, which had spread to his abdomen, lungs, and brain. Doctors thought it was highly unlikely that he had more than another year to live.Miraculously he recovered, and then, even more miraculously, came back to bike racing. Then in 1999, he won the Tour de France. It would be the first of three consecutive wins in this prestigious race. • “If I had to choose between winning the Tour de France or having cancer, I would choose cancer. I was very undisciplined person, undisciplined athlete. I had to develop myself. And it was the cancer that gave me the motivation to go to do that.”

  7. Authentic sales people,whoareself-aware, demonstrate a passionfor theirpurpose, practice their values consistently,and sell with their hearts as wellas their heads. They establish long-term,meaningful relationships and have theself-disciplineto get results. “They know, who they are.” Who are Authentic Sales People?

  8. Authentic Sales Culture Program

  9. Changes in Approach Integrated Approach In-house & 3rdParties CRM Sales Training 2000’s 2010 1965-85 1990’s • CRM • Vendors were offering thevirtues of softwarethat would automate much of the work salespeople had to perform, especially for reporting. • Internalsalestraining. • Companies such as Burroughs and Xerox put their newrecruitsthrough as much as six monthsoftraining. • Third party vendors enterscene. • Realizing that one • training course did not meet all the compe-tencies required bysalespeople. • IntegratedApproach • CRM • Treatsalesperson as a human

  10. Modules AuthenticSalesmanshipforSaleStaff Authentic SalesManagementforManagers Direct Marketing & SalesForceAutomation Recruiting & EvaluatingSales Team Organizational Behavior Management (Managing Multi TaskSalesTeams)

  11. Concepts of Authentic Sales Culture Authenticity Self Awareness Customer Insight Communication fromHeart Direct Marketing • Communication Skills • Who am I? Self Knowledge… • My Profile vs. Salesman Profile • Definition of Ideal Salesman • Who is Customer? Expectations... • Expectations of my firm? • Direct Sales & Marketing Tools • My Briefcase • Role Play • Tests & Evaluation

  12. Self Knowledge Relationship Management Ideal Salesman Communication Intelligence Topics of Authentic Sales Culture • Communication Problems • Stereotyping and other communication errors • Prejudiced Opinion • Biased Judgement...etc. • Personality Test • MBTI • Personal SWOT • Role Plays • Judgement • Ready to Sale? • My Briefcase • Substitute products • Other retailers • Product knowledge • U.S.P of products • What is ideal? • Authenticity..... • Direct Marketing • CRM • Sales force Automation • Analysis • Self performance management

  13. Authentic Sales People.... I. Positive Psychological Capital • Confidence • Hope • Optimism • Resiliency • V. Authentic Salesmanship • Confident • Hopeful • Optimistic • Resilient • Transparent • Moral Ethical • Future Oriented • Teamworker IV. Self Regulation Behaviors III. Self Awareness II. Positive Organizational Context Highly Developed Strength-Based Organization

  14. RelationshipManagement

  15. SalesmenShouldGainInsight in to CRM Inability to capture prospect’s attention Difficult to enter new markets or launch new services Inability to access key decision makers Sales rep gets busy…pipeline slows Lack of a robust internal lead generation engine Pursuit of unqualified opportunities Revenue Rollercoaster = Only “hot” leads are pursued

  16. OurRecommendation • Engaging with prospects. • Generating awareness and interest for yourcommercial services. • Qualifying opportunities. • Starting new relationships. • Scheduling sales appointments. Prospecting Appt Setting Targeting Qualifying

  17. Economic models & metrics Customer value propositions Touchpoint Management Strategy The Methodology We have created a methodology and framework for developing lead nurturingstrategy & tactics. UNDERSTAND DESIGN CREATE IMPLEMENT REFINE • How do we • segment the • customer base? • Consumer Value Proposition • Schemecomponents, earn • & burn mechanic • - Currencyvalue algorithm / reward structure • - Brand architecture • - Targeting • Contact strategy • -Data requirements • Data modelling • Metrics • - Evolution • - Partnership strategy • - Exit Strategy Infrastructure Business Rules Data capture Fulfilment Reporting 1. Business Background - objectives & business case - interaction with SMB segments 2. Definition & drivers of acquisition in sector 3. Competitive environment How do we evaluate the success of our actions? How does existing data support the lead generation plan? How should we redefine thedata, systems, process and people capabilities to deliver? How do we implement our new data, systems, process and people plans? Legal / financial / liability, governance and project management

