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the quartering act intolerable acts n.
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The Quartering Act/ Intolerable Acts PowerPoint Presentation
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The Quartering Act/ Intolerable Acts

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The Quartering Act/ Intolerable Acts
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The Quartering Act/ Intolerable Acts

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  1. The Quartering Act/ Intolerable Acts By: Max, Alek, and Jack L.

  2. The Intolerable acts The Intolerable acts where acts that Great Britain that were made that almost all of The Colonies disagreed with. This started a major disagreement in-between the Colonies and Britain.

  3. The Quartering act The Quartering Act was a law passed by Britain that said that Red Coats (British soldiers) would live in colonists homes. The colonists accepted, but they treated the soldiers very poorly.

  4. Differances The Intolerable acts The Quartering act The Quartering act was one law. The Quartering act was a law that said that all colonists had to lend space in there homes for Redcoats. • The Intolerable acts were multiple acts that the Colonists disagreed with. • The Intolerable acts include the closing of the Boston Port, and the law passed to make all but one tea illegal. This made the Colonist very mad.

  5. All about the Intolerable acts and what they did to the Colonies. The Intolerable Acts

  6. What where the Intolerable Acts? Some of the Intolerable Acts include the following changes: • British East India Tea Company was the only company that the colonists could buy tea from. • The British Closed the Boston Port until the Colonists would pay for the tea lost in the Boston Tea Party.

  7. How did these acts affect the Colonies? • The Boston tea party act almost destroyed Boston. People were losing there jobs, starving, and there was nothing they could do about it. But the other colonies could. They gave Boston food, water and money. This saved Boston from becoming a dead city. • The law against all other teas made the colonists furious. But tea was important to the Colonists so they had to buy the tea. The price dropped greatly though.

  8. Everything you need to know about the Quartering act The Quartering Act

  9. What was the Quartering Act? • The Quartering act was a law passed that forced Colonists to give room in there homes up for soldiers. • Even though they let soldiers stay, they treated them poorly. The soldiers were forced to live in the worst parts of the house and the Colonists were still mad. • The Quartering act was

  10. The Quartering act made the Colonists even more furious then before. This lead them even deeper into anger. The Quartering act in action

  11. How where these acts like a Parent Child These acts represent a parent child situation because of the following: • If Great Britain where to be the parent, they are in total control over The Colonies. And the Colonists don’t like it, just like a child. • Great Britain is making rules without The colonies ruling of it. • These examples are like a parent child relationship.

  12. Get Ready for the test! Or else… So do your best!

  13. Thank you for Watching