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Athens: A City State

Athens: A City State. Location, Government, & Daily Life. Location. Athens is located on Attica. Government. 509 B.C. Cleisthenes instituted 1 st constitution. It was democratic – Demos (people) kratos (rule). Legislative Branch. Council Solon’s first council was 400.

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Athens: A City State

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  1. Athens: A City State Location, Government, & Daily Life

  2. Location • Athens is located on Attica.

  3. Government • 509 B.C. Cleisthenes instituted 1st constitution. • It was democratic – Demos (people) kratos (rule).

  4. Legislative Branch • Council • Solon’s first council was 400. • Later changed to 500 citizens (serve only twice) • Chosen by lot (50 ppl from 10 tribes) • Each tribal group took turns ruling • Drew up new laws/policies

  5. Legislative Continues • Assembly • Made of citizens (+18 yrs, male, Athens) • Meet approx. every 10 days • At least 6,000 must be present • Vote to approve, change, or reject proposals from council

  6. Executive Branch • Strategos • 10 elected annually • Army commanders • Implement the policies of the Council and Assembly

  7. Judicial Branch • Jurors (citizens +20 yrs) • A jury ~ hundreds of men • No lawyers or judges • Citizens presented own case • Hired professional speechwriters Ballot disks used for voting

  8. Citizenship in Athens • To be a citizen you must be male, 18, and have been born in Athens • Citizens only made up about 15% of the population. • The rest of the Athenian population was made up of slaves( 25%), women & children (48%), and metics/ foreigners (12%).

  9. Daily Life • Education • Boys~ Began 7 yrs. Old • Reading, writing, math, music, poetry, art • Some girls had private tutors

  10. School of Athens Euclid, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

  11. Daily Life Continues • Military • Boys ages 18 - 20 trained • Between 20 – 50 years are called during war

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