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Follett Destiny Textbook Inventory PowerPoint Presentation
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Follett Destiny Textbook Inventory

Follett Destiny Textbook Inventory

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Follett Destiny Textbook Inventory

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  1. Follett Destiny Textbook Inventory Thomas ChangDistrict Resource Media & Technology SpecialistInstructional Technology and Library Media, Academic Services445 West Amelia StreetOrlando, Florida 32801407.317.3200 x.2556

  2. Objective • Teach skills used for conducting an inventory • Scanning options • Configuring the remote scanner • Initiating the inventory and planning a strategy • Encountering problems • Finalizing and reporting • Increase confidence and autonomy • Problem-solve and share ideas

  3. Methods of Scanning Setting Up the Falcon Using the Falcon Configuring the Falcon Installing ActiveSync Starting the Inventory Inventory Features Scanning In Real Time Scanning in Remote Using ActiveSync Archiving Scan Files Uploading Scan Files Finalizing the Inventory Resources and Tips Overview

  4. Scanners

  5. Methods

  6. Setting up the Falcon • Accessories • Stylus • Battery pack • Power cable and AC adaptor • 4220 Single Slot Dock • 2 types of USB cables • Standard for Dock • Synchronization Cable • Mounting bracket

  7. Falcon Accessories

  8. Install the battery pack Install the dock Remove clear stickers Charge the Falcon Align the screen Set the time (adjust the Time Zone first) Set the power properties Setting up the Falcon

  9. Using the Falcon • Power on / off • Sleep mode • Virtual Keyboard • Desktop / Applic… • Fn2 features • Trigger options • Reset button • Using headphones

  10. Configuring the Falcon • Barcode icon on the taskbar / Setting • General tab / Load factory defaults • Basic tab • Select Beep • Trigger timeout: 1 sec recommended • Select Keybd Message and choose Type writing • Termination code CRLF (Carriage return w/ line feed)

  11. Installing Activesync •

  12. Installing Activesync • No, I do not want to register

  13. Installing Activesync • Download files below

  14. Installing Activesync • Setup.msi file download

  15. Installing Activesync

  16. Installing Activesync

  17. Installing Activesync

  18. Installing Activesync

  19. Installing Activesync

  20. Installing Activesync

  21. Installing Activesync

  22. Installing Activesync

  23. Installing Activesync

  24. Installing Activesync

  25. Installing Activesync • Now is the time to connect the Falcon to your PC. • Be sure the Falcon is powered/turned on. • It can be attached to your PC in 2 different ways: • 1) directly to the PC using the sync cable, • 2) or via the dock. • Note: the dock requires a power supply connected and a standard USB cable connected to the PC.

  26. Starting the Inventory • Go to Back Office tab / Inventory • Select the Start New button

  27. Starting the Inventory • Complete the specifications and select OK

  28. Starting the Inventory • Take some time to look View Details before scanning

  29. Inventory Features • Multiple inventories can be conducted simultaneously • View In-Progress & Completed Inventories (ability to print .pdf reports of the inventory, and remove completed inventories) • View Selections (indicates the range of the inventory) • View Details (for a quick summary, and the ability to mark unaccounted items as “found” or “lost” before finalizing)

  30. Inventory Features • “Accounted for” copies include: • Checked Out • Loaned Out • On Order • Out for Repairs • In Transit • Unaccounted for or lost copies that are checked in during inventory will be accounted for automatically in View Details

  31. Inventory Features • New copies added to the catalog during an inventory will be considered accounted for. • Scanning lost books during inventory: • Becomes available if scanning in real time • Patron fines and refunds are assessed automatically • Remains lost if scanning in Follett Remote • Scanning checked out books during inventory • Automatically checks in the copy if scanning in real time • Patron fines are assessed automatically if applicable • Remains checked out if scanning in Follett Remote

  32. Inventory Features • Job Summary messages: • "Skipped: Barcode <barcode number> not found" • "Barcode <barcode number> has been accounted for, but is currently checked out and has a due date of <due date>" • "This barcode is currently marked lost“

  33. Scanning in real time • Using Internet Explorer on the Falcon • Double-click the IE Destiny icon • Using the virtual keyboard, type in your logon information and click the Login button • Under Textbook Manager, click on Inventory • Choose the appropriate inventory from the drop-down menu • Click the OK button • % Complete? • Check shelf order?

  34. Scanning in real time • Scan a few of the barcodes from your designated shelf in the ERC • Check the screen after each scan to be sure it processed and take notice of the % Complete value • Scan a few of the barcodes out of shelf order • “Please note…This item appears to be shelved incorrectly” • Type in some gobbledy-gook and enter it • “Barcode “…..” not found.”

  35. Scanning in real time • What happens if I scan a barcode that isn’t in the range I specified for this inventory? • “This item is out of the specified call number range” • Scanning a barcode multiple times will not affect the inventory

  36. Scanning in Follett Remote • On your Falcon, close out IE, and double-click the Follett Remote icon • Select Function / Textbook Inventory • Scan in some more barcodes from your designated shelf in the ERC • Type in some gobbledy-gook and enter it • When finished, close out Follett Remote on the Falcon by going to File / Exit or clicking on the X button in upper right corner • Place the Falcon in your dock, or connect it with the sync cable

  37. Using ActiveSync • Notice that ActiveSync is initiated automatically as soon as you dock the Falcon (the green icon on the task bar should spin while connecting) • Once the status is “connected” click on the Explore button

  38. Using ActiveSync • Double-click on the DiskOnChip folder

  39. Using ActiveSync • Double-click on the Destiny Remote folder

  40. Using ActiveSync • Select View / List for best functionality

  41. Using ActiveSync • All scan files are .txt files • The scan files are named and saved automatically by Destiny Remote • The name of the file is established by the clock on the Falcon • Textbook inventory scan files are titled “Textbook Copies”

  42. Using ActiveSync • If you try to open the file to look at it, you will see this window because the file is still on the Falcon, not on your workstation

  43. Using ActiveSync • Copy the scan file titled “TextbookCopies(today’s date) • You can also delete the files from this screen, but don’t delete your scan files until after the inventory is finalized

  44. Archiving Scan Files • Paste the file to a folder on your workstation, or drag&drop it • Remember where you store your scan files – be organized and consistent • Should I delete the files off of the Falcon? • What should I do if I upload more than once in the same day?

  45. Archiving Scan Files • If you see this error message, you need to close Follett Remote on your Falcon because the application is still using the file

  46. Uploading Scan Files • Go to Back Office / Inventory / Textbook Materials tab and click on the Browse button

  47. Uploading Scan Files • Notice that when you use the Look in: drop-down menu, there is no option to connect to your Falcon

  48. Uploading Scan Files • This is where it is important to remember where you saved your scan file. Select it and click on the Open button.

  49. Uploading Scan Files • Click on the Upload button.

  50. Uploading Scan Files • You will see this message. • Go to Back Office / Job Manager and view the Textbook Inventory upload