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My Diary from Here to There PowerPoint Presentation
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My Diary from Here to There

My Diary from Here to There

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My Diary from Here to There

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  1. My Diary fromHere to There Background picture: Os Semeadores (The Planters) by Diego Rivera LindaC/Callison/2011

  2. Other books by Amanda Irma Perez

  3. opportunities: chances to do things

  4. border: a boundary line that shows how land is separated Border between Calexico, USA and Mexicali, Mexico

  5. unions: groups of workers who come together to make work better

  6. strikes: times when workers refuse to work until employers improve conditions

  7. citizen: a person who agrees to respect the rules of a country and is granted rights from that country

  8. boycott: times when people refuse to buy products to show they are upset about prices or poor treatment International Grape Boycott Day, May 10, 1969

  9. migrant workers: farm workers who move from one area to another for work

  10. labor: hard work

  11. conditions: situations that affect one’s way of life or activities farm labor housing

  12. bargained: talked over a deal

  13. High Interest Words These are words from the story that you may not have seen before.

  14. saguaro: a large, tree-sized cactus native to the Sonoran Desert

  15. immigrant: a person who comes to a new country to live

  16. pan dulce: a chewy, lightly sweetened Mexican bread Yummm!

  17. green card: a card that shows an immigrant may live and work in the U.S.

  18. tamale (tamal): a traditional Latin- American dish made with masa (a cornmeal dough) and steamed in a corn husk

  19. patient: able to wait or delay without becoming angry I am losing patience!

  20. Medal of Freedom: the highest civilian (non-military) award given in the United States In Spanish: medala

  21. High Interest Words saguaro immigrant pan dulce green cards tamale patient Medal of Freedom opportunitiesborderunionsstrikescitizensboycottmigrant workerslaborconditionsbargained