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LPA Program Overview LPA Projects

LPA Program Overview LPA Projects. Kenneth D. Fenton P.S. Clark County Engineer’s Office. I’m from ODOT and I’m here to help you!. LPA’s Point of View. Construction of Local Projects. What Works? What Doesn’t?. ODOT’s processes are tried-and-true

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LPA Program Overview LPA Projects

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  1. LPA Program Overview LPA Projects Kenneth D. Fenton P.S. Clark County Engineer’s Office

  2. I’m from ODOT and I’m here to help you!

  3. LPA’s Point of View Construction of Local Projects

  4. What Works? What Doesn’t? • ODOT’s processes are tried-and-true • LPA conformance to ODOT’s material and construction requirements • Possible changes and improvements

  5. ODOT’s processes are Tried-and-True. def. Tested and proved to be worthy or good

  6. Put it in writing . . .

  7. LPA Documentation Checklist • Documentation should support an audit. If it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.  • Project Inspection • Daily Diary. The daily diary should be up to date and contain the following information: • All work performed by the contractor • List of equipment • Project personnel and hours worked • Pay quantities. Check to see that they match the calculated values and how the pay quantity is determined. • Daily weather conditions (weather affects the majority of work performed and is needed to determine time extensions based upon weather delays) • Special notes and instructions to the contractor • Any unusual events occurring on or adjacent to the project, even those not related to construction

  8. LPA Documentation Checklist • Measurements • Measurements should be shown either in the daily diary or some other form of documentation. The inspector must indicate that the measurement is an actual field measurement. Even if the measurement is a plan dimension, note that the dimension has been field verified. • If the measurements in the diary are transferred from other documentation, has the engineer indicated where to find that documentation? • Calculations • Do the calculations use the measured or plan dimensions? This should be indicated; field verification is required. • Note whether a tape is included with the calculations. • All calculations should include item of work, location, date and initials.

  9. LPA Documentation Checklist • Tickets • Each tickets must include: JMF, date, location, item and initials • Any sequence of tickets that are not in order or have tickets missing need to have a calculator tape verifying the accumulative total. • Testing and Results • Inspections • Maintenance of Traffic • Document any plan changes  • Material Management • Is the inspector getting necessary documentation for the materials records? Documentation should provide for quality, quantity, and basis for payment. • How is the project manager organizing the materials documentation? • The project engineer must approve all materials and solve any deficiencies.

  10. LPA Documentation Checklist • Payment & Reimbursements • Change Orders / Pricing for extra work • Claims / Dispute Resolution • Schedule and Completion Date / Time Extensions / Liquidated Damages • Timeliness of payments • Railroad, Utility Force Account • Prevailing Wage, EEO, DBE (if applicable)

  11. LPA Conformance to ODOT’s Material and Construction Requirements

  12. Tracking and Issuing Payments

  13. Prevailing Wage

  14. Possible Changes or Improvements

  15. Pull it all together

  16. Thank You&Happy Holidays!

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