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Rotary District 1130 District Assembly PowerPoint Presentation
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Rotary District 1130 District Assembly

Rotary District 1130 District Assembly

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Rotary District 1130 District Assembly

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  1. Rotary District 1130District Assembly Community and Vocational Service

  2. Today’s Agenda • Introduction to the Comm & Voc Team • What’s new in 2011/12 • Community Projects • Vocational Projects • Environmental Projects • Literacy • Protection

  3. Introduction to Team Specialist Chairman Scott Maclachlan Barnet Support Team • Health/Stroke Awareness Thea Ingham Roding • Kids Out Day Fred Fox Heston & Isleworth • Leonard Cheshire Peter Holmes Barkingside • Resilience Steven Seager Redbridge • Junior Citizen Steven Seager Redbridge • Vocational Service Thea Ingham Roding District Specialists: • Literacy/Dict 4 Life Colin Bryant Tooting • Environmental Officer: Leonie Cooper. Battersea Park • Protection Officer: Pat Clark Edmonton

  4. Role of team and specialists Role of Specialists The role of Specialist within District is to act as focal point of that activity and to be available to help Clubs in the District in the area of their speciality. The District Specialist will be in contact with the RIBI specialist and will be able to provide advice on what RIBI are doing in that area as appropriate. Role of C&V Support team This role is similar to District Specialist, but will only have contact with Charity or organisation in their subject to assist with implementation with Clubs across the District.

  5. What’s new in 2011 /12 • What was the Presidential Citation last year has become The Changemaker Award. • Google “Changemaker Award” to find out more from the RI website. • RIBI has linked up with BBC Children in Need • Resilience – Disaster preparedness – Role for Rotary Clubs to help

  6. Rotary Changemaker Award The RI President Kalyan Banerjee has the motto for this year Reach Within to Embrace Humanity He has published the Changemaker Award. He will reward Clubs who take part in the 5 Avenues of Service. Winning Clubs get their President a trip to RI Conference in Thailand.

  7. Changemaker Award

  8. Changemaker Award • The award provides encouragement for clubs to complete a minimum of suggested topics. • Clubs may have to adjust their activities to cover sufficient topics. • With 2 of the Avenues of Service covered by this Team: • Community and Vocational Service YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE AWARD

  9. Community Service - Examples 2 Topics needed for Changemaker Award • Carry out an environmental service project. • Partner with a local organisation on a community service project. • Conduct a club programme to reduce carbon footprint. • Complete a fundraising event to support polio eradication. • Conduct a community needs assessment

  10. Vocational Service - Examples 3 topics needed for Changemaker Award • More than half members are active in vocational service projects. • Provide career advice for schools • Career day for young people at place of work. • Recognise high ethical standards and public values in the community • Promote “The Four Way Test” at schools • Organise networking event to meet local professionals

  11. Community Service • When Clubs complete effective service projects, they improve the community, bring people together, and reflect well on Rotary. • When Rotary is viewed as a positive force in the community, its membership strengthens and grows, adding to the organization’s ability to serve worldwide.

  12. Community ServiceLinks across other Avenues of Service • Clubs should consider linking Community, Youth and International Projects and PR / Membership. Example : Shelter Box – get local school to raise money for Shelter Box and with help of Rotary Club perhaps make link with Foreign Country where the box is sent, and invite school + parents to Club to present cheque.

  13. Community ProjectsKids Out – Trip to LegoLand 8th June 2011 Across the UK Contact: Fred Fox – RC of Heston and Isleworth

  14. Community ProjectsStroke Awareness/Health day April 2011 Contact: Thea Ingham RC of Roding

  15. Community ProjectsBBC Children in Need Welcome Wendy Owen from the BBC Children in need Appeal team.

  16. Community ProjectsJunior Citizen Children’s Safety Education Foundation works with Met Police for Year 6 Primary School classes. Topics covered are Road Safety, Drugs, Fire Safety, Alcohol, Smoking and vandalism. Rotary Clubs can sponsor Junior Citizen Events at Primary Schools Contact: Steven Seager – RC of Redbridge

  17. Community Projects Feedback from Clubs What are Community projects that your Club is involved with?

  18. Community Projects RI Project Library

  19. Resilience • Steven Seager

  20. Vocational Service • Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others through their professions and to practice high ethical standards. • Rotarians, as business leaders, share skills and expertise through their vocations and inspire others in the process. • Observed each October, Vocational Service Month spotlights Rotary club projects related to this avenue, offering an opportunity for clubs to use their professional skills in service projects.

  21. Environmental Projects Leonie Cooper

  22. Literacy • Colin Bryant

  23. Protection Officer • Pat Clark

  24. Community and Vocational Service • Community Projects are best method for raising awareness of Rotary and attracting members. • Flagship events like Kids Out and Health/Stroke Awareness day get recognition for Rotary. • BBC Children in Need – a new option for Clubs • Vocational Service month in October gives chance for Clubs to raise emphasis in this area. • Environmental Projects taking shape, with opportunity for links to Schools and communities. Contact C&V Team and Rotary in London Website