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Internet Re-Charter

Internet Re-Charter. What is Re-Charter? Renewal of the Chartered Organization’s annual commitment to continue owning and operating a Scouting unit Annual renewal of individual BSA memberships Authorization for the organization to use the BSA’s Intellectual Property

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Internet Re-Charter

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  1. Internet Re-Charter

  2. What is Re-Charter? Renewal of the Chartered Organization’s annual commitment to continue owning and operating a Scouting unit Annual renewal of individual BSA memberships Authorization for the organization to use the BSA’s Intellectual Property Renewal is from January 1st to December 31st

  3. What is the Re-charter Process? Step 1: Attend Recharter Kick-off, get your Recharter Access Code Step 2: Register online and complete online steps 1-2 by 10/25 Step 3: Inventory your members and collect fees by 11/15 Step 4: Complete online steps 3-5: Update roster and Submit by 11/22 Step 5: Obtain signatures and collect missing Items by 12/3 Step 6: Turn in paperwork at District Recharter Turn-In (Beast Feast!)

  4. This Training will walk you through the Re-charter process and will provide you with some helpful tips. TIP #1: Our Council office cannot process Incomplete Re-charters. All Re-charters must be PERFECT, in order to be processed. This training will help you complete a perfect charter

  5. Visit the Council website or my.scouting.org to get to the online system. Access Code is on your Packet! Click Register STEP 2: Register and complete steps 1-2 by 10/25

  6. Enter Your Access Code: Select Unit Type Enter Unit Number (All 4 Digits, including zeroes)

  7. Create a Password & WRITE IT DOWN!!!!

  8. The Stages of Internet Recharter Appear on this screen. You will progress through these stages until all information and all BSA requirements have been met.

  9. Load Current Roster Select “Load Council Information” TIP #2 – Don’t use “Upload Recharter File”, it causes problems!

  10. You now have a “Working Copy” of your re-charter Changes don’t take effect until you click “Submit” Changes made by the Office will not appear unless you click the “Update Unit Roster” button. Example: Youth Applications that were processed by the office

  11. Follow the steps to: Update Charter Information Select Members for Renewal Add new youth and adult members Update Member Data Update Member Position

  12. Tip #3: DO NOT USE the “Promote Members” option Just Skip this part. Youth joining a new unit must fill out a new application even if you use this option, this only causes problems

  13. Tip #4: To help you collect fees and inventory your members, you can print your roster by pressing the Review/Print Roster Button. Note: This is a DRAFT! Don’t turn this in as it can’t be accepted.

  14. Step 3: Inventory your members & Collect Fees by 11/15 Verify who is re-chartering, both youth and adults Collect Fees: - BSA Membership Fee: $TBD per person - Insurance Fee: $5 or $10 per person - Chartered Org Liability Fee: $40 - Boy’s Life Magazine: $12 per person - Account for New Cubs Reg in the Fall that paid up thru 12/31/20 (will need to add for fee increase) Order of the Arrow Dues: Handout in packet.

  15. National BSA Membership Fee Increase • Why is this happening now? The expected membership fee increase is the direct result of a significant increase in the cost of liability insurance we must carry to cover all official Scouting activities. National BSA Liability Insurance in 2019 - $3 million to estimated $50 million for 2020. • How will this impact the current rechartering process? The online rechartering process will officially open as planned on October 1, 2019 for our December recharters. The process will go forth as usual with the exception of the “calculate fees” portion, which won’t be functional until projected date of November 1st.

  16. Insurance Fee 2020: For the 2020 recharter the fee will increase to $10. Units can receive a $5 per person discount by: • Having your Direct Contact Leaders Trained, as defined by the 2019 District JTE Scorecard (Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Crew Advisor, Tiger den leaders, den leaders & Webelos den leaders) by 11/15. • Participating in the Popcorn Sale • Have quality Friends of Scouting participation

  17. Tip #5:You will need to click the “Update unit roster” Button to update training records on your re-charter. We want all adults to complete this online, but will offer a few classroom trainings Youth Protection Training Every adult leader will need to have Youth Protection Training completed in order to recharter.

  18. Tip #6: Improve your Trained Leader % for Journey to Excellence by registering Adults in the Proper location. Adults who are not active with the unit can be registered as a Unit Scouter Reserve or as a College Scouter Reserve. Use these positions instead of Assistant Scoutmaster or Committee Member to help increase your trained leader %. UP position for 18 & over individuals participation in the youth program for Troop has been added.

  19. Step 4 – Complete online steps 3-5 by 11/22 • Update your roster using the info you’ve collected • Click “Check Roster” • System will check your roster for errors & warnings • Error must be fixed • Ie: Adult has no Youth Protection • Ie: Not enough adults • Warnings should be fixed (if true fix, ignore false alarms) • Ie: Youth appears to old to be a Webelos • Once fixed click “Re-Validate”

  20. Click Summary

  21. Update Your Fees:

  22. Electronic Approval Option & Total Fees $5.00

  23. Non-Electronic Approval $5.00

  24. Payment Options $5.00 PACKS! Select Cash! Youth that joined from School Night’s paid their re-charter fees already. Subtract what they paid from your total and bring a check to the Beast Feast.

  25. Click Submit to Council

  26. Print the Renewal Application Select Unit Charter Renewal Report Package (NOT the E-Z Report)

  27. Any Items in RED on Front Page MUST be collected and submitted with the Re-charter STEP 5: Obtain Signatures and Collect Missing Items

  28. All Units MUST submit a paper copy of their Re-charter, even if they do electronic signature and pay online. Electronic Receipt

  29. Tip #7: Utilize the Re-charter Turn-In Worksheet. This will help you verify that the re-charter is error free and ready to be submitted to the Council office. Tip #8: Your Unit Commissioner can HELP! Meet with him/her to review your re-charter prior to the District Recharter Turn-In (Beast Feast).

  30. Step 6: Turn in Paperwork at: District Recharter Turn-In (Beast Feast) • Fun Social Event for Adults in the District! • Bring your entire Committee! • Bring “Beast” to Share with everyone • District Sub-Committee’s will have tables • Get your questions answered • Learn about the fun stuff happening next year! Your District Beast Feast is: Date & Time: Location:

  31. Questions

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