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  1. Overview General purpose CRM & Billing Ticket driven (request-approve- commit) Rich toolset in Integration layer

  2. Key components • User and role management • Customer profile management • Customer account management (charges & payments) • Services and tariff management • Business flow management (ticketing) • Warehouse (customer side installed device management) • Integration and automation

  3. Supporting components • Customer care and technical support • Address and Network topology management • Reporting • Integration layer adapters (Diameter server, VOD CDR analyzer, EPG crawler, etc…) • Call center monitoring • Customer self care

  4. General concepts of customer management • Customer is registered and as a result customer profile is being formed • A default account is being created for customer • One or couple of tickets are opened for customer for service activation

  5. General concepts of customer management • Tickets are being forwarded from thread to thread until all the necessary work is done for activating service to customer

  6. General concepts of customer management • Finally ticket gets forwarded to step indicating that service is already active which in turn activates Service & tariff management component and service instance with requested tariff is being created and assigned to customer. • The same service and tariff management component takes care of service daily tasks: calculate fees, request for service suspension if account balance is low

  7. General concepts of customer management • Payments module takes care for registering payments to accounts

  8. General concepts of customer management • The further tariff change and/or termination of service are also initiated and done means of tickets. • At each step tickets processing can be automated by special scripts (Integration and automation module) • All the tickets and their flow history are becoming part of user profile

  9. User and role management • Access is controlled via permissions to every view and/or button • Permissions are grouped to roles • User is assigned to multiple roles • Options • Built in user/role management based on application database • LDAP (planned in further releases) Key module

  10. Customer profile management • Difference profiles for physical and juridical customers • File attachments to profiles • Tax calculation schemes • Ability to manage contracts for better invoice generation • History of all activities on profile • General overview of • User accounts and balances • Services, addresses and provided devices • Convenient documents printing from profile Key module

  11. Account management • Multiple accounts per customer • Multiple services can be bound to single account • Batch charging service for offline billing • Charge tagging for better reports (per service type, cashier, etc…) • Cashier received payments tracking and tools for cash transfers among cashiers • Flexible reporting for service components for flexible tariffication Key module

  12. Services and tariff management • Plain monthly fee charging Internet, TV, etc.. • Phone service with semi-online billing • TV service with per channel charging • Any other service is implemented on customer demand • Options • Time based price configuration • Time based service parameter configuration • Suspension/Resumption thresholds • Charging tags • Balance limits for suspension/resumption • Parameters can be defined in tariff or left for filling in service activation requests Key module

  13. Business flow management • Driven by tickets • Ticket flow configuration per ticket type • Tickets can be pushed forward/backward with their resolution • Special ticket manipulation views for separate steps in ticket lifecycle • Configurable ticket access control • Possibility to assign automatic ticket pre and post handlers for action verification and automatic resolution Key module

  14. Warehouse • Keeps the records of all end user devices • Multiple stock and management of stock-to-stock and stock-to-user transfers • Convenient tools for device registration (barcode scanners and batch import) • Full device history • Integration with business flow component (special ticket view for device assignment to end user) Key module

  15. Integration and automation - I Features • Rich integration API support (Telnet, TL1, SSH, SNMP, HTTP, SOAP, FTP, RMI, RDBMS, LDAP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP) • Ability to create shared libraries • Integration with business flow and tickets auto resolution • Possibility to create tasks for system maintenance and statistics collection • JavaScript based scripting engine allowing access to all system components Key module

  16. Integration and automation - II Live proven • Telnet • ONT configuration • STB rebooting • SSH • DHCP lease analysis • RDBMS • BRAS RADIUS provisioning • SOAP • Ericsson CAI3G provisioning – IAP, MMTEL • FTP • EPG publisher • Wi-Fi ONT configuration • HTTP • Wi-Fi ONT configuration • EPG crawling • SMTP • Mass mailing & notifications • RMI • Ticket auto-resolution Key module

  17. Customer care and tech. support • Quick read only access to customer profiles • General personal data • Account balance and latest activities (charges and payments) • Tickets history • Services and their current states • Direct access to integration tools from within customer profile • Check customer device configuration and possible faults • Check customer provisioning data • Auto fix or reconfigure customer services • Check for similar problems on customers of same BLM and/or OLT Supporting module

  18. Reporting • Based on open source BI solution (http://pentaho.com) • Integrated BCRM user and role management • Nearly 200 reports include financial, marketing, sales and hardware stats reports • Apart from reports also provides bunch of standard templates for daily paperwork Supporting module

  19. Integration layer adapters • Diameter server • Offline CDR registration • CDR analysis and phone service tariffication • Semi-online billing with 5 minutes lag • TV adapter • Web page crawler for EPG collection • Manual EPG editing • EPG publishing to IAP with verification • VOD CDR auto-import and semi-online billing with 30 minutes lag • Internet service adapter • Per MB traffic counter with 30 minutes lag Supporting module

  20. Call center monitoring • Asterisk PBX based solution • Web based UI • Registers operator activities and generates report of done work by categories • Fully integration is planned with customer care module • Automatic navigation to customer profile when call is picked • Tools for quick call forwarding to operator who initially was handling the issue Supporting module

  21. Customer self care • Web portal • Personal information edit • Account information • Service/tariff management • PBX customizations • Information services • Payments accepting • All local payment machines • Master, Visa Card accepting • ARCA virtual cards Supporting module

  22. Contacts • Tel.: +37460 500 650 • E-mail:info@iunetworks.am • www.iunetworks.am