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All About Joomla PowerPoint Presentation
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All About Joomla

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All About Joomla
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All About Joomla

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  1. All About Joomla

    Jerusalem Web Professionals Group – May 27th, 2010 Jerusalem Web Professionals May 27, 2010 Presented by: Jeff Mendelson, MBA Phone: +1.954.636.2844
  2. Agenda Introductions Why Use Joomla? The Joomla Data Model Learning the Lingo Putting it all together Joomla: The Good and the Bad Showcase Questions and answers
  3. Introduction About Jeff Mendelson / Las Olas Tech Founded in 2006, Standardized on the Joomla platform (then Mambo). Focused attention on Content Management Systems (CMS) and their flexibility in presenting dynamic and efficient data management solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Jeff has lived and worked in Mexico, Israel and the US. Speaks Spanish, Hebrew and English and has a MBA from the University of Miami.
  4. Why Use Joomla? Our Mantra – Always use the right tool for the job. An active development community Developer and business friendly. Wide selection 3rd party software, both open-source and commercial
  5. Learning the Lingo: Joomla Style Joomla websites are comprised of components, modules, plugins and templates. Component: Application that exists in the main body area. Examples: shopping carts, articles, directories, photo galleries, Modules: Boxes of information displayed around the main content. Examples: menus, custom text, banners, dynamic content. Plugins: psuedo-applications that extend underlying functionality. Examples: eMailcloaker, extended search, additional security. Templates: Overall presentation of content and components.
  6. Learning the Lingo: Joomla Style Content Model – Imagine a file cabinet with drawers, folders and files. Sections: The drawers. You can have many sections Categories: The folders. Can place many categories within sections. Articles: The files. A file can only be placed in one category at a time. Note: Joomla also allows for uncategorized articles.
  7. Putting it all together Define the functionality Blog, Portal, Shopping Cart, etc. Make an outline. What topic(s) will you be addressing?This will help you in accommodating articles into categories and sections. Choose a template: There is a plethora of free and commercial templates available at a nominal cost.
  8. What is Joomla good at? Bad at? The Good: Corporate websites: presenting information Custom Development. Utilize the Joomla CMS for presenting articles while delivering customized applications to users. The Bad: The data model, just like Hebrew, takes a little getting used to. If you need a full-on blog, use Word Press. If you need a full-on shopping cart, use Magento. WYSIWYG is flaky for copy/pasting content.
  9. Joomla Showcase A few Joomla website examples and why they are exceptional: Nefeshb’Nefesh: Magenta: Lifequote: IHOP: Porsche (Brazil vs. USA): and
  10. Questions and Answers Thank you for your time Jeff Mendelson, MBA Web: http://www.lasolastech.comeMail: jeff@lasolastech.comPhone: +1.954.636.2844