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St. Austin Catholic School

St. Austin Catholic School

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St. Austin Catholic School

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  1. St. Austin Catholic School Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school.He is the unseen, but ever present teacher in its classrooms.He is the model for its faculty and the inspiration of its students. Our Expectations: Respect ~ Dignity ~ Integrity ~ Community

  2. Welcome to PreK!! • Our names are Mrs. Madeline Miller and Mrs. Kathleen Meyer • Contact Information:, or 512-477-3751 • Office Hours are by appointment • We are going green this year, so we are not printing out handouts! Please look for this document and other important information at, click on admissions, then click on PreK.

  3. Helpful Morning Routines • At Home: • Get plenty of sleep • Eat a healthy breakfast • Positive interactions • At School: • Arrive on time. First bell rings at 7:50 and second bell rings at 8:00 • Positive attitude and interactions • Students come inside and drop off their snack, water bottle, yellow folder, and put up their lunch choice for the day as part of their morning routine

  4. Snack Time • We have 2 snack times each day, one in the morning during centers and one in the afternoon after rest time. Morning snacks are “yellow snacks” and are kept at school (provided by teachers & parents). Afternoon snacks are “blue snacks” brought from home or leftover from lunch. • It is helpful if their afternoon snacks were in a different container other than their lunch box (if they are buying lunch) • Please, no candy or sweets for snacks.

  5. Classroom Schedule • We begin each day with table work (manipulatives). This is a time for friends to get ready for the day: put lunches up, move their person, get drinks, go to the restroom and visit with one another. • Morning time includes calendar, schedule, outside time, centers with school provided snack (yellow snack), Religion and Spanish. • After lunch we have all our special classes and Handwriting/phonics. Monday/Wednesday- Art & Tech., P.E. Tuesday/Thursday-Spanish Godly Play with buddies, Music, P.E. • We go to the Library on Monday & Friday • Friday-mass with our buddies, Show & Tell (will begin in Sept.)

  6. New Grading Policy • Grades Pre-K through 2nd are adopting a new grading policy this year along with the new RenWeb grading system • This will be a 4 point grading system, with grades 1 point through 4 points. • 4 – Advanced – Outstanding performance of grade level standards • 3 – Proficient – Regularly meets grade level standards • 2 – Partially Proficient – Inconsistently meets grade level standards • 1 – Not Proficient – Below grade level standards

  7. Classroom Behavior Expectations • The GOLDEN RULE is our guide along with our 4 core values: RESPECT, DIGNITY, INTEGRITY, COMMUNITY. • We encourage these values throughout the day in ALL we do and say using words our friends can understand and begin to use themselves such as, to be kind, considerate, a good friend, using our manners (RESPECT), taking care of the bodies God has blessed us with by sitting/standing/walking tall, using our smart brains, treating ourselves like royalty-kings & queens (DIGNITY), being honest and true, knowing the right thing to do even if others are not, having self control, making good choices and taking responsibility for what we do (INTEGRITY), and finally, working together as a team, sharing, taking turns (COMMUNITY). • We also use a traffic light system so the kids know how they are doing: Green is doing a good job, on task, participating. Yellow needs a redirection/reminder of what to do, first with a whole group reminder, then non verbally, then individually. Red needs time away from group to take a break, think, pray and ready themselves to come back refreshed.

  8. Weekly CommunicationWednesday RED Folders • The weekly school information will come home in the RED folder each Wednesday. Any important classroom information will also be included in this folder including book orders. • Please make sure to check Wednesday folders and remove all paperwork. If YOU need to send an important bit of information, this is a great way to do it.

  9. Parent Homework •  Talk to your child about their day: “highs” and “lows”, best part or not so great thing, who they are playing with-their names and what they are doing or need help with, etc. • Read with your child. Let them read the story to you by reading the pictures. Tell them where the cover is, the spine, the back of the book. Let them point to each word, count how many words in the title, the author’s name, clap the syllables of words. Read the newspaper-the comics, magazines. • Give your child opportunities to strengthen their finger, hand, arm muscles with playdoh, tearing paper, rolling dough (bread, cookie, etc.) • Have FUN-laugh, sing, be silly, smile!

