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The City School

The City School

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The City School

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  1. The City School Gulshan Junior E

  2. Dear Parents! We are pleased to send you our first E -newsletter "Quick Link" which is a reflection of all the activities carried out during the months of August &September. It focuses on the accomplishment of our young students. We hope to have a wonderful working relationship in future!!! Kanza Mobin HeadMistress

  3. Message from the Editor A school magazine is itself an institution which prepares its contributors to actively participate in whatever is going on around them, which affects their lives. They learn to express themselves confidently as their expression is given rightful exposure. “Writing makes an exact man.” And this what our magazine is all about !! Happy Reading Saima Khan

  4. Be a helping hand for one another !!!

  5. Flood disasters Due to heavy rainfall our country has suffered from floods. It is a natural disaster. Approximately 15 million people have been effected due to floods. According to United Nations this is the worst disaster in Pakistan’s history and the nation had suffered the worst calamity which was more devastating than the 2004 Tsunami and the 2005 earthquake. Nearly 80% of the floods victims are exposed to unsafe and unhygienic living conditions and multiple health hazards. Many have suffered From gastroenteritis, cholera, malaria and other water born diseases including skin infections. Cases of snake bites have also been reported. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) officials admit that a huge number of floods victims had no option than to starve and spend sleepless nights at roadsides under the open sky. Providing them with relief supplies, particularly food and safe water is an important task for the government. Now it is our prime duty to help the badly affected people. We should donate money, clothes, medicines and food to trusted NGOs and organizations. We should provide them with things

  6. They need at this time. For example: clothes, shoes, water and food. We should give them food that doesn't need to be cooked. We can just give food like biscuits, toffees and juices. We should not give them goods that are not for their use. This is our moral duty to help them. If we help them today will reward us tomorrow. Contributed by: Zoha Fatima (V-C)

  7. My Peaceful Pakistan Our country Pakistan is a peaceful place to live . It came into being on 1947 and the date was 14th August. Our founder’s name is Quaid –e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We have four provinces. Their names are Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, and Khyber PukhtoonKhuwa. When our Pakistan came into being, that day we call Independence Day. We have many cities in our country. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan. Rawalpindi is also a big city in Pakistan. Its capital is Islamabad. When it will stop fighting it will be happiness. The people who don’t have food to eat, will get good food to eat. There has to be no violence because our religion is Islam. Now our situation is very bad. The situation has to be good. Police should do something for our Pakistan to make it peaceful. Now in our some cities there came flood. Our army should take them to safer places. Many people are doing write things to save Pakistan.

  8. When I will grow up I will kill Pakistan’s enemies and make my Pakistan a peaceful and a beautiful place to live and people will have a great life. “Pakistan Zindabad” Sohaib IV - T

  9. The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. (Pablo Casals) Glimpses of the Independence Day

  10. Independence Day

  11. Independence Day

  12. Independence Day

  13. Independence Day

  14. Independence Day

  15. Independence Day

  16. Independence Day

  17. Independence Day

  18. Independence Day

  19. Independence Day

  20. Independence Day

  21. Independence Day

  22. Independence Day

  23. Independence Day

  24. Independence Day

  25. Independence Day

  26. Independence Day

  27. Independence Day

  28. Independence Day

  29. Let’s speak about patriotism!!! it is sweet to serve one's country by deeds, and it is not absured to serve her by words. (Sallust)

  30. We are highly grateful to our honourable guest (Retd) Major Sagheer Ahmed who shared his past experiences with our students regarding patriotism...

  31. Patriotism

  32. Patriotism

  33. Patriotism

  34. Patriotism

  35. Patriotism

  36. Knorr Noodles Fun Let's enjoy a lovely story and beat the evils....

  37. Knorr Noodles Fun

  38. Knorr Noodles Fun

  39. Knorr Noodles Fun

  40. Knorr Noodles Fun

  41. Knorr Noodles Fun

  42. Knorr Noodles Fun

  43. Superb September

  44. 6th September Let's salute our martyrs!!!

  45. Defence Day

  46. Defence Day

  47. Defence Day

  48. Defence Day

  49. Defence Day

  50. Defence Day