  18. Title in here Title in here Lead MANagement CAMPAIGN Management Sales force AutomatION Title in here SalesmenShouldGainInsight in to CRM StepsToward CRM Step 1 1.Lead management - Data sources - Lead Generation and Lead segmentation 2.Campaign Management - What to offer? Champion vs Challenger - How to offer and monitor? - The system? CRM 3.0, Oracle, SAS, Chordiant? 3.Tracking Sales & Performance - Lead to customer conversion - Sales person performance - Customer acquisition cost - Upsell and Cross Sell Step 3 Step 2

  19. For Example... Mgt Portal &Intelligence Siebel, Oracle, MS Dynamics or SAS Sales or Marketing Department Lead conversion & ROI Marketing Investment: shared services Qualified leads BU / Dealer / Reseller BU / Dealer / Reseller BU / Dealer / Reseller BU / Dealer / Reseller Marketing Programs Marketing Programs Marketing Programs Marketing Programs End Customers End Customers EndCustomers End Customers

  20. TheProgress

  21. TheProgress We cannot understand our own lives unless we understand the reality that we live in, and we cannot understand the reality we live in unless we understand its original cause.” Understanting Reality Authentic salesperson creates demand where it doesn't exist. He or she creates a message (the sales pitch) using various media (CRM systems, face calls, telephone calls, slide shows) that influence an audience (the prospect). A salesperson explores new territories (cold calls), introduces new ways of thinking (persuades prospects) and makes the world a better place (provides customer satisfaction). Authentic SalesPerson Nowadays old school sales is a type of characterization of tragedy as the downfall of a great taskpeople……..

  22. Dreams cannot be tamed. Dreamers cannot be ruled Authentic always wins... DevelopingSalesPersonality You may only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough Heal Yourself Wrong Beliefs & Culture The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself ‘Enjoy your memories,’ ‘But don’t forget that memory is like salt: the right amount brings out the flavour in food, too much ruins it. If you live in the past all the time, you’ll find yourself with no present to remember Do not allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not Paulo Coelho

  23. SalesPersonality Development CORE SELF EVALUATION; • AuthenticityInventory • Capability & EffectivenessEvaluation. • Like-self CORE SELF-EVALUATION PROACTIVE PERSONALITY LOCUS OF CONTROL SELF MONITORING SELF MONITORING Adjustingbehaviorto externalsituationalfactors. LOCUS OF CONTROL Controllingthe self & environment

  24. How do weproceed? 360o EVALUATION 2nd LEVEL TRAINING CHECKING RESULTS PREPARATION TRAINING • Meeting to define company needs with management • Identifying Corporate Culture XX day entry level training to sales team Evaluating the added value Two day training to sales team One day coaching session to managers Checking results from individual, peer evaluation, manager, customers Suggested Progress of Authenticity Integrated SalesTraining

  25. PersonalityDevelopment • AuthenticSalesmanshipIdentification • AuthenticityInterview. • SalesEffectivenessQuestionnaire. • OrganizationalCultureSurvey. • EffectiveSales Role Plays. • Development Plan • Training • Understandingkeyfactors of AuthenticSalesCulture • Assessment • Evaluation of training. • AuthenticityDevelopment • DefiningGaps. • Definitons. • Pathwaysfordevelopment.

  26. AnalyticalDevelopment

  27. Evaluation of the Program

  28. Quite a FewEvaluationMethods….

  29. Salespersonrecruitmentprocess. • Salespersoncareerdevelopment. • Elimination of ineffectivetasks & personnel. • Stresstestsviachampion vs challengercampaigns. • Benchmarking. • Monitoringcompetitors POS activities & salesperson. But We Recommend; “Continiousimprovementviacontinioustracking” (Periodical) Role Playing Mystery Shopping CustomerExitInterviews Stress Tests CaseStudies Online Tests [ ViaInhousecommunicationtools & materials]

  30. Field of Work RELATIONSHIP Marketing Trainings Creative Workshop StrategIc PLANNING organIzatIonal behavIOUR IMprovement ANALYTICAL Workshop “Authentic Developmentvia Agile Managerial Skills”

  31. Field of Work Content Title CRM • Analytical CRM • Operational CRM and Direct Marketing Communications Research Usage & Attitute, Concept Tests, Pricing , Pre & Post Campaign Effectiveness Measurement • Marketing Analytics • Leadership Trainings • Sales & Marketing • Organizational Behaviour • Analytical approach towards 5P • Process Improvement • Channel Management & Competitive Intelligence Strategic Marketing