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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico . By: Kiki Carrillo . Map of Puerto Rico . Charts & Graphs . Human & Physical Features .

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Puerto Rico

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  1. Puerto Rico By: Kiki Carrillo

  2. Map of Puerto Rico

  3. Charts & Graphs

  4. Human & Physical Features Did you know that things in Puerto Rico aregetting better? To being with, the population for Puerto Rico is 3,620,897. The population has been growing since 1987. Another example , the life expecteny also has been improving. The life expectancy for Puerto Rico is 1.07 years higher than the United State of America. The life expectancy for Puerto Rico is 79.09,years and for the United States is 78.2 years. The Infant Mortality rate inPuerto Rico is 7.73 (per 1,000 living birth.) In conclusion the life quality in Puerto Rico is improving.

  5. Flag The Puerto Rican flag has many meanings and symbols. For example, the white star symbolizes Puerto Rico. With this in mind, the threesides of the triangle signify the executive, legislative, and judicial parts of the government. Next, its time to talk about the red strips. These red stripes symbolize the blood by warswhile representing liberty, victory, and peace. The design wasinitially influenced by the U.S.flag.The blue triangle stands for the sky and the coastal water. The two white stripessymbolizes the right of man. In conclusion, you can bet that the Puerto Rican flag has lots of meaning and symbols.

  6. Government 1.Government type for Puerto Rico is Commonwealth. 2.The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. 3.The time difference is 1 hour head from washington D.C 4.The chief of state is President Barack H. Obama 5. National Anthem is called “La Borinquena “

  7. Religion The main religion that most people practice is Christianity. First of all, Christianity is a fancy word for a religion. To begin with, Jesus Christ founded thereligion in Israel. People who are Christian practice, pray,and go to church on Sundays. Next, they also believe that once you die, you either go to Heaven or Hell. Christians read the Bible and trust every word in it. In conclusion,Puerto Rican’s practice thereligion of Christianity.

  8. Timeline

  9. Animals,Plants,& Natural Resources Puerto Rico has many amazing animals, plants, and natural resources. First of all,lets start with one of Puerto Rico’svery interesting animals, The Common Coqui. I know what you are saying “what in the world is a Coqui?’’ A Coqui is a type of frog native to Puerto Rico. For the time being, lets go ahead and talk about Puerto Ricanplants. A popular plant is the Plantain. they are anall-season staple food. Next,I’m going to talk about the natural resources of Puerto Rico.Nickel is one of Puerto Rico’s natural resources. Nickel is a silvery-white metal and it was not supposed to be eaten. In conclusion, Puerto Rico has interesting plants, natural resources,and animals.

  10. Glossary

  11. The History of Puerto Rico

  12. Photo Gallery

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