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Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency PowerPoint Presentation
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Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency

Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency

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Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency

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  1. Leveraging HubSpot Enterprise to Grow Your Agency New Prospects App* Peter Caputa Date: 11-16-2011 *Available in all products.

  2. Agenda • What is the Prospects App? What’s Better? • How Does it Work • How to use it, sell it, etc • Homework & Co-Marketing Opp • Getting Help & What’s Next

  3. The New Prospects Tool

  4. Prospects V3: Why it’s Better! • Comparable to other solutions in market, but a whole lot less expensive • Daily email notifications to any HS user • Search by company, city, state/region, country • No volume cap • Updated every 20 minutes • More accurate matching of IP to companies • See which content they’re vieiwing when • Shows people who haven’t and have converted in one view • Quick links to googleand linkedin for more data • Hide/Unhide ISPs and other non prospects • Download all data into excel • Leverage API to integrate data into CRM or build on top of the data (App opportunities)

  5. Individual company view

  6. Content accessed

  7. Content Accessed When…

  8. Matches with leads…

  9. Rich data export Daily email notification

  10. Build on top and integrate systems w/API


  12. Detect Anonymous Visitors… • Javascript code determine the visitor’s IP address. Larger companies have their own IP addresses. • Matches IP address detected to a record in a database of IP/Company pairs. • Does a whole lot of data pulling and matching from analytics, leads app, linkedin, maps, etc.

  13. It’s Also Magic….

  14. How would you use it?

  15. Use it to Prospect Smarter… • Get notified as soon as bigger fish visit your website. • See what they’re viewing and call into the account. No! You don’t have to wait for them to download your ebook. They’re interested! • Connect with contacts on linkedin. • See when they’re visiting the site again and try again.

  16. WHO Should You Sell it to?

  17. Smarketers = Sales + Marketing

  18. How would you sell it?

  19. Qualify First…. • Does your sales team have a list of target accounts? • Do you think it’d be valuable if your sales team knew when their target accounts visited your website? What pages they viewed? Why would that be valuable for them? • Are there other larger prospects of yours that aren’t currently being worked? • Are your salespeople able to contact your target accounts as often as they need to in order to understand whether they’re currently evaluating solutions like yours? • How do your salespeople know whether their target accounts are in Attention, Interest, Desire, Action mode? • Are there influencers and decision makers in your target accounts who your salespeople don’t have regular contact with? Or access to? How do they know whether their emails, and your content is having an impact on these unidentified or hard to reach influencers/decision makers?

  20. HomEWORK& Co-Marketing OPPortunity

  21. Homework Goal: 100% usage by You & Your Clients • Sign up your sales people for email notifications. Challenge your salespeople to find a prospect and connect with a company visiting your site. Challenge your marketers to get these companies to convert by connecting on linkedin, reaching out or answering questions. • Sign up your account managers to receive notifications for the clients they manage. Have them forward the note with instructions on how to use it. Sign up your customers in their own accounts when you’re comfortable that it’s useful for them. Sign up their salespeople especially.

  22. Co-Marketing Opp • In the forum or on your blog, write your thoughts about, “How Marketing Can Help Salespeople Prospect & Connect Smarter” • We’ll take quotes from you and write a blog article highlighting the best advice. The article(s) will be posted on with links to your site.


  24. Use the Forums • We’ll post updates and to-do’s. • You should respond when you do something, or when you get stuck. • If you have product setup questions, call support. 888 HubSpot

  25. See You Next Wednesday