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My Geo-Diary PowerPoint Presentation
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My Geo-Diary

My Geo-Diary

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My Geo-Diary

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  1. My Geo-Diary Kelsey Macqueen

  2. A trip downtown Grand Rapids • Saturday, September 20th • West • 1:00pm • Living in West Michigan, it’s nice to be able to head to downtown Grand Rapids. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Holland, MI • (Relative location)

  3. Holland State Park Saturday, July 15th 8:00pm West Lake Michigan, Holland State Park Home of “beach-goers”, seagulls, sand, Big Red, fresh water and more. (Physical Characteristics of place.)

  4. A place to study Lemonjello’s Coffee Shop • Wednesday, May 1st 10:00am • West • Very close to home, I come here to study and prepare my homework for my classes. • (Human Environment Interaction- Human adaptation. Relative location)

  5. Tulip Time Downtown Holland, MI South Saturday, May 4th 2:00pm Located on 8th street, downtown Holland, MI. 49423 (absolute location)

  6. A trip to the grocery store Holland Meijer • Sunday, May 5th 11:00am • East • Located at: 3320 West Shore Drive, Holland MI 49424. I park on the north side of the parking lot so I can easily walk to get my groceries. • (Absolute location, Movement of goods)

  7. More nail polish, please! Ulta Beauty Supply Thursday, May 2nd 7:30pm West Very close to other shopping places such as TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, etc. Along with selling products, they also provide hair cuts and colors, etc. (Relative location, Movement of goods and services)

  8. Time for a walk Taking Zoe outside • Thursday, May 2nd 12:00pm • South • Zoe likes to walk on the pavement, and really likes the mailboxes located on the side of the street in grass. Although she doesn’t go for too long, she still loves to go for walks. • (Physical Characteristics of place, movement of people and animals)

  9. Zzzzzz Finally, time for bed after a long day! Friday, May 3rd. 1:00am One of my favorite places on Earth, my bed! Located in the Macqueen household. 5025 Sand Drive, Holland, MI 49424. Pull up the covers to get comfortable. (Absolute location, Human Environment Adaptation- Human Adaptation)

  10. Jump right in! • Sunday, July 16th. 1:00 pm. • North • The Macqueen pool is located in our backyard. It’s used for sunbathing, swimming laps, or just for fun and enjoyment. • (Relative location, Movement of people and animals, Movement of Water.)

  11. SCORE! GH Soccer Wednesday, May 1st. 6:00pm My cousin plays on the Varsity Grand Haven soccer team. They have a beautiful turf field, surrounded by stands for the viewers. (Physical characteristics of place)