  10. Curriculum Highlights • Cooperative, center-based approach using developmentally appropriate practices based on the High/Scope Key Experiences in conjunction with the PreK TEKS. Each day consists of a daily routine including large group time/small group time and planning time where the children are actively engaging with one another and adults, making choices, problem solving, and encouraging each other. • Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) program for handwriting, letter sound and recognition and overall body stability. • For Religion, we divide & conquer using both the Godly Play stories as well as the Allelu series that aligns with the Diocesan curriculum, following the Church calendar as well. Our relationship with our 5th grade mass buddies is a hands-on learning experience as well.

  11. Field Trip Information • We take 2 big trips a year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring: In October we take a walking tour with First Grade Buddies to the Fire House across the street (free) and in March we will take a trek to the Austin Nature Center where we will do a little digging and see the animals. • Also in the Fall (September) Mother Goose will make a visit.

  12. Dress Code • Please make sure your child is dressed in dress code every day. • Please remind your kids that the shirts being tucked in is a part of our uniform, and they are expected to be tucked in at all times!! If your child is not sure how to tuck in their shirt, please practice this at home. • Please practice pulling up/down shorts and skirts at home with your child. We encourage elastic waiste-bands for shorts, skirts/skorts. • Lastly, girls need to have on shorts under their mass dresses.

  13. Birthday Celebration Procedures Birthdays are blessed days that we help celebrate! Your child will receive a birthday poster to fill in prior to his/her birthday (family members may help). Once returned, it will be displayed on the Birthday board. • Each birthday friend will be crowned in the morning, gets to wear a sticker that lets everyone know that it is their special day, and receives a birthday certificate to take home & show the family (and keep for his/her memory book?) • If you would like to bring a birthday treat for your child & their class, please let us know in advance. We will do that during afternoon snack with a special birthday prayer & song at 2:45.

  14. Lunchroom Procedures • Our lunch is from 11:00 to 11:30 each day! • Pre-K through 2nd grade visitors, please join your child at the designated “guest table” in the cafeteria • 3rd-8th grade guests, please sit with your child at their lunch table • Any child who doesn’t have a lunch to eat after 10 minutes into their lunch period will be provided with a hot lunch and an invoice will be sent home. If you are planning on bringing your child lunch, please be on time! • We encourage eating “healthy food” first and send home any leftovers so parents know what their child is eating/not eating

  15. Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)

  16. Room Parents • Communications-Becky Poer • Budget-Monika Soto We have two remarkable women who get to take care of PreK this year. They are veteran moms, huge St. Austin supporters and faith-filled ladies.

  17. 2011-2012 Music • Mrs. Corroa • email: • Office hours by appointment • Academic Policy - All students in extracurricular music programs should agree to maintain their academic best. At any time, if a student is experiencing academic issues and needs a short time-out from band and choir to work on academics, the student’s parent should notify Mrs. Corroa.

  18. Music - PreK • All Pre-K-5th grade classes will attend music class twice per week. A brief synopsis of the curriculum is as follows: Grades K-1 •  Liturgical music preparation • Identifying the timbre of voices and instruments • Singing and playing instruments in groups and independently • Learning songs from different cultures • Rhythmic development • Identifying tempo, melodic direction, and dynamics

  19. Music Dates to Remember • November 11- Choir Fest at Holy Family Catholic School (during school day. We will need drivers. Please help!) • November 15/16-Fall Band and Choir concerts, 6PM/9AM • December 3- Advanced Band and choir performance, Parish Fair,4:30 PM • December 9- 7PM Advent program-All students participate • March 9-Pre-K through 2nd grade spring musical, 2:15 PM • May 8/9-Band/Choir spring concert, 6PM/9AM

  20. Spanish 2011-2012 • Sra. Carmen de la Morena • E-mail: • Office hours: Mondays 3:30-4:30, room 201 • Website location:; click on Academics; click on Spanish

