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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. El Mapa de Puerto Rico. Informaci ón. Facts. National Symbol. National Sport. Indigenous People. Government. Political Parties. First Governor. Puerto Rico. Nickname- Borinquen Nationality Puerto Rican & American citizens,

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Puerto Rico

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  1. Puerto Rico

  2. El Mapa de Puerto Rico

  3. Información Facts National Symbol National Sport Indigenous People Government Political Parties First Governor

  4. Puerto Rico • Nickname- Borinquen • Nationality Puerto Rican & American citizens, • Discovery November 19, 1493 by Cristóforo Colombo • Ruled by: 1493-1898 Spanish colony

  5. National Symbol of Puerto Rico

  6. National Sport Beisbol (baseball) • Roberto Clemente • Played 18 seasons with Pittsburg Pirates • Died in 1972 in a plane crash on a humanitarian mission • Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973 • Won numerous baseball awards

  7. Puerto Rico Indigenous People -Taíno Indians

  8. Ceremonial Ball Court Batey- ceremonial ball game played by 10 to 30 people

  9. Government- Commonwealth • Head of State - The President of the U.S. • Resident Commissioner – Representative to Congress Has voice but no vote • Governor -Luis G. Fortuño, PNP, 2009 • P.R. Congress -Senate & House of Rep.

  10. Political Parties • PPD - Partido Popular Democratico • (now in control) • Popular Democratic Party • PNP - PartidoNuevo Progresista • New Progressive Party • PIP - Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño • Puerto Rican Independce Party

  11. Luis Munoz Marín 1990 Stamp that honored the “Father of Puerto Rico”

  12. Luiz Munoz Marin • Father of Puerto Rico- because brought prosperity to the island • First elected governor of Puerto Rico • Under his leadership became self-governing commonwealth

  13. As a commonwealth… • Do not vote for the President of US • Do not pay federal taxes • US provides customs, postal service, military defense

  14. Places of Puerto Rico Arecibo Observatory El Morro El Yunque

  15. Arecibo Observatory Site Arecibo Observatory Research center for astronomy, planets & atmosphere Virtual Tour

  16. Arecibo Observatory • Reflector is 1000 feet wide and 167 feet deep • Spherical reflector • Covers 20 acres

  17. Reflector suspended over limestone sinkhole

  18. El Morro • Fort built as protection from pirates • Tunnels, dungeons & outposts

  19. El Morro

  20. El Yunque Tropical rain forest

  21. El Yunque • 240 types of plants • Bird Sanctuary • 20 types of orquids

  22. El Yunque • El Toro- highest point • 3533 feet • El Portal- Information center • El Yunque Images

  23. El Fin

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