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OVERVIEW. DefinitionIndicationsEquipment and Supplies StepsMonitoring Complications. Definitions. Intravenous Fluid TherapyVenipunctureKeep Vein Open (KVO/TKO)TransfusionInfusionElectrolyte Solution. Medical Terms. Indicators for IV Therapy. ShockAdministration of medicationsDehydration or replacement of fluid and electrolytes.

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    1. INTRAVENOUS (IV) Therapy SSgt. Mark Thomas NREMT-P

    2. OVERVIEW Definition Indications Equipment and Supplies Steps Monitoring Complications

    3. Definitions Intravenous Fluid Therapy Venipuncture Keep Vein Open (KVO/TKO) Transfusion Infusion Electrolyte Solution

    4. Indicators for IV Therapy Shock Administration of medications Dehydration or replacement of fluid and electrolytes

    5. EQUIPMENT /SUPPLIES Administration set (tubing) Needle/ catheter IV fluids Additional supplies

    6. Administration Sets Macro-drip Set - used in emergency situations to deliver large amounts of fluid. Mini-drip Set - used to keep an IV line open, flowing with minimal volume infusion.

    7. Needle / Catheter Three types Butterfly Catheter over needle Catheter through needle

    8. Needle/Catheter Sizes Large gauge 14, 16, 18 Small gauge 20, 21, 22, 23, 26 etc..

    9. Intravenous Fluids Solutions 5% Dextrose 10% Dextrose Normal Saline Half-Normal Saline Quarter-Normal Saline Lactated Ringers Abbreviations D5W D10W NS 1/2 NS 1/4 NS LR

    10. Additional Supplies Constricting Band Tape Scissors Gauze Cravats Short Arm Board IV Pole

    11. Procedure to Start IV Infusion Prepare Solution Select sight Prepare sight Perform venipuncture Secure

    12. Prepare Solution Fluid selection Check solution Expiration date Sterile seals intact Solution is clear Administration set IV. needle or catheter

    13. Selecting the Site Upper extremity Cephalic Medial Basilica Dorsal Arch (hand) Vein is straight Not distal to injury sight

    14. Preparing the Site Constricting Band 2 - 6 inches above veinpuncture sight Restrict venous blood flow only Clean Area Allergies? Betadine pad Alcohol pad

    15. Performing the Venipuncture BSI Traction Insert needle/catheter Bevel up 30 degree angle Advance needle/catheter slowly Flash Advance 1/4 inch

    16. Performing the Venipuncture Withdraw needle 1/4 inch Advance catheter Blood samples Attach administration set/tubing Release constricting band Open flow

    17. Securing IV Tape 1/2 wide sticky side up under hub Criss-cross tape over hub Loop tubing and tape Transparent IV dressing (Opsight) Place over catheter and pucture sight Secure to skin Loop tubing and tape

    18. Monitoring the Patient and IV Vital signs Overhydration Monitor flow rate Infiltration Replacing container

    19. Complications of IV Therapy Local Complications Pain Infiltration Infection Arterial puncture

    20. Complications Systemic Air embolism Circulatory overload Anaphylaxis Environmental Cold climates Disposition of needle

    21. Summary Define IV therapy Indications Equipment and supplies Steps Monitoring the patient and IV Complications

    22. Questions?

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