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Textual analysis

Textual analysis

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Textual analysis

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  1. Textual analysis Taeyang – Wedding Dress Music Video Saynab Dahir

  2. Background information The singers’ stage name is Taeyang and he is 24 years old This song “Wedding Dress” was released on July the 1st of 2010 and now has 16,406,642 views on youtube He is a member of a 5 member Korean boy band called BIG BANG, he is the main dancer Taeyang belongs to Korean record label: YG entertainment, alongside other well known singers such as PSY and 2NE1 BIG BANG decided to do solo activities in 2010 and regroup in 2011

  3. Visual

  4. Costumes • Taeyang wears different clothes to suit each scene, in one of the scenes he’s at a wedding ceremony and he wears a tuxedo to suit it, in another scene he is wandering around singing and wearing a vest with a leather jacket and jeans. In the scene where he’s dancing he is seen wearing a suit covered in diamonds.

  5. Setting/Locations • The 3 scenes that are seen in this music video are: the dance scene, the memory scene and the church scene. These scenes juxtapose each other as they are scenes of the past (the memory scene) as it progresses towards the future (the church scene).

  6. Choreographed dancing • In the scene where Taeyang dances, back up dancers appear and they start to dramatically slow dance, their body expression portays sadness as there is a lot of head touching and their facial expressions are bleak, this fits with the music and the plotline, whereas if this was an electro song the dancing would have been more jumpy

  7. Repetition • There is a recurring theme; the appearance of the ring. The music video is about the main character who is in love with a girl but she ‘s marrying another guy. The recurring ring is the ring that the main character wanted to propose with, because this ring keeps appearing in the music video it keeps the audience sympathised with the main character

  8. Technical

  9. Lighting • One of the scenes is the dance stage, the lighting here is darker to emphasize the appearance of the stage; when people perform on stage the lights are often dimmed, this is portrayed throughout this scene • The lighting in the other scenes are lighter because it is meant to be a memory, also because most of the ‘memory’ scenes are done outside in broad daylight

  10. Camera shots • Long shot – to show the dancers in full view • Close up – close ups were used in this music video to show the protagonists facial expressions, this has been done to dramatise the bitter atmosphere • Mid shot – this was used to show the relationships between the characters in the video, for example; the song itself is about a love triangle, so the relationship between the characters is portrayed, this makes it easier for the audience to convey what is going on in the music video even though it is in a different language • Low angle shot – in some of the scenes the camera angle lowers , this makes the protagonist appear like he is in power

  11. Special effects/ Editing • The music video has been slowed down to suit the mood of the song and its plotline. • The transitions of the scenes are fast paced because even though it is a slow song it still has a fast pace, this has been done to fit the music whereas if this was a ballad the transitions would have been slower. • There’s verisimilitude in the scene where he shows of his ring, this has been done to let the audience sympathise with the main character

  12. Voyeurism in ‘Wedding Dress’ • Because the majority of BIG BANGs’ fanbase are females between the age of 10-28, the music videos that YG entertainment produces for them cater to that specific age/ gender group. • In this music video it is apparent that it is catered for that specific audience because Taeyang is glamourised; he wears make up and fashionable clothes, his overall appearance makes him look like a teenager when in reality he is in his mid 20’s.

  13. Influences • Taeyang imitates the popular Michael Jackson move in the beginning of the dance scene • He’s also seen wearing the iconic hat; he has done this because it is a symbolic move, this widens the audience.

  14. Themes – comparing/ contrasting music videos (notes) Themes/ other factors in Taeyang – wedding dress music video • Love • Narratively based storyline • Genre; Rnb, k-pop, dance pop • Taeyangs audience; existing audience, Big Bangs audience, YG’s audience Editing; transitions are different because the pitbull song was edited in a fast pace whilst the taeyang song was edited in a slow pace • Non diegetic sound in the beginning • Lighting differs throughout the scenes • Pitbullft Chris Brown; • Storyline; about their success, fame etc • Suits represent the storyline, which links it back to the music The dancing in both music videos are different; in the pitbull mv the dancing is more energetic and dancy whereas taeyangs dancing is slow and showing a sad expression Most of the setting in pitbulls song is edited; a green screen is used to change the background