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Sym / Syn

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Sym / Syn

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Sym / Syn

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  1. Sym/Syn together

  2. Photosynthesis “photo” = light. The process plants use to change light energy, usually from the sun, into food. Using photosynthesis, a sunflower is able to turn energy from the sun into glucose.

  3. Synonym “syn” (together) + “onym” (name) = a word having the same or almost the same meaning as another. The word goes TOGETHER with another word because it has a similar meaning. My teacher told me that “said” was an overused word; she recommended that I use a synonym like “stated” or “screamed.”

  4. Syndicate A group of companies, businesses, individuals, or organizations, whose function is to carry out a project TOGETHER. According to the syndicate of investors, the new library funding should become available next year.

  5. Synthetic Artificial; not real. Made from materials that are not natural. Polyester is a synthetic material often mixed with natural fibers to make clothing less likely to wrinkle.

  6. Synagogue A building where Jewish people gather TOGETHER for worship and religious study. Anne Frank’s family was active in their local synagogue.

  7. Symbiosis The relationship between two different kinds of living things that live TOGETHER and depend on each other. The Egyptian Plover bird and crocodile have a symbiotic relationship. The bird gets into the crocodile's mouth and picks out the tiny bits of food stuck in his teeth. Birdie toothpick!!!

  8. Sympathy Feeling sorry for another person’s loss or suffering. David’s mother told him he had to show sympathy towards his sister who was dealing with the loss of her gold fish.

  9. Symptom A sign showing that something exists, as in symptoms of illness of disease. A high fever is a symptom of a viral infection such as Ebola.

  10. Symposium A meeting where people meet TOGETHER to discuss a subject. Mrs. Jordan is organizing the Chattanooga Literature Symposium to discuss literature in the middle grades.

  11. Symmetry An arrangement in which the parts on the opposite of the center line are the SAME in size, shape, and position. A butterfly’s wings are a beautiful example of symmetry in nature.