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Elementary Peer to Peer Support Goal PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary Peer to Peer Support Goal

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Elementary Peer to Peer Support Goal

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Elementary Peer to Peer Support Goal

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  1. Elementary Peer to Peer Support Goal Enhance the Elementary Proposal to Increase the Implementation of Elementary Peer to Peer Support Programs Beyond Lunch and Recess

  2. Elementary Break SessionAfternoon of the 1st Day • Proposal Primary Focus of Group • Present the Elementary Proposal to small groups or individuals – Familiarize • Increase Implementation Options

  3. Example of a Student with ASD Integrated ½ Day 4th Grade

  4. Example of 1st Grade Student with ASD Integrated Full Day

  5. Increase Implementation Options • Elementary Students with ASD Providing Own Sensitivity Awareness to the Classroom they are Attending • Laurie Potie – Shepherd Community Schools

  6. Brainstorm • How does this fit into proposal? • Will people need more information to implement? • Who helps student with ASD Create Power Point? • Next Steps?

  7. Increase Implementation Options • General Education Teacher Implementing Peer to Peer Support Program in General Education Classroom • Lisa Carruthers – Troy Schools

  8. Proud to be a…LEOPARD LINK! We ventured through the school year with some highs and lows. Our journey began with a SMILE! We tackled each week TOGETHER knowing we are “linked”. Lisa Carruthers 3rd Grade (former 5th grade teacher) Leonard Elementary School Troy, MI

  9. The Power Of One One song can spark a moment, One whisper can wake the dream.One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald spring. One smile begins a friendship, One moment can make one fall in love.One star can guide a ship at sea, One word can frame the goal One vote can change a nation, One sunbeam lights a roomOne candle wipes out darkness, One laugh will conquer gloom. One step must start each journey.One word must start each prayer.One hope will raise our spirits, One touch can show you care. One voice can speak with wisdom, One heart can know what's true, One life can make a difference, You see, it's up to you! Ashish Ram Very early in this journey We were reminded of the Power of One all over again!

  10. Our Story… • Training • Shared with staff • Helping my little guy as he progressed through the grades was a pivotal point for me and pursued further training in the Peer to Peer program • Attended a 2 day Peer to Peer training with START! • Came up with a plan to implement at an elementary level with the assistance and approval of child’s parents, Special Education Department, and district. • 29 third grade students with various needs that include: • English Language Learners (5) – 2 of which are new to the country • Reading Support (6) • Support Services such as occupational therapy, teacher consultant, social work, etc. (4) • ASD (1) • District offered ASD training with Maureen Ziegler and my principal asked if I was willing to go. • Shared what I learned with child’s parents. • Hold on to your seats!

  11. T.E.A.M. TimeTogether Everyone Achieves More • We started small – focused on ONE • Powerpoint presentation led by Peer (parent present) • Pamphlet was given to students to share at home • 27 out of 29 students signed up to be a LINK • PEER and LINK responsibilities created by ALL stakeholders • Names of Links for the first week were shared

  12. Check-in • Daily or as needed • Weekly during TEAM Time • All students take notes to reflect on week (individually) in written form in writer’s notebooks • Complete debrief sheet (Celebrations, Problems, Solutions) together through Link/Peer discussion (Friends share their thinking when appropriate) • Send copy of debrief sheet home with Peer and Link to share with parents • Friends take notes during process in preparation for their Link time or in reflection • Responsibilities for PEER and LINK are on desks (visual reminder for Peer, Link, and Teacher)

  13. Tips to remember: Keep it simple Keep it do-able Keep it REAL! Our vision for creating a classroom of LINKS is to promote a learning environment that understands the strengths of its members and provides support to everyone, including the teacher! We may start with ONE, however our “ripple” will reach far beyond our third grade classroom! • Reset • New week = 2 new Links with one carry over from week prior • Revisit goals/reflections from debrief of week prior to start current week’s debrief • Review confidentiality and respect of personal situations

  14. Through this process experiences may include… LINK THINK what a Link is really about! reflecting, learning, and THINKing about life through a new lens! TANK the gamut of emotions… …like being a fish out of water! remembering to breathe! feeling like WE could do anything? falling in love over and over, and over again! BE the Power of… Most of all… …MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  15. Brainstorm • How to get General Education Teacher Buy In • How to keep it simple, real, doable • How does this fit into proposal? • Will people need more information to implement? • Next Steps?

  16. Increase Implementation Options • Cross Aged Peers Supporting Students with ASD in both General Education and ASD Classroom • Erin Gauthier – Martin Schools - Allegan ESA

  17. Cross age LINKS - Scheduling DON’T OVER THINK IT!!! If a LINK doesn’t work out, we can move them later Everyone deserves a chance Figure out who needs the support and start there

  18. Cross age Peers finally start in January 2 day training Used START Materials and Classroom specific examples to show an overview 37 Middle School/High School LINKS Syllabus Used STARTS generic outline and modified for our program Expectations Attendance is important! BE A FRIEND!

  19. Middle School High School LINKS Earn credit for the course Learn about Autism 1 Lecture class a month and 1 case conference a month (for this year) Develop a friendship Mentor same age peers

  20. Lectures - Autisminternetmodules.com

  21. Mentoring Same Age Peers Teaching the same age peers how to help out their friend Teaching them to play a new game at recess Friendly reminders to stay quiet Social cues – “we don’t kiss at school” Showing them how to help in specific situations

  22. Develop Friendships

  23. Increased Engagement

  24. Brainstorm • Benefits of Cross-Aged Peers • Where do you find Cross-Aged Peers • This is in the proposal, do we need to make changes to the proposal? • Will people need more information to implement? • Next Steps?

  25. Increase Implementation Options • Books About Students with ASD • Lanyards and Badges for Elementary Students • Laurie Potie – Shepherd Community Schools

  26. All about me!

  27. Hi! My name is Amara. I have a very special story to read to you. It is ALL ABOUT ME and something called Autism.

  28. This is my family. My mom, my step-dad, my little sister Laylaand me.

  29. This is my Uncle David and Aunt Katie.

  30. This is my grandma and grandpa.

  31. I also have a dog named Rex. He is a blue heeler. I love my family very much and I know they love me too.

  32. I like a lot of things but the really special things are:

  33. That’s not all. I also love: I bet some of you like that stuff too.

  34. Something else about me is I have something called Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  35. That is a really long way to say my brain developed differently. You can’t see my brain so it is hard to understand what that means. I will try to explain it.

  36. Kind of like some kids are born with allergies or asthma. I was born with Autism. The doctor’s don’t know what causes Autism but they do know it is not anyone’s fault that I have Autism, it just happens.

  37. Some things are harder for me than they are for other kids. Loud noises seem even louder to me and I don’t always like to be touched. This is because my eyes, ears, nose, skin, and mouth are more sensitive than other kids.

  38. I have a hard time understanding the social stuff at school. Like my voice is louder than it should be sometimes. I don’t always know when it is OK to make noises and when I need to be quiet.

  39. I really like school but some things about school are hard for me so I have an adult to help me during the day, her name is Cheryl. Cheryl is with me when I get to school until the end of the school day.