no means no n.
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No means no

No means no

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No means no

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  1. No means no Rape committed by a person, who could be a friend, acquaintance or stranger, against a victim.

  2. Drug facilitated sexual assault • Is any sexual assault where alcohol or drugs affect the victim’s ability to give informed consent.

  3. What effect do these drugs have on the body? They can affect you very quickly and without your knowing. Length of time that the effects last varies. Alcohol makes the drugs even stronger and may cause serious health problems, even death.

  4. Acquaintance rape • Is an assault or attempted assault usually committed by a new acquaintance involving sexual intercourse without consent.

  5. Prevention Drug-facilitated sexual assault is not predictable. However, there are lists of safety tips that have been widely distributed to help potential victims keep themselves and their friends safe. One such list available through KidsHealth: •Avoid secluded places. •Stay sober and aware. •Go out with a group of friends and watch out for each other.

  6. Watch your drink!

  7. Drug-induced rape prevention and punishment act • In 1996, president Clinton signed the Act. Punishes for the use of the drug called Rohypnol. People who use date rape drugs have a risk of up to an additional 20 years of prison.

  8. Believing the truth In the fall of 1990, Katie Koestner didn‘t know she was about to have a life changing event when a man she had been dating for less than two weeks raped her. Classmates would go on calling her a liar, vandalized her car and dorm room. College officials seemed to not want to believe her and a district attorney refused to prosecute because of a low chance of winning. From Main Line Media News