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Natural Nutrition to improve the Health and Longevity of Dogs and Cats

Natural Nutrition to improve the Health and Longevity of Dogs and Cats. Vets All Natural focuses on:. Every day diets to maximise the Health & Longevity of dogs and cats Skin & Coat Solutions (Allergies) Joint & Bone Solutions (Arthritis)

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Natural Nutrition to improve the Health and Longevity of Dogs and Cats

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  1. Natural Nutrition to improve the Health and Longevity of Dogs and Cats

  2. Vets All Natural focuses on: • Every day diets to maximise the Health & Longevity of dogs and cats • Skin & Coat Solutions(Allergies) • Joint & Bone Solutions (Arthritis) • Weight Loss (Obesity) • Healthy Treats to assist with dog training • Common every day veterinary diseases

  3. History of Dog and Cat Nutrition • Canid & felid divergent evolution dates back to 40 million years BC • Man domesticated the dog & cat approx 8,500 years BC • Cooked meat for dogs & cats became popular in the 1900’s due to fears of disease & parasite • Commercial cooked pet foods first released in Australia in 1965 • Cooked commercial foods appeal to the convenience era No refrigeration, bulk stored, claimed "balanced diet“ • Commercial pet food had large marketing campaigns

  4. History of Dog and Cat Nutrition But hang on a minute ….. Dogs and cats can’t cook !

  5. Raw Food Nutrition THE EVOLUTIONARY EVIDENCE IS CLEAR • 38 million years of evolution on a raw food diet. The digestive tract, teeth to bowel, organs and enzymes, all designed to digest & process raw meat and other raw food sources. • It’s crazy to think dogs & cats will have better health on a cooked and processed diet that & they have had less than 50 odd years to adjust to (one millionth on the evolutionary time scale) • Does it take a scientist to see the answer – no, this is just common sense • Why are zoo animals still fed raw food?– because they thrive on raw food, and get sick and even die when fed processed food • How long can a wolf live – over 20 yrs, so why do most dogs only live 10 -14 yrs – because of diet.

  6. Raw Food Nutrition What does Cooking Do? • Denatures protein • Destroys vitamins • Destroys Omega 3 essential fatty acids • Decreases digestibility • Sterilizes food • Lowers bioavailability

  7. Advantages of Raw Food Nutrition • Evolutionary adaptation – a RAWdiet eaten for 40 Million years must be better than a processed food that has been around for only 50 years • Autolytic enzymes –raw food is easier to digest and requires less digestive enzymes • Reduced obesity – animals on raw food do not get fat • Improved dental health – animals on raw food have healthier teeth and gums. Raw food does not stick to the dental surface. • Increased fertility, fewer obstetrical problems – better breeding, more pups per litter, less caesareans • Improved faecal matter & fewer anal gland problems • Improved general health & a longer life

  8. Common Conditions that respond toRaw Food Diets • Allergies (atopic (inhaled), contact, food allergy) • Chronic Otitis – ear infections • Pancreatitis- great follow up diet (low in fat, easy to digest). • IBD – Irritable / Inflammatory bowel disease • Anal Gland impaction • FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), struvite crystals / bladder stones • Obesity • Diabetes • Auto Immune diseases

  9. So What is a Natural Diet? The term “natural diet” refers to mimicking a natural wild dog or cat’s diet, by combining the most convenient individual raw materials and re-creating the natural elements. RAW MEATY BONES • Bones provide the equivalent of tooth brushing for dogs and cats. • Bones supply natural source of readily absorbable calcium in correct levels relative to meat intake • Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate • I advise clients to feed raw bones at least twice a week.

  10. So What is a Natural Diet? RAW MEAT • My preference is kangaroo - organic, lean, high protein, high in Omega 3 -make sure minimal or no preservatives are used. • Rabbit is also a good meat source, and green tripe • Organ meats (eg liver, kidney, heart) twice a week, or 10% each feed. • Meat requirement decreases with age; 80% pups, 70% adults, 60% senior, 50% weight-loss • Dogs can eat less meat and more vegetable matter • Cats are obligate carnivores & require higher meat diet.

