e qip tips for new federal employees contractors and affiliates n.
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e-QIP Tips for new Federal Employees , Contractors and Affiliates PowerPoint Presentation
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e-QIP Tips for new Federal Employees , Contractors and Affiliates

e-QIP Tips for new Federal Employees , Contractors and Affiliates

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e-QIP Tips for new Federal Employees , Contractors and Affiliates

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  1. e-QIP Tips for new Federal Employees,Contractors and Affiliates ORS Division of Personnel Security & Access Control (DPSAC) December 2016

  2. Setasideampletimetocompletethe questionnaire –itcantakeafewhours. • Begin assoonaspossible.Donotwaituntilthelastminute.Your employmentoffermaybe rescindedifallrequiredmaterialsare notreceived withinthetimestatedinyouremail. • Gathermaterialsneededtocovertheperiodoftime requestedonyourform: • Citizenshipandidentifying informationforyou,yourspouse,andother relatives. • Previousresidencyaddresses. • Educationhistory–dates,degree(s)awarded,andinstitutionaddresses. • Employmenthistory–includingsupervisornameandcontactinformation. • Fullnames,addresses,andphone numbersoffriendsorotherindividuals whocanverifyyourrecenteducation,employmentstatus,andresidence history. e-QIP – Before YouStart

  3. Allquestions mustbeansweredandallresponses mustbe completeandaccurate. Readthe instructionscarefully. • Avoidchoosing,“Idonotknowthisinformation.”OPMwillrequest • additionalinformationuntilasufficientansweris provided. • Avoidacronyms(including military).Usefullemployernamesand • completejobtitleswherepossible. • Relativesand spouses(orformerspouses)canonlybeusedtoverify unemployment;theyare notvalidverifiersforanyotheritemson theform. • Besuretoincludecompleteaddressesandcomplete,legalnames • whenrequested. e-QIP QuickTips

  4. e-QIPautomaticallychecksyourbrowser’scompatibility. Getting to e-QIP • Ifyouhave problemswithyourbrowser,followthe instructionsprovidedorvisitOPM’sQuickReferenceGuide: • Whenready,click“Continuetoe-QIP.”

  5. Registering for e-QIP Step 1 Step 2"Enter thee-QIP ApplicantSite" button Clickthe“Continueto e-QIP” button

  6. Step 4 Step 3 Enter yourSSNandclick submit Clickthe“RegisterforUsername and Password” button

  7. Step 5 Answer3GoldenQuestionsand enter14digitRegistrationCode provided. Clicksubmit. If you do not remember or are unable to locate the unique 14 character registration PIN code you were provided, you may contact DPSAC at 301-402-9755 or ORSeqip@mail.nih.govto have a new unique registration PIN code issued to you.

  8. Step 6 Youwill beasked toselectnewGoldenquestionsand answersalong witha username(or new username forreturningapplicants)along withyour password. You will use your username and password to login from here on out if you are unable to complete your questionnaire in one sitting. 10

  9. Usethedrop-downmenuatthetopofthescreenand the buttonsatthe bottomtonavigate betweensections oftheform.(Donotusethe “Back”buttononyour browser.) • Click“Help”ifyouhavequestions. • Click“Save”or“Save/Continue”attheendofevery page.(“ResetthisScreen”erasestheinformationyou enteredonthatpage.) Navigation

  10. YourIdentifying Information • Provideyourfull,legalname. • Takecaretospellyournameandplaceofbirthcorrectlyand • inputyourbirthdateandSocialSecurityNumbercorrectly. • YoumustprovideyourSocialSecurityNumber.

  11. Selectyourcitizenshipstatus. • IfyouareaU.S.citizenandwerebornonamilitary • baseoutsidetheUnited States,youmustcheck“Iama • U.S.citizen,butIwasNOTbornintheU.S.”andanswer thesubsequentquestions. Citizenship • Provide yourmother’smaidenname.

  12. Citizenship If you are not a U.S. citizen, provide the place entered the United States, the date, an alien registration number, and your country of citizenship. If you do not have an alien registration number, use your I-94 number.

  13. Makesuretoincludecompleteaddressesandcovertheperiodoftime required. • Usetheaddressforwhereyou actuallyresided.Donotlista • “permanentaddress”ifyouwerelivingatschool. • P.O.boxesarenotacceptable.Instead,providean additionalcomment • describingwhereyoulived. • Fortemporarymilitarystations(under90 days),listyourpermanent • addressinstead. • Use APO/FPOaddressesifyoulivedoverseaswhileinthemilitary. WhereYouHave Lived

  14. List all schools attended beyond Junior High School for the period of time required on the form. • ListallCollege/University degreesnomatterwhenthey wereawarded. • Ifallyoureducationoccurred beforetheperiodoftime required,listyourmostrecent education,regardlessofwhen itoccurred. • Ifyoucan’tfindtheschool’sstreetaddress,usethestreetaddressof theregistrar.(Note:Thenameofthe institutionisnotastreetaddress.) YourEducation

  15. Youremploymenthistoryshouldmatchyourresumeforthe period oftimerequestedontheform. YourEmploymentActivities • Ifyouworkedforthesameemployeratthesamelocationmore thanonce,enterinformationinthe“PreviousPeriodsofActivity” blockinsteadofcreatinganewentry.

