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Online Tenant Request System PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Tenant Request System

Online Tenant Request System

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Online Tenant Request System

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  1. Online Tenant Request System Reliable and accurate, the IMPAK online tenant request system significantly reduces telephone time and paperwork.

  2. Online Memos / Notices Broadcast email to all tenants at each property. Tenants can view holiday closing notices, events, other maintenance notices.

  3. Inspection Work Orders Pro-active property inspection work orders can be created “on-the-fly” by engineers and property managers.

  4. Automated Preventive Maintenance Routine tasks can be easily configured to automatically repeat at designated time intervals. This system can also be used to capture actual equipment readings.

  5. Two-Way Dispatch/Update Work orders are sent to technicians in the field via email to PDA or cell phone. Technicians can fully update each work order remotely as the work progresses.

  6. Equipment & Materials IMPAK provides a robust database for tracking equipment assets and materials inventory. Keep track of costs, usage, on-hand inventories and warranty information.

  7. Vendors & Purchase Orders Track the in-flow of goods and services at each property/facility. Send professionally-formatted purchase orders to vendors and send work orders directly to contractors!

  8. Tenant/Customer Invoices Streamlined and accurate, this system allows you to designate a work order as “billable”, and then creates a one-step invoice that can be printed and presented for payment.

  9. Built-In Operating Reports IMPAK provides pre-configured reports for work orders, properties, tenants, job types equipment, materials, contractors, vendors and staff productivity.

  10. Attachment Library Just like attaching files to email, you can attach and store external documents, spreadsheets and photos with property, tenant, equipment and work order records!

  11. Export to Microsoft Excel™ All IMPAK pages and reports are compatible with MS Excel, making it a snap to further customize the data. Some reports create automated Excel pie and bar charts for you!

  12. Monthly Pricing Plan IMPAK clients license the entire system on a monthly basis for each property/facility. There are no user fees for management, staff, tenants or contractors.

  13. Training & Support Costs None! We provide ongoing, person-to-person training via telephone/Internet, and we’re available for technical support during regular hours at no extra charge.

  14. Month-to-Month Contract No long-term contract of any kind. IMPAK services can be cancelled for any reason with only 30 days notice.

  15. Configuration & Implementation IMPAK is 100% web-based, and is already set up for your use. Your legacy data can be imported from Excel spreadsheets (tenant, equipment lists) to make the setup even faster.

  16. System Upgrades and Updates IMPAK provides continuous improvement of the property management system, based on client feedback and specific need. There is no downtime, delay or additional costs for upgrades/updates to the IMPAK system.