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Take My Hand and Lead Me & Take My Hand, Precious Lord PowerPoint Presentation
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Take My Hand and Lead Me & Take My Hand, Precious Lord

Take My Hand and Lead Me & Take My Hand, Precious Lord

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Take My Hand and Lead Me & Take My Hand, Precious Lord

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  1. Take My Hand and Lead Me&Take My Hand, Precious Lord

  2. Introduction • Two songs expressing trust and dependency on God • With all the cares, troubles, and fears of the world around us • It is comforting to know there is someone on whom we can absolutely depend • Someone who is always right • Someone who is always loving • Someone who always knows what to do • Someone who never changes • Someone with absolute power • And that Someone is God

  3. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • The songwriter was James Washington Gaines • Born in Texas in 1880 • Worked with trios and quartets • Moved to Tennessee and opened a business • Died a few years later at the age of 57 • His other hymns include” • “In That Home of the Soul” (#200) • “When Jesus Comes” (#653) • Music - “You Never Mentioned Him To Me” (#598) • A friend of composer Franklin Eiland, who wrote the music for “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand” (#463) while visiting Gaines’ home in Tx

  4. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • Stanza 1 – Asking God to keep us • But what is meant by “keep” (the word has more than 50 definitions) • Possibilities: • “To retain in one’s possession” • “To cause to continue on a given course” • “To maintain in a usable condition” • “To prevent from departure” • “To maintain control over” • “To guard, protect” • All are good possibilities, let’s look at how “keep” is used in the song

  5. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • “I want to live, dear Lord, for Thee; Oh! keep me every day. A faithful servant let me be Along life's rugged way.” • All Christians desire to live for God • Rom 14:8 – we live to the Lord • Phil 1:21 – to live is Christ • Gal 2:20 – Christ lives in me

  6. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • But we need God’s help • 1 Pet 1:3-5 – kept by the power of God • Jude 24-25 – keep from stumbling • So “keep” can mean • To retain in God’s possession and control • To help us continue on God’s course • To help us be usable by Him and for Him • To help us not to depart • To guard and protect us from danger • In order to receive that help, we must seek to be good and faithful servants (Mt 25:21) • No matter how difficult the road may be

  7. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • Stanza 2 – Asking for God’s protection • “When Satan would my hopes alarm, Oh! shelter Thou my soul. Protect me with Thy mighty arm; Thy strength will keep me whole.” • Satan is the enemy (1 Pet 5:8) • “alarm” – “to make fearful” • Satan wants to make us afraid that we won’t get what we hope for • God provides us a way of escape (1 Cor 10:13) • We need to turn to God for help (Jas 4:7-8) • He has the strength (Eph 6:10-11) • He has the ability (Eph 3:20-21)

  8. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • Stanza 3 – Asking for God’s guidance • “Let me each day Thy Spirit feel; Increase my courage, Lord, To walk by faith, endowed with zeal, Directed by Thy word.” • Some object to “Thy Spirit feel” for fear it sounds like Pentecostalism • But the song is not suggesting we “feel” the Spirit as some kind of external controlling presence

  9. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • We “feel” the Spirit by • Being filled with the Spirit (Eph 5:15-21) • By understanding the will of God • By teaching and singing • By praying • By submitting to one another • Using the sword of the Spirit (Eph 6:17-18) • “Directed by Thy word” • Walking by faith with confidence (2 Cor 5:5-8) • And unafraid to ask help (Mark 9:24; Lk 17:5)

  10. “Take My Hand and Lead Me” • Chorus - • “Take my hand and lead me, Anywhere you need me; With Thy Spirit feed me, Till I'm safe at home.” • Confident in God, feeding on His word • We should be able to go anywhere to spread His word • Until finally we are taken home to heaven • But what happens to our confidence, when Satan shakes us and tries to destroy it • Let’s look at that confidence in the life of another songwriter and the words of his song

  11. “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” • Songwriter: Thomas Andrew Dorsey • Not Tommy Dorsey – the white jazz player who became a big band leader behind Frank Sinatra • Thomas Dorsey was a black jazz player (hence the confusion) born in 1899 in rural Georgia • Became a professional jazz pianist at age 12 • Moved to Chicago at 20, played under the name ‘Georgia Tom” playing in Capone’s speakeasies • At 26 he married Nettie Harper • At 27 he had a nervous breakdown and was unable to work for 2 years • His wife supported them by working in a laundry

  12. “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” • His sister-in-law encouraged him to go to church • Decided to then leave jazz music with its pressure and the influences around it • Decided to write gospel music • His first song was "If You See My Savior, Tell Him That You Saw Me." • I was standing by the bedside of a neighbor Who was bound to cross Jordan's swelling tide And I asked him if he would do me a favor And kindly take this message to the other side If you see my Savior tell Him that you saw me Ah, and when you saw me I was on my way When you reach that golden city think about me And don't forget to tell the Savior what I said Though you have to make this journey on without me Oh, that's a debt that sooner or later must be paid Well, you may see some old friends who may ask about me Oh, tell them I am coming home someday

  13. “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” • In 1932, he was asked to perform in St Louis • He had to leave his pregnant wife behind in Chicago • At the end of the performance, as the crowd cheered wildly, he was handed a telegram • “Your wife is dead” is all it said • He rushed home and found that his wife died giving birth to their son • Dorsey later recalled how his emotions swung between joy and despair • Later that night his son died, and it became all despair

  14. “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” • Nettie and their son were buried together in a single casket • For many days, Thomas refused to see anyone • He was angry with himself for going to St Louis • He was angry with God for taking his wife and son • He considered quitting the church and going back to jazz • When he allowed himself to face people again, he was nearly overwhelmed and his depression deepened

  15. “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” • Then a friend took him away from his apartment and all the people who wanted to express sympathy • He was taken to a music school and left in a room with a piano • Thomas sat for hours doing nothing but thinking • Then as the setting sun shone through the window, he sat down at the piano and started playing to express his feelings • As he played, he thought of words to go with the music • “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” (#104)

  16. Conclusion • No matter our problems, however great or insurmountable they seem • God is still with His children and waiting to take our hand if we will take His and follow • April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr asked that “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” be sung at that evening’s rally (it was his favorite song) • Moments later, he was assassinated • The song was sung at his funeral • President Lyndon Baines Johnson then asked that it be sung at his funeral, which was done 5 years later