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Freshman Parent Orientation

Freshman Parent Orientation. Defiance High School March 1, 2012. Staff Introductions. Administration: Mr.Morton, Principal Mr. Jerger, Asst. Principal Mr. Buti, Athletic Director School Counselors: Mrs. Gable (A - G) Ms. McCann (H - O) Mr. Manz (P - Z) Teaching Faculty:

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Freshman Parent Orientation

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  1. Freshman Parent Orientation Defiance High School March 1, 2012

  2. Staff Introductions • Administration: • Mr.Morton, Principal • Mr. Jerger, Asst. Principal • Mr. Buti, Athletic Director • School Counselors: • Mrs. Gable (A - G) • Ms. McCann (H - O) • Mr. Manz (P - Z) • Teaching Faculty: • Mrs. Haviland - English • Mr. Voll - Social Studies • Mr. Wahl - Math • Ms. McAfee - Foreign Language • Mr. Parrish – Physical Education/Health • Mrs. Booth – Instrumental Music • Mr. West – Vocal Music • Mr. Anderson - Science • Mrs. Kamphaus - Family Consumer Science

  3. What To Expect in High School • Higher Level of Academics • Greater Independence and Responsibility • Taking New Courses • Having New Teachers • Making New Friends • Extracurricular Opportunities • Life and Career Goals After High School

  4. Advice for Freshman What you do your Freshman year sets the foundation for your academic success in high school.

  5. 21 Total Credits English 4 credits Mathematics 4 credits, including 1 unit of Algebra II or equivalent Science 3 credits Social Studies 3 credits Fine Arts 1 credit Health .5 credit P.E. .5 credit Electives 4.5 credits Economics/Finance .5 credit Pass all 5 sections of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) Graduation Requirements

  6. 4 English 4 Math 4 Science 4 Social Studies 1 Fine art 3 of one foreign language or 2 of two different foreign languages 3.5 GPA 27 ACT / 1210 SAT Honors Diploma Must Meet 7 of 8 Criteria

  7. Building A Strong Transcript • Credits • Awarded at semester for passing grades (60%) • Semester courses are worth 0.5 credits • Course History • Strength of schedule and total number of credits in subject areas • Cumulative GPA • Calculated each semester: each quarter is worth 40% and the semester exam is worth 20%. • Weighted vs. Non-weighted GPAs • Class Rank • Calculated each semester and based upon cumulative GPA.

  8. iPad Information • $50.00 Insurance to take home • Required Parent meeting in the Fall • Student is responsible for wear and tear • Can be used for personal use • Academic tool • Distributed the 2nd week of school

  9. School Day Structure • 7:55 AM - 2:44 PM • 7 Academic Periods • 6 class minimum schedule (only 1 study hall) • 4 minutes between classes • Lunch schedule - 3 lunch periods • Absences called in prior to 8:00 A.M.

  10. Registration Process • Students have already met with counselors to go over the registration process and next week students will actually sit down and create requests via the computer. • Special Education Students - Teachers will assist in registration process to determine appropriate courses in accordance with IEP. • The school has the right to change student schedules at any time and there are no guarantees that requests will be honored.

  11. Summer School • Summer Option • June 11 – June 30 and July 9-July 27 • 8:00-10:00 / 10:00-12:00 (depending on enrollment) • Remedial Courses Offered: • English • Math • Science • History • P.E. • Advanced P.E. (non remedial)

  12. Schedule Changes • You have the first 5 days of the semester to add/drop any course. • Any drop after 5 days will be a withdrawal failure and a meeting must be held. • Year-long courses can be dropped at the semester if you have a D or F OR you can withdrawal fail (with parent permission). • Teacher changes/requests will NOT be made. • Please try to make schedule changes prior to the beginning of the next year.

  13. University of Toledo Scholarly Savings Account The SSA • UT will make an annual deposit of $2,000 into an individual student’s scholarship account for a maximum of five years. • The first deposit of $2,000 will be in June 2011 for successful completion of 8th grade. • The annual deposit of $2,000 will be for each year of successful high school grade level completion, with school districts determining the criteria for success.

  14. University of Toledo Scholarly Savings Account The SSA Payout • Upon graduation from high school, the student may have accumulated a maximum of $10,000 in the scholarship savings account to be utilized toward UT tuition. • Scholarship funds will be disbursed in annual increments of $2,500 for each of the four years of attendance at UT. • Scholarship funds will be disbursed in one of the existing UT scholarship programs: the Blue and Gold Scholar, Rocket Scholar, and Presidential Scholarship programs.

  15. University of Toledo Scholarly Savings Account UT Requirements for SSA Disbursement • The student must graduate high school with a minimum 3.00 GPA (on a 4.00 scale). • The student must meet requirements for regular admission to UT, including satisfaction of the academic core curriculum requirements. • The student must maintain an annual UT GPA of 3.00 and complete a minimum of 30 credits annually

  16. Important Rules • No “holes” in clothes • No Shorts October 1 – May 1 • Piercing in ears only • No iPods, MP3 or cell phones • Tardiness • PDA • Profanity • Insubordination

  17. Athletic Eligibility – Mr. Buti • Eligibility determined each quarter. • 4th quarter of 8th grade determines eligibility of 1st quarter Freshman year. • Drug Testing • 1.5 Grade Point Average • Must be enrolled and passing FIVE (.5 credit) classes

  18. Parent/Guardian Role in High School Transition • Share your own high school experiences. • Help set goals and develop a 4-year plan. • Monitor their academic progress. • Develop a study/homework plan. • Stay involved with the school. • Promote a healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise, stress) • Talk with your child about making good decisions. • Foster independence and responsibility by setting limits. • Be involved with their interests, activities, and friends. • Stay connected by listening and communicating.

  19. Parent/Guardian Resources • Defiance City Schools Website • www.defiancecityschools.org • Parent Viewer - check grades and attendance • Update lunch accounts • Honeywell Instant Alert • ODE Website • www.ode.state.oh.us • OGT resources • Graduation requirements

  20. Thank You For Attending! Please contact a counselor or administrator with any questions about next year.

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