university of montenegro young inventor fair be inventive n.
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University of Montenegro Young Inventor Fair Be Inventive PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Montenegro Young Inventor Fair Be Inventive

University of Montenegro Young Inventor Fair Be Inventive

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University of Montenegro Young Inventor Fair Be Inventive

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  1. University of MontenegroYoung Inventor FairBe Inventive Foundation Young inventors of the above

  2. Fair Agenda • 9:30a.m The arrival of the innovators and exposure to innovation • 10:30a.m. Opening of the fair • 10:40a.m. Tour of the Jury of each individual innovation with an explanation of the innovators • 11:30a.m. Visiting the public of all innovations and their explanation by the innovators • 12:20p.m. Award Ceremony • 12:30p.m. Completion

  3. Inventor Janko Radulović • From an early age is interested in nature and its secrets. He hopes that his invention will contribute to improving the lives and perhaps inspire someone to a new, more advanced innovation. • Invention • For Single switch I added feature, that when opened, ie. does not conduct electricity, light work of four LEDs and allows you to find him in the dark. Besides this, there are more useful features. Its inexpensive cheap and cost-effective, adaptable to all hotels and apartments, as well as business firms and companies

  4. Aleksandra Nedović, Ivana Knežević, Nataša Mijanović • Gymnasium Free Škerović , Podgorica • We are a girls high school sophomores Free Škerović from Podgorica. We like to work as a team is a great supplement. Attracted us new challenges. And our motto is to a large ventures consist of small steps • Invention • Remote control of household appliances • Jeftnim laser, which can be bought for a few euros, target the photo-receiver. Laser hit the switch changes state and turns on or off camera. For each device set on a receiver. No limit to the number of receivers. With more lasers, more people can simultaneously manage

  5. Aleksandra Nedović, Ivana Knežević, Nataša Mijanović • Invention 2: Motion Censored Alarm clock • When it sounds alarm, wave your hand and switch it off. The invention includes a standard alarm clock that we build on a motion sensor. Alarm clock can, in addition to awakening, to be used for different reminder. This clock is at least unusual

  6. Vuk Slavuljica • Date of birth: 19.02.1992 - gymnasium graduate Škerovic - I am a tennis player. Treniram of their fourth year and the team I of Montenegro. In addition to tennis and I do karate which I wear a black belt. - I am one of the members of the Steering Committee for the young inventor of Montenegro • Information touch screen panel • (time & date, weather, schedule, and advertising)

  7. Stevan Komarica, Pavle Pejić,Filip Samardžić • The papers did a group of students in the school electronics club Vaso Aligrudic  • Invention • Remote control of parking places • Remote control parking spaces consists of the control unit of an old mobile phone, further designed electronics and electric motor that raises and lowers the ramp. By calling certain mobile phone number to ramp it down or up. • Invention • Dog training collar • The necklace is used to train dogs in the course of disciplining remote control creates a small inconvenience for a dog if the dog does not want to carry out a given action, in order to achieve obedience.

  8. Isidora Radunović • Born 20.05.1994 in Podgorica. VET school students from second grade Ivan Uskokovic, major in computer design and management. She finished primary school in Podgorica. He knows English and computer skills. • Invention • Electric fiddle • Electric fiddle offer the possibility of minstrel sound amplifier adapted for large areas by ugradenog audio outputs, studio recording, as well as the use of a wide range of audio effects. • The development of innovation and realization of the project, helped teachers Srda Kostic and Basil Kovacevic

  9. Contest rules • Competitors (person or team) needs to make himself and exposing his invention. • Invention must be: • original, useful, safe, effective, market-possible • Competitors may receive advice of experts, mentors and other competitors, provided that the entry in your log. Competitors must take daily until the end of the exhibition.

  10. Foundation Young Inventors Montenegro • The objectives of the Foundation are: to assist the Montenegrin WHO data to design and create inventions using their own ideas, know-how and skills, available tools and equipment, facilities and advice of experts. Dacia will provecati their interest in science, engineering, inventions, research and business career, and build confidence in their creative possibilities. • Foundation activities include: workshops, fairs invention, camps, clubs and similar activities that promote inventiveness among young people in Montenegro, in cooperation with professional inventors, universities, schools, the Ministry of approach in education and science, donors and businesses.