  16. Ifthetypeofemploymentis notincludedinthelist,select “Other.” • Listing“full-timestudent”or“retirement”doesnotcountas • employment.Select“Unemployment”forthattimeperiod. • Ifyouareorwereself-employedorunemployed,youmust provide averifier,someoneotherthanyourself,whocanvouch foryour self-employmentorunemployment.(Seedetailsonnextslide.) • Besuretocovertheentire periodoftimerequired. • Avoidacronyms(including military).Usefullemployernamesand completejobtitleswhere possible. • P.O.boxesareNOTacceptable.Provideanadditionalcomment • describingthelocationifastreetaddressis notavailable. YourEmploymentActivities

  17. YourEmploymentActivities Forunemployment,youmaylista relativeasaverifier. However,neitheryounorarelativecanverifyyourself- employment.Suitableverifiersincludepatrons,non-relativebusinesspartners,orlocalbusinessassociations. 20

  18. PeopleWho KnowYouWell • Youmust provideatleast3peoplewhocanserveas • verifiersforthe periodoftimerequired. • IfallverifiersliveoutsidetheU.S., provide3additional individualswholivein theU.S. Theseadditional verifiersdo not havetocoverthetimeframerequiredbytheform.

  19. Listindividualswhohavenotbeen identifiedelsewhereon • youre-QIPform. • Donotlistrelatives,spouses,orformerspouses. • Supplyallrequestedinformation(fullname,address,phone • number, datesknown). • Satisfactoryexamplesincludefriends, neighbors,coworkers, roommates,peers,andcoaches. PeopleWho KnowYouWell

  20. Ifmarried,listallrequestedinformationaboutyourspouse,to YourMarital StatusandYourRelatives • includehis/herfullSocialSecurityNumberifapplicable. • Providetheinformationrequestedfortheapplicablerelatives. • Usethe“AddOptionalComment”buttontoexplainwhy • informationismissingortoprovideadditionalinformation. • Ifyouareestrangedfromarelativeandcannotcompletethe informationrequested,usethe“AddOptionalComment”button toexplainwhyyouarenolongerin contactwiththatperson.

  21. Allmalesmustanswerthe SelectiveServicequestion. YourSelective ServiceRecord • ChecktheSelectiveServicewebsite • ( • DonotrememberyourSelectiveServiceNumber • CannotrememberifyouregisteredforSelective Service • NeedtoregisterforSelective Service • Usethe“AddOptionalComment”buttontoexplainwhyyou • havemissinginformationortoprovideadditionalinformation.

  22. Ifyouhaveapolicerecord,providecourtdocumentsand • informationorevidencethatyoumetcourtpenalties. • Provideaccurateandcomprehensivedetailsfortheinformation requested–includingdates,offenses,names,andlocations. • Ifyoudonotprovidethisinformation,yourabilitytostart work • willbe delayed. YourPolice Record Note:Including policerecordinformationdoes notautomatically disqualifyyou. Itis besttobeforthcomingandtruthful.

  23. If you have federal debt, bankruptcies, loans, or other credit issues over the period of time requested, select “yes.” • Providecomprehensiveinformationtosubsequentquestions– includingcreditorinformation,courtinformation,type(s)of loan(s),dates,etc. • Youmaybeasked tosignanHHSCreditRelease YourFinancial Record Note:Answering“yes” tothis questiondoesnotautomatically disqualifyyoufortheposition.

  24. Review your answers for accuracy and completion. • The system validates the data you have entered. Any errors appear under the “Validation Summary” table. • You must fix these errors before continuing. • Once validated, click the “Display” link (top left) to save a copy for your records. Validate,Review, andCertify THISSTEPIS CRITICAL.

  25. Digitally Sign and Upload Forms • Digitally sign any signature forms that appear in e-QIP. • Additionally upload all documents into e-QIP included in initial e-QIP invitation email (to include your completed OF 306, HHS Credit Release and OF-612).

  26. Additional Required Forms • Additional required forms are provided as an attachment in your initial e-QIP invitation email and are required to be submitted with e-QIP

  27. Declaration for Federal Employment OF-306 Any positive answers for Questions #9-13, will require complete additional information be provided under #16. • #9 Yes - provide the date, explanation of the violation, place of occurrence, and the name and address of the police department or court involved. • #10 Yes - provide the date, explanation of the violation, place of occurrence, and the name and address of the military authority or court involved. • #11 Yes - provide the date, explanation of the violation, place of occurrence, and the name and address of the police department or court involved. • #12 Yes - provide the date, explanation of the problem, reason for leaving, and the employer's name and address. • #13 Yes - provide the type, length, and amount of the delinquency or default, and steps that you are taking to correct the error or repay the debt.

  28. Application OF-612 o   Section A - Applicant Information (For Questions 1-3 in this section we recommend: (1) Enter your Current Job Title (2) Enter your Current Grade (3) Enter “N/A”.  Provide all other personal information for (4-8). o   Section B - Work Experience (Provide your current NIH position information) o   Section D - Education (high school and any higher education information, to include dates attended, major(s), type of degree(s) and years received, if any ) o   Section E - optional o   Section F - optional o   Section G - optional o   Section H – Answer YES or NO if applicable o   Section I - Applicant Certification (Sign and date)

  29. Release/Transmit • Final Step: Select “Release Request/Transmit to Agency.” This step must be completed for OPM to receive your e-QIP forms. • This is the end of the e-QIP questionnaire. NIH will contact you if additional or clarifying information is needed.