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St. Louis Public School District High School Reform PowerPoint Presentation
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St. Louis Public School District High School Reform

St. Louis Public School District High School Reform

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St. Louis Public School District High School Reform

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  1. St. Louis Public School District High School Reform Submitted by: Dr. Dan Edwards, Assistant Superintendent Phernando Bearden, Secondary Education Officer Susan Katzman, Special Projects Dr. Carlinda Purcell, Chief Academic Officer 2008-09 High school reform is built on the Reform Plan approved by the SAB in March 2008 with modifications identified from the Comprehensive Long Range Plan and meetings with the high school principals and academic teams.

  2. Curriculum and Instruction • Align the District graduation requirements of 4 math credits and 4 science credits with the state requirements of 3 math credits and 3 science credits. (An informal survey of 19 metropolitan area high schools indicates only 2 requiring 4 math and 4 science requirements.) • Use a system wide eighth grade diagnostic test for ninth grade English and mathematic course assignment (Accuity Predictive). • Institutionalize individual student four-year plans. • Design an individual high school reform component of the School Improvement Plans (SIP) that includes the implementation of career and college theme(s) and small schools. St. Louis Public Schools

  3. Management • Provide an Academic Administrator with the specific focus of academic achievement for the four comprehensive high schools. • Maintain the attendance officer program in schools below standard in attendance. (Semester data demonstrated an increase in individual school attendance from 2% to 11% during first semester.) • Continue the benchmark assessments and re-teaching with a change in scope and sequence with the Kaplan Planner. St. Louis Public Schools

  4. Ninth Grade • Continue summer school 9th grade transition programs for elective credit and also allow incoming ninth graders to take credit courses (Physical Education, Health, Reading, Computer Applications). • Create a 9th grade Smaller Learning Community in every high school that has 9th graders that will be grouped in a wing/floor of the school and divides staff and students into teams. • Expand AVID strategies to all ninth graders on Cornell note-taking, writing, time management and organizational skills. • Provide intensive professional development on personalization, team building and academic rigor. St. Louis Public Schools

  5. Resources • Continue to seek partnerships with colleges and other sites for the expansion of career & technical program offerings, such as the Early College program at St. Louis Community College @ Forest Park and heavy equipment and diesel technology at Linn Technical College, with 2010-2011 openings. St. Louis Public Schools

  6. Rigorous Curriculum and College Placement • Maintain the AP/AVID goals of: • increased college acceptance; • standardized rigorous curriculum; and • persistence in college. • increase the numbers of students successfully attaining a 3 or above in the AP test. • Develop a staff pacing and accountability guide for AP teachers. • Implement prerequisites for AP students in mathematics and science with tutorial support provided. • Expand the percentage of seniors participating in the College Summit program from 75% to 100%. St. Louis Public Schools

  7. Rigorous Curriculum and College Placement (continued) • Retool and restructure the district guidance program using the College Board model and a single district wide guidance computer program. • Train staff and implement an ACT Prep class in each high school. St. Louis Public Schools

  8. Graduation Rate • Participate in current research efforts underway locally to determine critical factors around students entering and remaining in college. • Ensure the School Improvement Plans (SIP) are coordinated with the Comprehensive Long Range Plan (CLRP) – Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and Accountability Plan. • Continue the preparation for A+ certification for each school for the class of 2011. St. Louis Public Schools