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How to Answer a Prompt PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Answer a Prompt

How to Answer a Prompt

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How to Answer a Prompt

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  1. How to Answer a Prompt Thesis Statements!

  2. Essential Question • What information do I need from a prompt to begin my writing? • How do I turn a prompt into a focused statement that guides my writing?

  3. Pre-assessment: • Does a piece of writing need a thesis statement? Why or why not? • What is a thesis statement? • What are all the things a thesis statement should include? • Where should a thesis statement be located in an essay or piece of writing?

  4. Thesis Statement - Purpose • Central idea – the main idea, point or focus that controls the writing or essay. • Organizer- plan or framework for the essay. • Tells, explains or describes how: • you are going to show or develop the controlling idea of the essay. • you are going to present or organize support for your central idea or main focus.

  5. What is a “Prompt”? • A prompt is a question or assignment you have to answer with an essay, or short piece of writing. Example Prompt:

  6. Understanding a Prompt: WHAT: • What is the prompt asking you to write about? • What content or school learning is the prompt asking you to show/demonstrate you know/understand? TYPE: • What type of writing is the prompt asking you to produce or create? • Informative/Expository? Persuasive/Argumentative? Narrative or Imaginative? FORM: • What form of writing should you use to develop your ideas? • How should you organize or present your support? • Poem? 5 paragraph essay? Letter? 10 page paper? Dramatic scene in a play? Brochure or pamphlet? Poster? Advertisement? Powerpoint presentation? Blog or website?

  7. Understanding a Prompt: • Whatshould you write about? (content?) • What type of writing should you use? What word(s) in the prompt let you know? (informative, persuasive, narrative) • What form of writing should you use to develop your ideas? (poem, paragraph, letter, essay, brochure, etc.)

  8. Share your examples My natural talent is creativity. I love to draw, read, write and invent things. – Charlie Keene Reading people’s minds is a super hero talent; might as well call me “Super Gaby”! - Gaby Huesca Garcia My gift is photography because I have a passion for it and it’s something I’m really good at. – Kailey Pool My gift is playing sports because I have fun playing with my team and learning life lessons and sports lessons from my coaches. – Dee Piscitelli

  9. Writing a thesis to answer a prompt: Write a thesis statement to answer this prompt. Remember, a thesis statement is one or two sentences, at the beginning of your essay that answers the question/prompt.