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  1. Emily Struck TET 200-U025 PowerPoint Activity September 23, 2010 Clip Art obtained from Microsoft Office

  2. A little about myself… • I am a sophomore here at USD and I am loving it! Both my dad and sister graduated from USD, and I think that both the faculty and students here are great. • I have an older sister, Allison, and a younger brother, Andrew. My sister graduated from USD last year and my brother attends YHS in Yankton, where he is a sophomore. • Family means more to me than anything. When I start teaching, I hope that kids will be able to see me not only as their teacher, but someone who they can talk to also—especially if the student does not have a person like this at home. • My dad is an elementary school principal in Yankton, which is just one of the reasons why I want to become a teacher. Watching him interact with the students, faculty, and parents makes me realize how much of a difference one person can have on a child’s life. Myself, Andrew & Allison

  3. High School… While in high school, I was involved in many sports and activities. Throughout my four years at YHS, I played volleyball, basketball, track, sang in the choir, and was a representative on Student Council. Although sports was one of my main focuses, I also enjoyed going to class and interacting with my teachers. School work has always been important to me, and although I miss not playing sports here at USD, I find it easier to focus my time on school work and getting involved with the community.

  4. College… Since I’ve come to college, I’ve not only become more involved on campus, but I’ve met a lot of new people. Last spring, I went to Detroit for AWOL: Alternative Week of Off-Campus Learning. While there, we helped a lady tear down her house, which had been broken into numerous times when she was in the hospital getting treated for a heart condition. Throughout the week, we worked with an organization known as Blight Busters. This organization works day in and day out cleaning up the city of Detroit by tearing down old houses and replacing the area with a community garden. I recently became a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. I have met great friends, become even more involved on campus, and have realized that friendships really do last a lifetime.

  5. Personal Hobbies & Interests • Intramural volleyball and basketball • Spending time with family and friends • Shopping, reading, listening to music • Babysitting and working at the lake

  6. Professional Goals… I plan to graduate with a degree in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Spanish. Although I would love to teach somewhere near my hometown in Yankton, I would not mind going elsewhere. I love teaching and interacting with new people, so it would be nice to get a change of pace and teach outside of South Dakota. Growing up, I remember picking out who my favorite teachers were. The ones who interacted with students on a more personal level, rather than on a teacher-student based interaction, were the teachers whom I liked most. They knew how to incorporate fun with learning, which made going to school fun, not a chore. When I step out into the “real world,” I hope to make an impact on my students’ lives as well.

  7. In Ten Years… I would love to be working in a school district with great students and faculty. I know it might not be possible to expect this much right away, but hopefully teaching goes smoothly and I won’t have too worry too much about the little things. Also, I plan on being married and living close to my family.

  8. Photo obtained from Yankton’s Press & Dakotan Photo obtained from Alexa Walker (Facebook) Photo obtained from Kristen Reiling (Facebook)

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