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uses of retail management software PowerPoint Presentation
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uses of retail management software

uses of retail management software

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uses of retail management software

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  2. WELCOME: • ERetailoffers end to end solution to the retail industry. We offer solutions for a small single retail outlet to a chain of outlets. We offer solutions to the various segments of the retail industry like Fine dining restaurants, QSR, Supermarket, Book store, Ice Cream outlets, Fruits and Vegetable outlet, Fish and Meat stores, Wine stores to name a few. • Our offerings include WMS system at the Warehouse, POS and backend solution for the store outlet. We offer client a choice of in premise as well as cloud solutions. We have recently launched our Android APP for Food & Beverage segment.


  4. APPARELS • FlexiPos helps you in organizing the most important aspect of Apparel business apart from inventory management of various classifications like color, size, brand, texture, etc. apparels software helps you in ordering the right mix of designs based on the sales movement. Purchase orders can be raised based on selecting the item and quantities for a combination of color and size combination.

  5. GIFTS & SOVINER • Now you can help turning your gift / Souvenir shop more unique and exceptional with our eminent gift Softwarewhich will prove out to be the definitive key to all your challenges and troubles you and your retail Gift / Souvenir Shop business has to face on day to day basis. FlexiPos proves to be cost effective software by its unique features of solving all your business troubles of lacking data security, incredible agility, accuracy as well as a hassle free operational control with precision and efficiency.

  6. WINE SHOP • FlexiPOS is a highly successful point of sale system offering the command and control businesses need to manage your operations more efficiently with local data storage, high processing power, networking capability and rich graphical user interface. Wine shop software empowers your store operate without difficulty at time of server downtime as it is engineered to adopt offline mode by default when the network connectivity is lost. FlexiPOS provide scope to do transactions through different methods like Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Value Added Service (VAS) and Point-Of-Sale (POS) solutions at retail.

  7. FRUITS &VEGETABLES • The typical problem faced by a vegetable shop is the frequent change in price, life of the item and inventory. Fruits and vegetables software give a very flexible option for changing prices as and when required and the same is reflected on the POS tills immediately. The inventory problem is take care by weighing scale integration both at the purchase point and POS which captures the weight accurately dispensing with the manual errors of entry. Simple and easy to configure promotions to minimize dump of perishable item help in reducing the dump and enhancing the sales. FlexiPos easily allows you POS to be configured to generate invoices for corporate clients.

  8. ICECREAM YOGURT • The short shelf life of the product makes it important that the customer maintains the right inventory and mix of product at his counter. FlexiPos/icecream shop softwarehelps in ordering the right quantity based on his past sales and seasonal requirement. Also the demand of today’s customer in this segment is to freely mix and match products. FlexiF&B has the CYO (choose your own) where in you can select a set if items which can be offered to your clients who has the choice of selecting from the set of items. Tight control on inventory and packing item helps customer in achieving maximum profits.

  9. KIRANA STORE • The ultimate key to all the challenges of your Supermarket or a Departmental Store or a Kirana Store is the tech giant FlexiPos Software Services. It is an ultimate solution key to all your queries including supervision of the crucial data & information of the products, keeping a track of quantity left, new orders to make as per the present availability and current demand, the expiration date of all the products, the regular offs and discounts over the products provided by the company & brand, a precise updating and regular maintenance in records so that the store businesses work appropriately with precision. Tech Giant Kirana Software will prove out to be the definitive solution key to all your challenges and troubles of supermarket and departmental store.

  10. COFFEE SHOP • Do you want a retail management software for coffee shop that comes with the flexible features of allowing you to tailor it in order to fit precisely the needs & requisites of your Apparels business while being immensely innovative at all the times? Do you wish to make use of ardent all-encompassing retail management system that can efficiently covers all of the important features your business needs including successful Point of Sale, accurate Customer Management, smooth Store Operations, updated Reporting & Analytics etc?

  11. PIZZA & CYO • Now it’s much easier to get your Retail Business Benefited from FlexiPos: an ardent POS Food & Beverage Retail Software. Flexipos is an attractive retail management Software that is available with wide range of features allowing the customers to tailor it easily in order to fit precisely the needs and requisites of Pizza / CYO, Food Court or a Canteen Shop management. Using this pizza & cyosoftware one can easily prevail over the problems of over purchase, unimpeachable strategy, unaccountable stocks, control & management dilemmas, redundant work, slow pace employees, growing cost etc which mainly encounters in Food & Beverage business Software will also help in maintaining the perfect mix of products and right inventory at your food retail counter while managing the raw material.