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  1. W W W Yahoo! Scalable Natural Language Semantics Hugo Zaragoza

  2. Services and Consulting Help organizations to increase their productivity by helping their employees to be more productive in their unstructured activities Anna Valverde

  3. Internet: Personalization and Recommendations Strands (USA, Europe) Strands specializes in personalization and recommendations on the web, with 3 main products:, moneyStrands, Strands recommender. is an end-user oriented Personal Finance Management tool to help people understand and manage their financials and find new ways to save money. The challenge is to develop a collaborative filtering approach based on users financial patterns to be able to predict critical financial situations given a user and his context. The approach has to consider all collected data in an anonymous way, privacy being a key aspect in our domain. Dr. Marc Torrens Chief Innovation Officer

  4. Networking and Innovation is a social platform for organizations where decisionmakers can discover, follow and connect to potential partners. Our challenge is to support and boost the new paradigm of entrepreneurship, open innovation and collaborative competition. We would like to develop some case studies of effective use of the platform to drive professional collaboration between different organizations Carles Ferreiro

  5. Software – BPM platform and solutions Polymita • Polymita is a world leader in Business Process Management software, which can be applied to provide solution to the following challenges: • Process Automation • Application of R&D • Entrepreneurship Ania Honess Director of Operations

  6. Marketing, communication and online training eMascaró Crossmedia, S.L. We offer our customers and markets innovative solutions to provide a differential value and make companies more competitive, innovating and researching emerging technologies applied to the fields of marketing and international communication. We are investigating the development of campaigns and applications based on AUGMENTED REALITY to apply to the areas of marketing, education and training. Diego Gamboa

  7. Areas of research in Augmented Reality Marketing and AdvertisingOnline GamesAdvertisingProduct Simulations Social networks & Social media EducationSimulations GamesCollaborative work TrainingSimulations Based TrainingImmersive training