  11. So What is a Natural Diet? CARBOHYDRATES • My personal favourite is hulled rolled oats, soaked overnight. Raw, low allergenic, easy to prepare, and cheap. • Other grains are cracked barley, whole grain oats, linseed meal, sorghum (gluten free). • Soaking grains at room temperature “germinates” seed & turns off enzyme inhibitors increasing bio-availability & digestibility by 40-50%. • Grains are naturally in gut content of prey animals, pre- chewed and soaked in gut fluid. • It’s natural for carnivores to have grains in the diet, but not large amounts of refined grain (flour) like in most processed foods • Should average 10 - 20% of the diet. Increase levels for lower activity, weight-loss, kidney failure.

  12. So What is a Natural Diet? VEGETABLES • Vegetables always best raw, but they must be grated or minced as dogs and cats cannot easily digest the cell wall of plants. • Vegetables provide vitamins & minerals,as well asroughage to helps proper bowel motions & anal gland function. • Parsley and wheat grass are power packed green foods full of micro nutrients, trace minerals, and anti-oxidants

  13. So What is a Natural Diet? THE SUPPLEMENTS • YEAST is added for B complex vitamins, chromium (glucose metabolism) &selenium (anti oxidant). • KELP is for iodine (thyroid gland function), and vitamins B, D, E, and K. • LECITHIN is for choline - brain power, liver, fat metabolism • CALCIUM is to balance diet relative to phosphorous – added calcium creates an ideal balance. Most important for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches, less so for fully-grown dogs. Good levels are found in raw bones that are completely eaten. • VITAMIN C is for immune function & tissue growth & repair. Most important during pregnancy, puppy growth, during illness, disease or recovery from surgery or trauma, or when under stress of any kind (see later). • GARLIC is for taste and aroma, to discourage parasites, stimulates digestion, lowers flatulence, powerful antibacterial properties.

  14. So What is a Natural Diet? Other useful Supplements : • Probiotics = normal gut bacteria (eg.Protexin powder/sachets) for healthy gut and to reduce allergies – as found in Skin and Coat formula. • Digestive Enzyme supplements (eg.Enzyplex, Viokase) to assist digestion in older pets • Flax Seed Oil for Omega 3 fatty acids • Shark Cartilage powder for Glucosamine and chondroitin • Boron for healthy bones and joints (as found in Joint Formula)

  15. Dr Bruce’s Skin Support Program This scientifically formulated, yet fully natural, diet and supplement solution targets the cause of skin disease - the immune and digestive systems! STEP 1 – Premium Choice Allerblend (or Complete Mix Sensitive Skin & Roo) STEP 2 – Skin & Coat Formula (at recommended dose rate) STEP 3 – Omega Blend Oil (at recommended dose rate) • All three steps are recommended however, for mild cases, conducting one or two steps only, may get results. • Run program exclusively (no other treats of foods) for 6 to 8 weeks • Kangaroo meat must be raw and preservative free • Use no shampoo’s during this period • Vets All Natural HealthTreat Skin&Coat can be fed if required

  16. Premium Choice “The healthiest dog & cat food ever made”

  17. Premium Choice • Contains all 76 macro & micro nutrients required for optimal health, in a perfectly balanced, 100% natural, raw food diet for cats and dogs • Absolutely NO chemical preservatives, colours, flavours or additives. No heat processing. • Combines the benefits of the Complete Mix formula with fresh preservative free kangaroo meat, in a peel and serve Cryovac pack • 6 (Six) Varieties - Puppy, Adult, Senior, Weight Loss, Allerblend and Cat / Kitten formula • 6 months refrigerated shelf life

  18. Premium Choice • Biological combination of raw meats, cracked whole grains, vegetable matter & natural vitamin and mineral supplements. • Designed to mimic the evolutionary prey diet of dogs & cats - a diet they have thrived on for 40 million years • A diet free of heat processing damage, and all the un-natural chemicals used in modern processed pet foods • The closest thing to what mother nature intended dogs and cats to eat ! • 15 years of veterinary research and collective knowledge is contained in this product

