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The Games of Colonial America PowerPoint Presentation
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The Games of Colonial America

The Games of Colonial America

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The Games of Colonial America

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  1. The Games of Colonial America By Alex Paseka 7C ID1

  2. Summary • Back then children didn’t have the kind of technology to play virtual games so they played real out door games • Some kids made their own games • Some girls made their own dolls • Some boys made wooden horses to ride them

  3. Games • The Game of Jackstraws • Iroquois Snow Snakes • Whirligig • Chore Games • Tops • Rolling Hoop • Nine Pines • Bilbo Catcher • Riddles • Hopscotch

  4. The Game of Jackstraws • First you need 2 or more players and 21 broom straws or any other thin stick thing. • Cut all straw to a length of 6 inches. • Player 1 will hold several straws with the fingertips of one hand at the top of the straws. The bottom of the straws much be on your playing area. Then let go of the straws so that they land in a little pile. • After that, Player 1 will try to pick up 1 straw off the pile without touching or causing any others to move. If he/she succeeds without moving any other straw then he/she keeps that straw and tries to get 1 more. • If someone moves a straw by accident when try to get a straw the that player’s turn is over and they must put the straw back. • The game continues until all straws are picked up. The player with the most straws wins.

  5. Iroquois Snow Snakes • Choose one side of your stick to be a head. Decorate the rest of your snow snake with colored paper, dots, markers, or even stickers. Draw a tail on the opposite side of the head. Each snow snake should have a special look. Use a rag to apply a coat of furniture wax to the entire snow snake. • Go to your special sliding track and hold the snake by the tail and throw it under hand. Take turns with others to throw the stick. The person who throws it farthest gets 1 point. You win when you get 10 points.

  6. Whirligig • Cut a 4 inch circle on a piece of cardboard or use a large button. • Make two holes in the cardboard about 3/8 inch from the center. • Put a piece of string about 2 feet long through the holes and tie it together. Continue by spinning the circle until the string is tangled and then pull. • Continue doing this to have fun with the Whirligig.

  7. Chore Games • Kids made games out of their everyday chores. • When boys were tasked with carrying wood or finding berries they made contest to see who could do the task faster or who can find more berries than the other or carry more wood then the other. • This was a fun thing for them to do when they were bored.

  8. Tops • Tops was a game played indoors. • Children spin tops and tried to either hit the other player’s top to make it fall before his/hers did or to spin it and see whose top will last longer.

  9. Rolling Hoop • Kids have a 2 and a half foot diameter hoop and a wooden stick. They need to roll the hoop with the stick. • This is very simple. They had races with the hoops to see whocould get to the finish first without messing up their hoop. • If you grab the hoop and run or push with something other than the wooden stick then you are disqualified.

  10. Nine Pins • This is a game like today’s bowling but there are only 9 pins and u only get 1 chance to throw the ball for a score. • This was a indoor game so the pins were only 5 inches tall • Kids played several round and who ever had the most points at the end would win

  11. Bilbo Catcher • Bilbo catcher is a game where kids had a ball and a cup. They had to make the ball go in the cup with out shake/flick of the cup. • I don’t understand why they didn’t just call the game “Ball in a Cup”.

  12. Riddles • Kids told riddles to pass time when they had nothing to do. • A few of the riddles were: • 1- What can be seen falling down, but never crying? • 2- What kind of room is not in a house? • 3- What has three feet, but cannot walk?

  13. Riddle Answers • 1- Rain • 2- A mushroom • 3- A yardstick

  14. Hopscotch • Hopscotch is played by marking squares on the ground and jumping into other squares in a pattern. • Kids would throw a rock at a the hopscotch area and the square it lands closest to they must jump there. • If they lose balance, step on the line, or missed the rock when going back then they lose. • To win you must throw the rock jump to the end and on the way back pick up the rock while jumping and get back to the start.

  15. Bibliography • American Kids in History Colonial Days Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activates, and Recipes by David C. King pgs.94-97 • •