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Submissive Coaching Style

Submissive Coaching Style

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Submissive Coaching Style

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  1. Submissive Coaching Style By: Kara Emery PEC-477 Fall 2012 A League Of Their Own Clip

  2. Submissive Coaching Style What is submissive coaching? The coach acts like a baby-sitter and doesn’t get involved with the athletes during practice or at games. The coach provides little to no instruction or guidance. The coach lacks competence, is lazy, and was misinformed about how to coach a team.

  3. A league of their own clip Notes Page In this clip Tom Hanks (the coach) displays his submissive coaching style by completely ignoring his athletes. The coach came into the locker room and didn’t speak to any of his athletes before the game. He also didn’t make a line up for the athletes and one of the athletes had to make the line-up for him.

  4. Submissive Coaching Style Cont. A Submissive Coach usually thinks that their style of coaching is the best for their team. This type of coach is seem primarily in recreational sports team that aren’t driven by a competitive system. The coach assumes the players just signed up to have fun so the coach sits back and lets the athletes have fun without giving any instruction or handing discipline problems.

  5. Notes Page A league of their own clip In this clip the coach is not interested in his team because it is a women’s baseball team. He doesn’t think they are good enough to play baseball so he doesn’t want to even bother talking to them. At one point in the clip, someone makes the coach aware that he was asleep during the game and the coach just didn’t care. This is a perfect example of submissive coaching. The coach in the clip made not attempt to encourage, discipline, or instruct any athlete during or before the game.

  6. Submissive Coaching Style Continued… Completely adopting the Submissive coaching style means you are not fulfilling all your duties as a coach, which is not fair to the athletes. Sometimes it is productive to sit back and watch your players practice so you can evaluate their abilities and make sure you have the right players at the right positions. Also this lets the coach see how the team works together as a whole unit. The submissive coaching style should not be used all the times because the athletes need someone who will provide guidance and instruction to help them achieve their goals.

  7. Notes Page A League of their own clip If you continue watching the movie you will se that the coach eventually changes his coaching style. If the coach continued using this coaching style his actions could be very harmful to team motivation and team spirit. The coach was not using his time being submissive wisely. He had his hat over his head and wasn’t evaluating the ability of his athletes or looking for ways to improve.

  8. Submissive Style Coaching What are some ways to overcome a submissive coaching style and become a true leader? ….Continued Provide direction and set goals for the future that will benefit the team. Build a safe and fun environment that the athletes want to be a part of. Have good values and teach those values to your athletes. Motivate the athlete to try harder and work toward the goals set by the team. Resolve conflicts between team member and other members of the organization. Communicate with the athlete, parents, and other members of the organization to ensure everyone knows everything that is going on.

  9. Conclusion Submissive Coaching Style Submissive Coaching really isn’t coaching at all as you can see in the clip. Coaching involves more than just sitting and watching the athlete play. Submissive style coaching can be used for a very short periods of time to evaluate the athletes, but this clip does not show the accurate way to use this style.