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Making An Impact with Civic Engagement

Making An Impact with Civic Engagement. Presented By Robbie Casteel and Taunee Whittenbarger 4-H Youth Development Cumberland County. 2005-2006 Issue: Civic Engagement. State 4-H Initiative

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Making An Impact with Civic Engagement

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  1. Making An Impact with Civic Engagement Presented By Robbie Casteel and Taunee Whittenbarger 4-H Youth Development Cumberland County

  2. 2005-2006 Issue: Civic Engagement • State 4-H Initiative • Addressed local needs as identified by our 4-H Advisory Council, Extension Committee and County Commissioners • Cumberland County was celebrating it’s 150th birthday. • It was an election year. • No program was available to the 4th – 6th grade classes related to local citizenship.

  3. 2005-2006 Plan September 2005: “Vote for Your Voice” lesson 4-H Voter Registration cards Club members campaigned for office in clubs October 2005: Club officer elections Public Speaking rules (Civic Engagement topics) Voter registration review sheet “Letters of Hope” service project

  4. 2005-2006 Plan • November 2005: • Club Speech contest • Poster Contest rules (Civic Engagement topic) • Cumberland County History lesson • Scavenger Hunt • December 2005: • No club meetings • Club posters were judged at each school

  5. 2005-2006 Plan • January 2006: • Cumberland County Geography lesson • January assignment • February 2006: • “They’re Official” county official lesson • February assignment

  6. 2005-2006 Plan • March 2006: • Club evaluations • April 2006: • Local school and county Clover Bowl • May 2006: • 4-H Recognition Day (482 4-H’ers attended)

  7. 2005-2006 Impact Responsible Citizenship LSES • 200 youth believe that people working together can help others who are less fortunate. • 200 think they can made a big difference in their community by helping others. • 149 understand how community leaders are elected.

  8. 2005-2006 Impact • 205 are proud of the country they live in and what it stands for. • 217 honor and respect military veterans and those giving service to this country. • 184 think it is important for citizens to vote in elections. • 482 club members exceeded KASA level impact by actually completing a service project.

  9. 2005-2006 Impact Service Project Data: • 14 different types of service projects were completed by 4-Hers. • 760 hours spent serving others. • 924 4-H’ers participated in the Hurricane Katrina “Letters of Hope” State 4-H service project.

  10. 2006-2007 Issue: Civic Engagement • Because of the success of 2005-2006 • 4-H Advisory Council, Extension Committee and County Commissioners agreed that the theme should continue. • expressed a concern for the youth's lack of appreciation for our freedoms and voting privileges • desire to see more youth engaged in civic involvement  • The teachers requested that we continue with the them by focusing on state and national citizenship. • supported TN Department of Education Benchmarks • helped them prepare for Terra Nova tests

  11. 2006-2007 Plan • October 2006: • Elected club officers • Public Speaking rules • topics on Tennessee • related to their project • November 2006: • Judged speeches • Discussed “Souper Citizens” service project

  12. 2006-2007 Plans • December 2006: (no club meetings) • “Souper Citizens” pickup at each school • 2559 cans of soup donated to “Bread of Life” ministries • January 2007: • 4th Grade: “Tennessee: America at It’s Best” • 5th and 6th Grade: “U.S. Symbols and Landmarks” • Poster Contest rules • Citizenship or Leadership theme • 4-H: A Tennessee Tradition Theme

  13. 2006-2007 Plan • February 2007: • “Tennessee Government” lesson • Judged posters • March 2007: • “Women’s History Month” lesson • Evaluation of 20% of clubs • Collected project folders

  14. 2006-2007 Plan • April 2007: • School and County Clover Bowl • May 2007: • “4-H Night at Chuckles” Recognition Event • 330 4th through 6th graders met requirements and were invited

  15. 2006-2007 Impact Responsible Citizenship LSES • 193 youth believe that people working together can help others who are less fortunate. • 124 youth have learned about important leaders who contributed to our nation. • 168 feel a sense of responsibility toward their school and community. • 175 have a sense of pride about their school and community. • 177 youth are concerned about the well-being of others. • 205 think citizens should be active in the community.

  16. 2006-2007 Impact • 737 club members donated 2559 cans of soup to Bread of Life ministries through the “Souper Citizens” canned soup drive service project (estimated donation total $1280). • 1133 club members delivered an informative speech related to a citizenship topic or their project • 671 club members expressed ideas related to citizenship by participating in the poster contest. • Approximately 70% of teachers either gave extra credit or a grade for the speech and poster contests.

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