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Language and Play Newsletter

Language and Play Newsletter

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Language and Play Newsletter

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  1. Language and Play Newsletter Welcome to this latest edition of Lap/Nap Swansea Newsletter. We have had a busy time, working in more schools, Day Nurseries, Parent & Toddler groups and with childminders. We have also been working in more Flying Start settings and also training up the flying start Staff to use Language and Play in their settings. We want to welcome Sioned with MYM who is delivering Lap in their playgroups. Summer 2008 Childminders Luisa delivered a Language and play programme with a group of childminders from Swansea. They thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas that they could to do in their settings and more children will benefit with extra language development. We've learned loads of new creative ideas to use with the children that makes our jobs easier. (Childminders)

  2. Cwm Primary Playgroup We have continued supporting this service with resources and support and they in turn have been running a rolling programme of Language and Play. They have continued to reach families in that area helping to improve language development. Swansea Childrens Centre SCC is one of the Flying Start settings in Swansea which has ran the Language and Play Programme offering it to the Flying Start parents. Luciana delivered these sessions with an enthusiastic group, all enjoying playing and making crafts with their children. Links We have continued to develop our links with TWF and Bookstart, supporting the TWF day with S4C in the new LC2 and Bookstart week in the new Central library at the Civic Centre. We also continue to work with the WPPA, delivering Language and Play in various Parent and Toddler settings throughout Swansea with their LAP worker Yvonne Shore. The training was good , especially meeting others and bouncing ideas off each other. I now have ideas to use in my setting. (Trainee on course) Training and Events We have been busy attending various training events, such as the Basic Skills Early Years Conference in Cardiff and we continue to deliver our own training to more Health visitors, children’s workers and carers. If you are interested in the FREE training or holding a FREE Lap or Nap course, please contact: Tracie Jennett on 01792 572063