w hat a re we l earning t oday n.
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W hat A re we L earning T oday? PowerPoint Presentation
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W hat A re we L earning T oday?

W hat A re we L earning T oday?

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W hat A re we L earning T oday?

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  1. What Are we Learning Today? • To learn about famous pirates • To think about life in the past • To write a report based on facts

  2. What Iam Looking For • Good thinking – lots of good ideas • Good research • Good writing

  3. Captain Blackbeard • ‘Blackbeard’ was his nickname – his real name was probably Edward Teach • He lived about three hundred years ago • He is the most famous real pirate • He was very strong and very fierce • He was married fourteen times

  4. Captain Blackbeard • He was cruel to his own men – he once shot one of his best friends, Israel Hands, in the knee just for fun! • He wore plaits in his hair so it looked like snakes were crawling on him. He twisted smoking rope into his beard to make him look even more scary.

  5. Captain Blackbeard • He carried three pairs of pistols and a belt of daggers and cutlasses • The reward for catching him was once £100 • Lieutenant Maynard caught up with Blackbeard and they had a big battle • Blackbeard was shot five times and cut by a sword twenty times, before Maynard chopped his head off and tied it to his ship

  6. Sir Henry Morgan • Henry Morgan came from Wales • He was a pirate before Blackbeard • He started off attacking the Spanish for King Charles II – and King Charles was very pleased with what he did! • Morgan was a good soldier but a hopeless sailor – he kept wrecking his ships. One ship ran aground and sank, another blew up.

  7. Black Bart • Black Bart’s real name was Bartholomew Roberts • He was a pirate at about the same time as Blackbeard • He came from Wales • He was religious and wouldn’t fight on a Sunday • He stole from 400 ships • He was a pirate for less than three years – only a little bit longer than Blackbeard

  8. Calico Jack • Calico Jack had this nickname because of what his shirts were made from! He was famous for wearing very fancy clothes and being very handsome. His real name was Jack Rackham • He is famous for having two famous girl pirates on his ship • When the navy caught up with him, Calico Jack gave up without a fight and was hung. Anne Bonny thought he was a big wuss!

  9. Anne Bonny • Anne Bonny was Calico Jack’s girlfriend • She left Ireland when she was a little girl • She ran away from home to be a pirate • Mary and Anne were very brave when they were caught and fought on when others gave up • No-one knows what happened to her. When Calico Jack, Anne and her friend Mary were caught, Anne was put in prison and vanished from history….

  10. Mary Read • Mary grew up pretending to be a boy • She was working as a manservant when she ran away to be a soldier in the French army • She was captured by pirates with a woman pirate, Anne Bonny. They became friends and Mary decided to join them • Mary died in prison