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Sound Energy Research

Sound Energy Research

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Sound Energy Research

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  1. Sound Energy Research “VAHS” Voice Analysis Hydration System

  2. Sound Energy Research Sai Maa renamed the “VAHS” Sacred Empowerment Device

  3. Your life journey is in your Voice

  4. What does your Voice Say About You… EVERYTHING

  5. Simple Wave Forms - Unique Wave Signatures One of the great revelations of 20th Century sciences is that all existence can be broken down into simple wave functions. Every human voice, photon, and elementary particle rings with its own unique wave signature. Knowledge of the unique wave forms of the whole manifest creation are the cornerstone of the new paradigm called vibrational medicine.

  6. The Particular Wavelength interaction known as Resonance When you resonate with something, you are emitting a wave signature which is “in sync” with it. By applying a constant resonant frequency to a standing wave you intensify, reinforce, and prolong the standing frequency of that wave. Researchers say that by applying these concepts of resonance to waves emitted by the brain it is possible to induce altered brain states.

  7. Entrainment based on Nikola Tesla discoveries Previous methods of brainwave entrainment are based on discoveries made by the 19th century inventor Nikola Tesla the electrical pioneer who developed the alternating current system of electricity that is currently in use all over the world.

  8. Enjoying the complete experience BAY…BEE…BYE…BO…BU HAY…HEE…HYE…HO…HU

  9. Whatever you present today is a culmination of all that you have thought, felt and done… Your voice is a true reflection of the multi-faceted energy patterns that compose your being.

  10. Did you know… • The voice contains more information and is more individualized than a human thumb print. • If analyzed correctly it can tell you everything! • The voice is a feedback current from the body, mind, emotions and soul.

  11. Although we are the architects of our reality, we pretend that someone outside of us is the author... The irony is that we pursue help from outside ourselves to heal the very illusion that we ourselves have created… SOUND FAMILIAR?

  12. Finally, you can use the power of your own voice to heal yourself HEAL THYSELF… TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE! THIS IS WHAT SELF POWER IS ALL ABOUT!

  13. Your Physical Body contributes to the sound of your Voice Your Physical Body adds RESONANCE to your voice. You may have the symptoms of depression, or some other problem, but they did not necessarily originate in the physical body. Physical body resonates your signature sound. We recognize our friends by the sound of their voice.

  14. Your Emotional Body contributes to the sound of your Voice Your Emotional Body adds FEELING to your voice. The Emotional Body is responsible for the feelings we formulate in order to cope with the different stressful situations in life.

  15. Your Mental Body contributes to the sound of your Voice Your Mental Body adds BELIEF to your voice. The mental body is responsible for the beliefs we formulate in order to cope with the different stressful situations in life.

  16. Your Spiritual Body contributes to the sound of your Voice Your Spiritual Body adds INTENT to your voice. It is motivated by the Divine Currents and seeks to guide us to perfection.

  17. The Power of Intent Two elementary school children demonstrated “INTENT” as they talked to cooked rice everyday for one month. They said "thank you" to the rice bowl on the left. They said "you fool" to the one on the right. If children can do this to rice, what are your thoughts creating? What information are you constantly dumping into your cellular water!

  18. We are unable to connect our visible manifestation with our inner reality…. By our intent…we make ourselves the victim of the reality that we have designed. speaking – without intent speaking – with intent

  19. Capturing The Power of Intent Sound Energy Research has patents pending for our ground breaking Software and Scalarwave Technology. In 15 seconds we capture 1 ½ billion bits of voice frequency information and display a breakthrough FFT of 147 decimal points of resolution.

  20. Capturing the “Integrity of Intent” The thought arose from intent… The birth of intent is the birth of a thought. How they are formed is a belief system. The intent is eventually perceived as a thought on a conscious level. The thought is the feeling expressing intent. The software captures the intent behind the thought. Our proprietary algorithm finds the intent that created the thought which in turn manifests the reality…

  21. Voice Analysis captures an energetic sample of what is going on physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually Your voice sample reveals the stresses and strains that are affecting your health and welfare. Our VAHS technology captures the voice sample and sets the condition for the body to go into a state of self repair.

  22. Our Scalarwave Coils Bob’s early work…. some 35 years ago with Jack Gemini This unit has pure optical quality quartz with all geometric components encased in pure gold

  23. What can true Scalarwave Technology do? 32 Probe Datalex EEG This brain map is a perfect example of how our Scalarwave technology can take a dysfunctional brain pattern, settle down the high mental activity and show an improvement one hour later. The white area (indicating high mental activity) disappeared indicating a deep state of relaxation was achieved. The increased deep Delta readings do not normally occur and indicate cellular stimulation.When this test was taken (around 20 years ago) it was believed that brain cells could not regenerate.