  21. SpanishPre-K through 8th grade highlights • Spanish Around the World, 16 de Septiembre, Hispanic Heritage Month, All Saint’s Day/Día de los muertos, The Epiphany/Día de Reyes, Lent and Easter/La Cuaresma y Las Pascua, School Wide Spanish, Christmas/Navidad La Posada, • 38th Annual Spanish and Portugese Declamation Contest at the University of Texas at Austin - April 2012

  22. Spanish Expectations & Graded • Respect Yourself • Respect Others • How? • Be respectful • Be responsible • Be ready • Grading System: • E = Excellent • S = Satisfactory • N = Needs improvement • U = Unsatisfactory

  23. ¡School Wide Spanish! (SWS) • This year will mark the beginning of a school wide initiative to encourage student and families to speak Spanish. • ¡Hablaremos español dentro de nada! We’ll be speaking spanish in no time!

  24. Library • Mrs. Kathy Hymel • E-mail • Each grade comes to library twice a week, as an extension of Language Arts. Students read, sometimes have enrichment activities related to the reading, learn basic library skills, and check out books. • Behavior expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready

  25. Physical Education • Ms. Cheree Monden • E-mail: • Office hours are by appointment • For more information go to, click under Academics, then PE

  26. PE – Classroom Rules • Be RESPECTFUL (to self, others, and equipment) • Follow directions and procedures • Be RESPONSIBLE • Follow Directions • Respond immediately and appropriately to whistle/commands • Sit quietly in designated area • Be SAFE • Keep hands, feet, and equipment to yourself • Dress appropriately (tennis shoes) • Be an EAGLE • PARTICIPATE- Always put forth your best effort • Sportsmanship- Always show DIGNITY and INTEGRITY • Teamwork- COMMUNITY, help others to learn the activity

  27. PE - Behavior • POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES • Verbal praise, Special activities, Free Choice FRIDAY’S • POSITIVE REDIRECTIONS • THE 3 R's.... • REMINDER • verbal reminder • READ / RETURN • read the rules • rethink your behavior- check the rule(s) that apply • return demonstrating correct behavior • REPORT / RECEIVE • report to the penalty box • receive reinforcement activity

  28. PE Curriculum & Grading • SUBJECT FOCUS • Fitness • Health/Nutrition • Wellness • Sportsmanship • GRADING PROCEDURES • Performance • Participation/Effort • Behavior • Proper attire- appropriate tennis shoes, with shoe strings or straps, must be worn in order to participate

  29. Art • Mrs. Michelle Lyczak • E-mail: • Office hours are by appointment • For more information go to, click under Academics, then Art

  30. Art Expectations • In our art classes we, • A ct responsibly • R espect others, the tools and the place • T ry to do your best always!

  31. Art – Grades PreK - 5 • Grades Pre K-5 have art once a week. St. Austin’s Art curriculum is based on the Texas state standards for the Visual Arts.Objectives:-To communicate feelings and ideas through creative visual expression. • -To develop familiarity and skill with an increased variety of media and technique. • -To develop understanding and appreciation of self and others through art and it’s history and culture. • -To explore, analyze and critique art and artists throughout history and the art exhibited by peers. • -To develop skills in the care and safe use of art supplies and equipment.

  32. Art – Grading Policy • E-ALWAYS follows directions, meets or exceeds expectations, completes projects with the greatest craftsmanship and creativity. Always stays on task, participates in group discussions and clean-up. • S-MOSTLY follows directions, meets expectations and completes most projects with good craftsmanship and creativity. Mostly stays on task, participates in group discussions and clean-up. • N- OFTEN DOES NOT follow directions, meet expectations and/or completes most projects with a lack of craftsmanship and creativity. Often does not stay on task, participate in group discussions and clean-up.   • U- DOES NOT follow directions, meet expectations and/or completes most projects with a lack of craftsmanship and creativity. Does not stay on task, participate in group discussions and clean-up.  

  33. Technology • Mr. Dziedzic (Mr. D.) • E-mail: • Office hours are by appointment • For more information go to, click under Academics, then Technology

  34. Technology Information • Tech will be integrated with the classrooms with projects connecting with core subjects.   • Tech will also focus on keyboarding for grades 2 - 8 and work on hand eye coordination with grades Prek - 1.