what is a kangaroo n.
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What is a Kangaroo ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is a Kangaroo ?

What is a Kangaroo ?

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What is a Kangaroo ?

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  1. What is a Kangaroo?

  2. What is a Kangaroo? Have you ever heard of a kangaroo? What is a kangaroo? What does a kangaroo do? Let’s learn a little about kangaroos today!

  3. What is a Kangaroo? A kangaroo is an animal.

  4. What is a Kangaroo? They are the only large mammal that can hop. Male kangaroos are called bucks. (A male is a boy.)

  5. What is a Kangaroo? Females are called does. (A female is a girl.) Babies are called joeys.

  6. What is a Kangaroo? Joeys are the size of a jellybean when they are born. They are born pink with no hair. Joeys live in their mother's pouch drinking her milk. After they are a year old, They eat only grasses, leaves and the shoots of small trees.

  7. What is a Kangaroo? Kangaroos are very good swimmers but they only choose to swim when chased or if they have no other choice. They have very good hearing, eyesight and sense of smell.

  8. What is a Kangaroo? The mother kangaroo can control the muscles that control the size of her pouch and the size of the opening. She can pulls the pouch tight against the body.

  9. What is a Kangaroo? Try tightening your stomach. Can you do it? By tightening her muscles, she can hold her baby safe in her pocket. That is why when the mother kangaroos jumps, her babies (joeys) stay in her pouch.

  10. What is a Kangaroo? If the mother kangaroo wants to clean her pouch and wants the joey out, she can also relax the opening allowing the joey to fall out.

  11. Now let’s list some things you learned about kangaroos. Your teacher can write them on the board or type them below in the box.