  24. Our Scalarwave Technology has evolved More Early Work Round, triangle, square, pentagon and hexagon coils on crystal rods Our Voice Analysis Hydration System “VAHS” imprinting coil

  25. Water and Aging are directly related It has been shown that the water content of the body decreases with age, producing a visible wrinkling and withering effect. At the cellular level, aging causes a shift in the ratio of water inside vs. outside the cell. As the volume of water inside the cell is reduced the cells “wither” just like the skin. Infants are approximately 80% water by weight, yet it is not uncommon for the amount of water in the elderly to be below 50%. The younger a person is, the greater the amount of total water movement or cell water turnover they experience. Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells. An overall decrease in total body water.

  26. Birth and Biowater At birth we are 90% water. 100% of the water in our bodies at birth is Biowater. Biowater is hexagonal by nature’s design.

  27. Cellular Memory is even stored in the Bones There is increasing clinical evidence that emotional trauma is stored in the brain and the bones. Frequencies generated through our Scalarwave technology and delivered by our structured water create a loosening effect on these traumas.

  28. Hydration – The passage of water molecules through the Aquaporin The Aquaporin (water pore) is necessary for making the cell absorb water.The clock wise/counter clock wise motion is the same configuration as our Patent Pending Scalarwave coils. These similarities support our positive approach to imprinting information on a quantum level. 2003 Nobel Laureates Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon, have contributed to fundamental chemical knowledge on how cells function. A number of diseases can be attributed to poor functioning in the water and ion channels of the human body. Water molecules worm their way through the narrow channel by orienting themselves in the local electrical field formed by the atoms of the channel wall.

  29. Hydration - most water does not have the correct geometry to pass easily through the membranes of the cells According to Dr. Mayfield, NMD, DOM there is no question that hexagonally-structured water provides more rapid hydration. "Hexagonal water helps to improve a number of measurable parameters in the human body. In my experience, even though many of my patients are drinking the recommended amount of daily water, they are still dehydrated. Hexagonally-structured water hydrates the body more rapidly by encouraging faster water uptake. I have been able to observe that the intracellular/extra cellular water ratio begins to normalize within 10 - 15 minutes." "Because of its link to so many functions, hexagonal water appears to "jump-start" numerous bodily functions - even to enhance the water-protein communication network in the body."

  30. The Key is in the Geometry™ Using our proprietary technology and Scalarwave coils we have been able to produce stable hexagonal structured water. Our Voice Biofeedback Imprinting Water is like no other water. It has been setup, then stripped and finally conditioned to accept the additional frequencies from the Voice Analysis sample.

  31. Our Generic Structured Concentrates Purity/Clarity - still contains the base formula that won all of the awards. This formula is designed to expand consciousness and awareness. Super Cellular – The name says it all. Based upon thousands of clinical voice analyses, which revealed the needs of the physical body. Supercalm - relax formula, designed to uplift the emotions, and create a sense of well-being. Indigo - we structured this special water to encourage more right brain activity. Dr. Shichida, world renowned founder of over 350 Preschool Child Academies in Japan teaches the importance of right brain stimulation. One 8 oz bottle of concentrate makes 8 gallons of structured water

  32. Water has Memory!!! Dr. Jacques Benveniste discovered that water had memory. Water is capable of carrying molecular information (biological messages), and that it is possible to record, transmit and amplify this information, as can be done for sounds and music. It was a natural step for Sound Energy Research to apply their award winning structured water to their Voice Analysis Software. For the last 35 years, Sound Energy Research has been actively involved with the mystery of Choice Point Energy. Sound Energy Research is the first to create a special imprinting water as a medium to carry personal frequency information directly to the cells.

  33. What’s in your voice is in your cells… The feedback loop We can imprint your frequency information into our VAHS Imprinting water and deliver it directly to your cells? You provide the computer, our Voice Analysis Hydration System “VAHS” provides the rest

  34. Take Back Your Power Take back your power…Use your voice and our water to reprogram yourself. The voice will tell all…The voice is the most powerful biofeedback measurement tool available on the planet today…The voice shows us where the dominant energy is stored. It also shows us where your stresses and strains are. His Holiness Shri Satuwa Baba Maharajenjoying his personal program. (95 years young) Your voice sample also selects 7 pairs of elements from the periodic table that require balancing in your physical body.

  35. The power of affirmation With greater brain wave coherence the power of affirmation and prayer are exponentially increased.

  36. Our VAHS Self Empowerment Device Enhance your food and vitamins to your frequency Inert Noble gas to stimulate the Aetheric Fluidium Directing Rod Quartz Optical Crystal Imprinting Coil Create Personal Frequency Water while enjoying the release of deep stress Experience the creation of new Dendrites when the phantom sounds occur. Balance the Energy in your Environment