  19. Premium Choice • Puppy formula – higher in meat/protein and more concentrated in vitamins and minerals for growing dogs (0 up to 2 yrs) • Adult formula – a balanced meal for adult dogs ( 2 yrs to 6-8 years) for general everyday activity • Senior formula with added shark cartilage powder to actively prevent and treat degenerative joint disease • Weight Loss formula with lower protein and fat, and higher vegetable matter and roughage – keep the full tummy without the calories

  20. Premium Choice • Allerblend formula has omega 3 fatty acids & additional immune modulating herbs (like Astragalus, Perilla seed, Reishi and shitake mushroom, cats claw, Colostrum …) for stubborn allergic skin problems. • Cat / Kitten formula has high meat content to match their natural requirements for taurine and arachidonic acid

  21. Premium Choice Great results for treating • Allergic skin disease and dermatitis • Chronic ear infections • Irritable bowel disease • Lower urinary tract disease and struvite crystal formation • Pancreatitis follow up diet • Chronic anal gland impaction • Auto immune diseases • Dental disease and gingivitis

  22. Complete Mix

  23. Complete Mix • Complete Mix contains all the essential ingredients for a natural diet, but without the meat portion. • It is air dried to maintain natural nutrition, and shelf stable for at least 12 months • It is designed to be soaked in water (germinated) and then combined with good quality fresh raw meat • Step 1 = Soak the mix in water at room temperature for 24 hrs (for immediate use, soak in hot water for 2-3 minutes) • Step 2 = Combine with appropriate ration of fresh raw meat • Complete Mix is designed to mimic the ingredients found in a wild dog or cat’s diet which includes the gut content of prey animals

  24. Complete Mix • Once reconstituted & combined with meat (preferably kangaroo meat) it functions the same as Premium Choice & has all the same health benefits * Soaked Complete Mix + fresh Raw meat = Premium Choice • Complete Mix requires a little more effort on the part of the pet owner, but is more affordable for larger dogs, or multiple pet households • Choosing to use Complete Mix also offers the pet owner a choice in which meat to use (see notes on best meats). • 5 (five) varieties include Puppies, Adult/Senior dogs, Weight Loss, Sensitive Skin, & Cat / Kitten formula.

  25. Vets All Natural Supplements Omega Blend Oil (500ml) Flax Seed Oil (500ml) Joint Formula (500g, 1kg, 3kg & 15kg) Shark Cartilage Powder (200g & 1kg) Health Booster (500g & 1kg) Skin & Coat Formula (250g, 500g & 1kg)

  26. Omega Blend & Flax Seed Oil

  27. Omega Blend & Flax Seed Oil • Flax Seed oil is a pure natural source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (over 60% omega 3). Great natural shine to the coat, reduces “doggy odour” & gets rid of dandruff & scurfy coats. Flax seed oil has a natural anti-inflammatory effect in the body. • Omega Blend oil contains added shark liver oil, sunflower oil and wheat germ oil. Shark liver Oil has Alkyl glycerol's & squalene which both have immune boosting & balancing functions Omega Blend Sunflower oil contains omega 6 fatty acids Wheat germ oil contains natural vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant, and also helps to stabilise the oil • Omega Blend oil is particularly indicated for stubborn allergic skin disease, and works best in combination with a raw food diet (eg. Allerblend Premium Choice).

