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4 ways to secure your enterprise mobile apps

In order to avoid data theft, it’s necessary to know exactly how a mobile enterprise app can be secured. HokuApps Platform automatically integrates security features that work at every level, on its automated mobile app development platform. <br>

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4 ways to secure your enterprise mobile apps

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  1. 4 ways to secure your enterprise mobile apps When it comes to mobiles, it’s always safe to accept that all of them aren’t 100% secure, and so, every mobile app development company out there needs to take every step possible to ensure the ​enterprise mobile app development they create is as safe as possible. After all, users store an immense amount of private and sensitive data on their devices, and the last thing they want is for that data to be stolen by malicious entities. And so, it’s the duty of each and every mobile app development company to look for new ways to keep the security of mobile devices intact. Therefore, what follows are a couple of approaches that could be taken to make sure the enterprise mobile app developed by you is as safe as possible. 1. Hardened Hardware This is a step that no mobile app development company should skip, as it involves taking into consideration the security of the mobile device itself. For instance, iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad are the most commonly used enterprise mobile devices, mainly because Apple has extremely stringent guidelines regarding what policy enforcement practices can and cannot control. In addition to this, Apple’s policy enforcement also allows you to create rules of your own, such as prohibiting users from installing apps on a device. 2. Wrap Your App Every ​mobile app development company out there knows that deploying apps in a secure manner is of utmost importance, and “app wrapping” is the quickest and easiest way to do so. Simply put, app wrapping separates the app from the remainder of the device by caging it in a managed environment. Each and every leading security provider supports this process, and so, with just a couple of setting parameters and no coding, you’ll be able to make sure your app lies in a managed, safe environment. 3. Opt for Single Sign-On Authentication is an extremely integral part of keeping data safe. One of the best and most secure ways of authenticating users is by using ​Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), as well as a virtual private network to develop a single sign-on, also known as SSO. However, it has been noted that SSO is not always convenient for mobile users, which is why almost every mobile app development company chooses to use OAuth 2.0 with a two-factor authentication for the mobile apps they create. A two-factor authentication basically asks users for something they have, like their user ID and password, as well as something they don’t have, such as a one-time-password (a pin sent to their registered mobile number, as some banks require).

  2. 4. Think APIs During the mobile application development ​​process, you need to make sure that you also secure APIs. This helps make sure all kinds of data that’s both in transit, as well as at rest, is as safe as possible. However, a little extra care needs to be taken when securing data at rest, as it has two end-points that require security - the data’s origin, and the mobile device. In addition to this, it’s best to limit sensitive data to memory, as that data can be easily wiped off. It’s best to always encrypt the device to make sure the data on it cannot be compromised. If you’re on the lookout for a mobile app development company that can build you an absolutely safe and secure enterprise mobile app, then HokuApps platform should be your top choice. Not only does this company take every possible step to ensure that your app is safe, but also builds apps at 10x the traditional app development speed, as it develops all kinds of mobile apps on its very own automated platform, so that you’ll enjoy a shorter time-to-market, affordability and scalability. In addition to this, you can be ensured that the enterprise mobile app developed for you is exactly as per your organizational structure, as HokuApps platform develops and deploys 100% customized mobile app solutions.

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