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Our Guys/Good Guys PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Guys/Good Guys

Our Guys/Good Guys

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Our Guys/Good Guys

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  1. Our Guys/Good Guys By: Garrett Hoyler, Evan Ling, &Matt Kanzler

  2. Stereotypes of a “real man”. • Pressures from the society and the media can be contributed to the stereotypes of a “perfect man” that many young boys are pressured to live up to. • Sights of big muscles and the rugged look of men in the media have become the idols that boys are told they have to become in order to find a girl and to be successful in society. • This creates the stereotype of boys that we live with today

  3. Gender Inequality • The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of American culture yet it is dominated by males • Girls can play football but it is socially unacceptable to do so • Cheerleading is one of the more observed girl “sports” but it is usually an accessory to football

  4. A “level” playing field • Woody Rockne is a football coach that has lived a privileged “white” lifestyle • He often compared players that were late to practice with his lazy brother and often refuted their reasons for being late. • When confronted with racism, Rockne took the stance of a beleaguered white male who was responsible for all of the nations shortcomings • On a rhetorical roll Rockne stated that 35-40% of date rapes are a farce • “those people need to stop whining” • A level playing field is actually the grounds for an unequal one.

  5. Athletics • Many boys use sports to fulfill their roles in society. • The institutions of athletics in high schools have come to perhaps unnecessary importance. • In many cases the athletics have become more important to the kids than their studies causing their grades to suffer. Perhaps worse than this is that in some cases school officials have changed grades in order to allow failing students to participate in their sports.

  6. Pain Factor • In athletics, it is taught that how a man deals with pain is what makes him • How an athlete dishes out pain makes him a man as well • In order to keep in the game and avoid being called a pussy, athletes would ask their doctors for pain medication • This usually results with permanent injuries incurred, a poll states that 78% of men reported physical disabilities to football and 66% believed that it negatively affected their life spans.