  28. Joint Formula & Shark Cartilage Powder

  29. Joint Formula • The primary active ingredients are Shark Cartilage powder & Green Lipped Mussel extract (called glycosaminoglycans) which combine to provide repair to the cartilage surfaces of joints (similar to Sasha’s Blend) • Joint Formula also contains mineral components to strengthen bones in ageing pets eg. Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Sulphur, Vitamin C and Boron. • Contains anti-inflammatory herbs like flax seed and ginger to provide daily pain relief • Best for older pets with more advanced arthritis in multiple joints

  30. Joint Formula Works well with performance horses Comes in a 500g, 1kg and 3kg tub with measuring scoop Key advantages shows results within a few days helps strengthen bones in ageing pets Significantly Lower cost compared with other brands

  31. Shark Cartilage Powder WHAT IS SHARK CARTILAGE POWDER ? • Dried shark back bone (composed entirely of cartilage) ground into powder. This is a natural by-product of the Australian fishing industry • PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITY • There are three main constituents that promote joint health and healing: • Glucosamine • Chondroitin Sulphate • Hyaluronic Acid • Together they promote regeneration and strengthening of joint cartilage and joint connective tissue, and prevent further degeneration by blocking inflammatory enzymes and calcification of cartilage.

  32. Shark Cartilage Powder THERAPEUTIC USES AND DOSING • Can be used for any degenerative joint disease (non-infectious) and tendon/ligament damage. • Dose rate : 250mg / kg , or 1 teaspoon per 20 kg twice daily for 14 days, then once daily for maintenance. • Give mixed with food - High palatability and acceptance rate • Please Note: Due to the possible effect on new blood vessel growth, it is not recommended for use in pregnant animals, and shouldnot be used in young fast growing animals

  33. Health Booster

  34. Health Booster • All purpose multi vitamin, multi mineral, trace element & anti-oxidant formula for dogs, cats, and horses. • The perfect supplement to fortify any diet in respect to nutritional value • Great for home made diets where owners want peace of mind that their pet food is balanced (most important for growing puppies & kittens & during pregnancy and lactation) • Perfect for pets recovering from illness, injury or surgery, where additional vitamins & immune support is warranted. • Ideal during pregnancy and lactation, and for older dogs and cats with renal failure.

  35. Health Booster • Contains dolomite, flax seed meal, dried liver, brewer's yeast, kelp granules, lecithin granules, parsley powder, barley grass powder, milk thistle extract, grape seed extract, ginger, green tea, wheat germ, vitamin C, garlic powder, colostrum powder, shark cartilage powder, zinc chelate and boron chelate. • It provides significant levels of B complex vitamins, and vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, along with a broad spectrum of macro and micro minerals and potent anti-oxidants.

  36. Skin & Coat Formula

  37. Skin & Coat Formula Naturally supports the skin and immune system. Assists allergies by dealing with the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. • Multi strain probiotics for healthy digestion • Trace Elements and Antioxidants to assist immune system • Omega 3 for healthy skin & shiny coat • Key ingredients includes Protexin, Milk Thistle, Flax Seed, Astragalus, Omega 3 & Zinc • Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes

  38. HealthTreats

  39. HealthTreats • HealthTreats are a revolutionary new dog treat. Manufactured from 100% premium grade ingredients, using no artificial flavours or colours • HealthTreats are made from pure, all natural, Australian produce, to a strict scientific veterinary formula. • High in lean meat (kangaroo), with natural vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. • HealthTreats make giving your dog their daily health supplements an easy and mutually rewarding job • HealthTreats combine the health giving formulas of the Vets All Natural supplement range with the fun of a healthy and nutritious snack.

  40. HealthTreats There are 4 Varieties • HealthTreats for Puppies are scientifically formulated to provide extra calcium, vitamins and minerals for your growing pup, and are the ideal, healthy training aid for your pup’s early lessons in life • HealthTreats for Adult dogs are scientifically formulated to match the nutritional and metabolic needs of adult dogs, and can be used to provide extra energy for hard working dogs, as well as a great reward for your best mate. • HealthTreats for Bones includes omega 3 to reduce inflammation and many natural mineral supplements to assist tissue and bone repair • HealthTreats Skin &Coat contains omega 3 essential oils, herbs & supplements to balance the immune system

  41. Natural Shampoo100% Natural

  42. Natural Shampoo100% Natural • It contains no synthetic chemicals which means the natural oils within your animal’s skin & coat are maintained. • It is NOT a high foaming product • NO Sulphates • Includes Organic Soap Essential Oils provide aroma therapeutic qualities such as: - Lavender which acts as an antiseptic & a soothing relief for insect bites, stings & skin irritations. - Blue Gum Eucalyptus is a highly effective insect repellent & infection inhibitor and promotes rapid healing of skin infections & wounds. - Lemongrass is a cleansing deodorant with antibacterial properties that prevent fungal infections.

