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By: Simon Gomez and Daniel Posada

PROBABILITY ROULETTE. By: Simon Gomez and Daniel Posada. Rules. 1. The game "Probability Roulette" can only be played by 4 players.

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By: Simon Gomez and Daniel Posada

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  1. PROBABILITY ROULETTE By: Simon Gomez and Daniel Posada

  2. Rules • 1. The game "Probability Roulette" can only be played by 4 players. • 2. Each of the 4 players obligatory needs to pay 5.000 pesos. The sum of all paymnets adds up to the amount of 20.000 pesos. The player who wins takes 15.000 thousand pesos which is the 75% of the total sum and 3 times what the respactable player payed at the beginning. No matter what, the other 25% of the sum (5.000 pesos) becomes property of the game managers ( Simon and Daniel). • 3. All players spin the roulette and the highest number spun, gets to spin first to start the game and during the game. The second highest number spun gets to spin second during the game and the same rules repeat for the other to players left. depending on the number they get, player must move forward their own piece. (Ex. Player spins 7 in the roulette, he advances 7 spaces in the board. Player spins 0 on the roulette, he stays in the spot where he was.) • 4. They are spots on the board market with a question mark (?). If a player lands there he must answer a math problem. If the player answers it correct, he stays on the (?) spot, but if he answers it wrong, he must go back to the previous spot. • 5. As said previously, only the first player to get to the "Winning Spot" or the last spot of the game, wins 15.000 pesos which the triple of what he payed at the star of the game.

  3. Expenses, Pay out and Expected Profit The game "Probability Roulette" designed by Simon Gomez and Daniel Posada doesn't have expenses. The game is played by four people who bet 5.000 pesos at the beginning of the game which in total the sum of money payed by all players is 20.000. At the end of the game, the player who wins takes the 75% of the sum of money. This is 15.000 pesos. Daniel and Simón always make a profit 25% of the sum of money which is 5.000 pesos. To be exact the sum of bets that equals 20.000 pesos is divided when the winner takes his pay out which is 15.000 pesos and we take the 5.000 pesos left which is our profit. We get the 5.000 pesos asured in every game no matter what.The other tree players do not get pay out and at the beginning of the game every one has an equal chance of winning since they are four players and every one has the same conditions. This gives every one a 25% chance ofwinning at the beginning of the game but later on in the game, the probability of winning for some player(s) might increase or decrease depending on your lock.

  4. The Theorical probability of winning this game is 25%. This is because they are for player out of 100%. Since they are 4 players the 100% splits into 4 and 1/4 of 100% is 25%. Eventually, the theorical probability didn't happen and neither of us can calculate luck. • PLAYER A: 4 TIMES / 20% • PLAYER B: 6 TIMES / 30% • PLAYER C: 6 TIMES / 30% • PLAYER D: 4 TIMES / 20% • (ABOVE IS THE EXPERIMENTAL PROB. ) Theorical and Experimental / Results of 20 trails played

  5. Roulette experimental and theorical Thetheoricalresults of spinning theroulette 20 times would be a 2,5 chance so per round weshouldhave 2 or 3 times thesamenumberbutclearlytheresultswereincorrectbecauseluchcant be calculated. Yo can seeresultsonthephoto.

  6. Report • Thisgameshould be playedbecauseitisfairtoeveryone and youhave a good chance of winning. ToSimon and me is a goodgamebecauseeach time weplaywewin so isfairtous and to theplayers.

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