seven stages of a greek tragedy n.
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Seven Stages of a Greek Tragedy PowerPoint Presentation
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Seven Stages of a Greek Tragedy

Seven Stages of a Greek Tragedy

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Seven Stages of a Greek Tragedy

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  1. Seven Stages of a Greek Tragedy

  2. FIRST STAGE Hero of Noble Birth Why? Hero must be in a position to make decisions that will effect everyone in the community from the top to the bottom. Who is in such a position in our modern world?

  3. Second Element Hero needs to have an inherent flaw. What is that? An inherent flaw is a flaw that one is born with, stubbornness, pride, 1st of the seven deadly sins, it is not bad to be stubborn or proud, but when one lets this rule ones decision making process it can be a problem. Also known as Hubris.

  4. Third Element Hero must make a mistake Due to his/ her flaw Aristotle may argue that it is due to the mistake itself that leads to a downfall, the outcome is still the same. A downfall or a reversal of fortune

  5. Fourth Element (Andrea’s) Downfall • Andrea Raducan is the first gymnast to be stripped of a medal because of a drug violation Whatever her reason, it lead to a downfall for her, her country and the field of gymnastics

  6. Fifth Element Death, Death and More Death Downfall affects everyone= Death, Death and more Death If there are not bodies strewn across the stage or reports of death throughout, then it is not a Greek Tragedy you are viewing.

  7. Sixth Element A Moment of Enlightenment The Hero realizes his / her mistake Rushes to fix it…but it is too late Too Late Too Late Too Late

  8. Seventh Element Pity & Fear = Catharsis Audience must experience a feeling of pity and fear for the tragic hero and his /her predicament. “Thank God it didn’t happen to me.” Purging of emotions by audience Otherwise not a successful tragedy.

  9. QUESTIONS Can you think of a Modern Day Tragedy? List two examples of hubris. Why does the hero need to be of noble birth?