  43. Dry Pet Shampoo

  44. Dry Pet Shampoo • Contains essential oils of Citronella, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Sage, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cedar wood, and powdered extracts of Rue, Pennyroyal, Wormwood, Rosemary, Sage, St Johns Wort, and Tansy. Prepared in a base of powdered clay and baking soda. • An alternative to traditional “wet” shampoo cleaning and deodorising for dogs & cats. This product has natural pesticide properties & can repel fleas and lice from the animal’s coat. • An easier product to use when the pet owner simply wants to get rid of the “doggy” smell. Has the added advantage of not stripping away natural protective oils in the animal’s coat • Especially good for cats, which by nature, hate being washed.

  45. Current State of Pet Health in Australia • 60% of pets over the age of 3 years old have some degree of dental decay • 80% of pets over the age of 8 years old are experiencing degenerative joint disease • 60% of pets over the age of 4 are overweight or obese • The average age of death in laboratory cats fed on dry food is 12 years of age, caused by renal failure and cancer • 1 in 3 dogs will experience some form of allergic skin disease “We need to make changes to our pets diets to avoid what is rapidly becoming a pet health crisis”

  46. Questions 1. How long have dogs and cats been eating raw food? 2. How long have processed pet foods been in Australia? 3. How long can a wolf live? 4. Name 3 bad things that cooking does to foods? 5. Name 2 common pet complaints that respond well to raw food diets? 6. What is the best natural source of calcium? 7. How do carnivores naturally get grain in their diet? 8. What is an easy source of grain and vegetable matter for pets? 9. What important group of vitamins is found in yeast? 10. What are the 3 products in Dr Bruce’s Skin Support Program?

  47. Questions 11. What is Omega Blend naturally high in? 12. What is Premium Choice based on? 13. What is the shelf life of Premium Choice? 14. How many varieties of Premium Choice are there? 15. What is the main difference between Complete Mix and Premium Choice? 16. Which oil product is best for itchy skin? 17. What are 2 reasons a client may choose Complete Mix over Premium Choice? 18. What are the 3 groups of ingredients that make Joint Formula so effective? 19. Is Shark Cartilage recommended for young growing dogs? 20. How many shampoo products are in the range?

  48. Answers 1. Millions of years 2. 1965 • 20years • Denatures protein, Destroys vitamins, Destroys Omega 3 essential fatty acids, Decreases digestibility, Sterilises food, Lowers bioavailability • General health, Longevity, Allergies, Joint s, Fertility, improved Faecal matter, Obesity, Diabetes, Anal Gland Problems, Irritable Bowel Disease, Ear infections, Autoimmune diseases. • Shark Cartilage (natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin) • Gut content of prey animals • Complete Mix • B complex vitamins,. It also has chromium (glucose metabolism) & selenium (anti oxidant). • Premium Choice Allerblend, Skin&Coat Formula and Omega Blend Oil • Omega 3 (also contains Omega 6 & 9) • What canines and felines have been eating for millions of years • 6 months from manufacture • 6. They include Allerblend, Adult, Senior, Puppy, Weight Loss, Cat/Kitten. • Premium Choice is Complete Mix with Kangaroo meat already mixed in. • Omega Blend Oil • Lower cost , Less refrigeration/freezer space, Large dog, more than one dog to feed. • Repair to the cartilage surfaces of joints ,mineral components to strengthen bones and contains anti-inflammatory herbs to provide daily pain relief • Only if under veterinarian care • 2 – Natural Liquid Shampoo & Dry Shampoo

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