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DocuBank Website Branding Options PowerPoint Presentation
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DocuBank Website Branding Options

DocuBank Website Branding Options

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DocuBank Website Branding Options

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  1. DocuBank WebsiteBranding Options • You can elect to have your firm’s information appear on the DocuBank Member home page for each of your clients. You do this by adding your personalized image and text to Client Branding. • You can also choose to add similar information to your client’s SAFE landing page. You do this by adding text to SAFE Branding. This works best if you use Google Chrome as your web browser while setting up your branding options. You can always switch back to whatever browser you prefer when you are done.

  2. Here is what your client’s page will look like when you are done! Your color logo Your custom text

  3. Setting up Client Branding First, You’ll need to login to your firm’s DocuBank Resource Center. Don’t know your password? We will be happy to help. Email

  4. Setting up your Branding Then, Click on the Client Branding tab on the bottom of the screen First time in your Provider Resource Center? Come back and look around. There’s some good stuff here.

  5. Click up here to add a full color logo. Square shaped logos look best. PNG32 files don’t work.If your .png file isn’t uploading, it’s probably png32. Convert the file to png24 or use a .gif or .jpg.

  6. You can then choose the correct image from your computer. .gif files work best. If your image does not appear right away, click on another tab and then click back. Some very large images may slow the system down.

  7. You can then type the text you would like on the top of the page. If you add your website to your lines of text it will be a live link to your site and cannot be the first line of text.

  8. You can then select the color you would like that text displayed in. And Click SAVE

  9. A preview screen will pop up showing how your image and text will look. Text Logo Not happy with the look? Click “back” to go back and make changes.

  10. Simply choose a new file if you’d like to replace the image. Change colors and text if necessary Click Save You only need to choose “delete logo” if you just don’t want an image at all.

  11. Congratulate yourself on how nice your revised branding looks!

  12. Here is what your client’s page will look like! Your color logo Your custom text

  13. Once you’ve completed the Client Branding you can click on SAFE Branding and set up your SAFE specific custom text and logo there. You can choose a different image and text for this branding opportunity, or use the same you just used for Client Branding. The choice is yours.

  14. One Last Step: • Email us: • To let us know you’ve set up your branding so we can keep you up to date on updates and enhancements. Questions? • Call us: 610-667-3524