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  2. Once there lived a tall strong wrestler named Vijay Singh. He often landed in trouble because of his love for boasting.

  3. “I am not afraid of ghosts”’ he said one day.” If I meet a ghost I will teach him a lesson.” His friends challenged him and asked him to stay in the Haunted Desert for a night. Vijay Singh was frightened but could not back out.

  4. The whole village came to see Vijay Singh off. An old lady gave him an egg and a lump of salt as gift. Vijay Singh started walking and soon reached the Desert. He heard strange voices. A voice suddenly said,” I am Natwar your friend.”

  5. Vijay Singh wanted to size up his enemy. So he said” come out, I want to see you.” The ghost was surprised. Usually people screamed or fainted .But this man was different. ”I want to fight with a ghost”, continued Vijay singh. The ghost was speechless.

  6. Questions and answers 1:What was Vijay Singh's weakness ? Which awkward situation did it push him into ? Ans:boasting-he had to go to haunted desert to show he was not afraid of ghosts. 2:Was the old woman’s gift to Vijay Singh eccentric ? Why ? Ans:yes.she gave him 2 useless things-an egg, a lump of salt.

  7. 3:Why did Vijay Singh ask the ghost disguised as Natwar to come closer ? Ans: to size up his enemy. Q.4:What made the ghost speechless ? Why ? Ans: usually people screamed, ran away in fear or fainted. but Vijay Singh wanted to fight with a ghost. 5:Why did Vijay Singh say “appearcences can be deceptive”? Ans:the ghost tried to frighten Vijay Singh –saying Vijay Singh looked quite weak-so he said he was stronger than he looked.

  8. Part-II Vijay Singh gave the ghost a rock and asked him to squeeze it to bring out water. The ghost couldn’t. Vijay Singh squeezed the egg. The egg broke and yellow yolk oozed out.

  9. Next he asked the ghost to powder another piece of rock. The ghost tried hard but couldn’t. Vijay Singh took the lump of salt and crushed it easily. And gave it to the Ghost to taste.

  10. The ghost was frightened and decided to kill him.He asked Vijay Singh to his cave. His plan was to kill Vijay Singh in his sleep. But Vijay Singh knew the plan and so got up and hid. He covered long pillows in the bed to look like a sleeping man.

  11. The ghost got up and hit the pillows many times. He thought Vijay Singh would be dead. After sometime Vijay Singh crept back to bed. He got up and said loudly, "I think there are mosquitoes in the cave-I could not sleep at all.”

  12. The ghost was scared. He ran away leaving all his things behind. Vijay Singh removed the riches of the thief who was acting as a ghost. He returned all the things to their owners. He went to thank the old woman and asked her grand daughter’s hand in marriage. He never boasted in his life again.

  13. Questions and answers 1:How did Vijay Singh use the egg ? How did he use the lump of salt ? An: he gave the ghost rocks and asked to powder it. Vijay sing took egg and cracked it easily .next he powdered the lump of salt. 2:Why did Vijay Singh conclude that the ghost would not be a worthy opponent to him ? Was he fair in his judgment ? Ans:ghost did not look very strong –no-because Vijay Singh tricked him to show his strength

  14. 3:Why did vijay Singh ask the ghost to accompany him to town next day ? Ans:he wanted to show people that he was not afraid of ghosts. 4:What made the ghost believe Vijay Singh was dead ? Ans: he hit Vijay Singh strongly many times-did not hear any sound-so thought he was dead. 5:Vijay Singh complained of insects in the cave. What was he referring to and why ? Ans: the ghosts’s blows were strong-but he wanted to show that he was stronger and he was not affected by the ghost’s blows.

  15. 6:Was it really a ghost who Vijay Singh befooled ?Who do you think it was ? Ans: was a thief acting as a ghost-to frighten poor people and rob their things.