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Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico!. By: Ricardo, Chancho, Catalina, Dolores. Why Puerto Rico?.

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Puerto Rico!

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  1. Puerto Rico! By: Ricardo, Chancho, Catalina, Dolores

  2. Why Puerto Rico? • Puerto Rico is an island east of the Dominican Republic. Its location close to the equator gives it its hot, yet tropical feeling. It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, so the weather can be great! Also, out of the 4 million inhabitants, each and everyone of them is a kind, peaceful, American citizen. The cultural standards they have adapted are similar to those celebrated in the mainland. Except they’ve added a few of their own twists…

  3. History • When Christopher Columbus arrived there in 1493, the island was inhabited by the peaceful Arawak Indians, who were being challenged by the warlike Carib Indians. Puerto Rico remained economically undeveloped until 1830, when sugarcane, coffee, and tobacco plantations were gradually developed. After Puerto Ricans began to press for independence, Spain granted the island broad powers of self-government in 1897. But during the Spanish-American War of 1898 American troops invaded the island and Spain relinquished it to the U.S. Since then, Puerto Rico has remained a U.S. commonwealth. Its people were granted American citizenship under the Jones Act in 1917; they were permitted to elect their own governor, beginning in 1948; and they now fully administer their internal affairs under their own constitution, which was approved by the U.S. Congress in 1952.

  4. Culture • Puerto Rico, without a doubt has several unique characteristics that distinguish their culture from any other. Most of their natural reflexes are a mixture of the Dominican Republic, Spain, and the US. All though it is a territory of the United States, the attitude and the environment there is almost as if it is a completely different country. The capitol, San Juan, is definitely the most lively of all the other cities where you will see the best of their cultural traditions…

  5. ¡Cultura!

  6. Hotel • The Hacienda Tamarindo is located on the Vieques Island, a tropical quaint getaway. The rooms are tiled, the beds are made, and the view is exquisitely satisfying.

  7. Fashion • Puerto Ricans take pride on how they dress. They pay close attention on the ethics of dressing for all occasions. Style is very important to them. Northerners looks forward to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin and enjoy walking around shirtless on the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and women showing their bikini top. The locals do not approve on this type of dressing.  They would prefer people to wear sleeveless shirts. This is an alternative for travelers looking to enjoy the tropical weather with the least amount of clothes. Here are a few dresses made by Puerto Rican designers…

  8. ¡De moda!

  9. Food • The aroma that wafts from kitchens throughout Puerto Rico comes from adobo and sofrito -blends of herbs and spices that give many of the native foods their distinctive taste and color. Adobo, made by crushing together peppercorns, oregano, garlic, salt, olive oil, and lime juice or vinegar, is rubbed into meats before they are roasted. Sofrito, a potpourri of onions, garlic, coriander, and peppers browned in either olive oil or land and colored with achiote (annatoo seeds), imparts the bright-yellow color to the island's rice, soups, and stews.

  10. More Food • Other typical main dishes include fried beefsteak with onions (carne frita con cebolla), veal (ternera) a la parmesana, and roast leg of pork, fresh ham, lamb, or veal, a la criolla. These roasted meats are cooked in the Créole style, flavored with adobo. Also, most visitors to the island seem to like the fish and shellfish.

  11. Desserts • Desserts usually include some form of flan (custard) or perhaps nisperos de batata (sweet-potato balls with coconut, cloves and cinnamon). Equally traditional would be a portion of guava jelly with quesoblanco (white cheese). The most delicious dessert may be a freshly prepared fruit cocktail. the pumpkin, which grows in abundance on Puerto Rico, is used not only to flavor soups and as a side vegetable, but also to make the succulent base of a traditional Puerto Rican cake.

  12. ¡La comida típica!

  13. Activities • On pure adventures trips it is a 4 hour excursion which includes scuba diving and kayaking near Eastern Puerto Rico. During this activity you will venture through Puerto Rico’s Marine life. During the Acampa adventure you will be going on a half day adventure through Puerto Rico’s rain forest. You will enjoy a delicious native dish that will soon be followed by a zip line adventures. • By going on hang gliding you get to explore the beautiful agriculture and landscape by the air. You will also get to journey through the seas of Puerto Rico and explore the lands ancient reefs. On the 787 fishing trip you get to explore the crystal blue waters of Puerto Rico while fishing for your favorite sea creatures.

  14. ¡Aventúras!

  15. Landmarks • The Los Morillos Lighthouse is by far one of the most beautiful structures on all of Puerto Rico. There are also places like: The Camuy Caverns, The Ponce Cathedral, Fort San Cristóbal, The Dona Juana Waterfall, and many many more. All of these places have both historic and sentimental value from each and every square inch. Very few people have ever ventured to these places, and each of them is both spiritual and educational in the most unimaginable ways possible.

  16. Vocabulary • Restaurants (Silverware): El tenedor – Fork; El cuchillo – Knife; La cuchara - Spoon • Things you can say or use- El camarero (waiter), El plato (plate) El platovegetariano (vegetarian plate) • Movie Theatre: El cine – Movie; El boleto – Ticket; ¿Puedocomprar un boleto? - Can I buy a ticket? • Directions: A la derecha - To the right; Seguirderecho - Go straight; A la izquierda - To the left; Lejos de - Far from • ¿Dóndeestá…? (where is ….?) • Greetings: ¡Hola! – Hi! ¿Cómoestás? - How are you? ¿Cuálestunumero de teléfono? - What is your phone number? • Perdóname - Excuse me

  17. Transportation • You could rent a bicycle for $27, take a Ferry for $2 per person, or ride a Moped for only$36 a day. All modes of transportation are accepted in Puerto Rico, but the most popular (and probably the best) is definitely walking. Walking through the streets of San Juan or Las Piedras or wherever you are can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

  18. Benefits of Visiting Puerto Rico • Puerto Rico uses the same currency system as U.S. It is also very over populated so you have lots of opportunities to speak Spanish to others. You don’t need a passport to go there because it’s U.S. property, and it is bordered by very beautiful oceans, islands, etc. • There are so many different cultures that are mixed in with the Puerto Rican atmosphere. All though it is a small island there are some amazing people such as designers, top chefs, and top models. This would be a great opportunity because we as the students get to see how Spanish speaking cultures flourish and develop into a mixed cultural territory.

  19. Costs • Parasailing - $70.00 per person; Tandem - $120.00 • Hang Gliding - $139.00 per person; • Fishing -$125.00 per person • Food – La Fonda El Jibarito - $17 - $25 per plate: desserts – about $3.50 each • Bicycle - $27, Ferry - $2/person, Moped-$36/day • Hotel - $125.00/ night • Per person, the total is $1074.00

  20. ¡Viva la Puerto Rico! The End

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