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How much does it cost? PowerPoint Presentation
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How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

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How much does it cost?

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  1. Unit 7 How much does it cost? 新视野大学英语 视听说教程

  2. L ead In What do you know about shopping? TV shopping 电视销售 Mail order 邮购 In-store shopping 店内销售Directdistribution 直销 Online-shopping 网上购物Window shopping 只看不买 Shopping mall 购物中心Multiple shop/chain store 连锁店 Convenient store 便利店 Drug store药店 Duty-free store 免税店 Second-hand / shrift store 二手店

  3. L ead In What do you know about shopping? • Boutique精品店 • Corner shop • Delicatessen 熟食店 • Butcher’s 肉铺 • Grocery 食品杂货店 • Greengrocer’s 蔬菜店; • 水果店 • Vegetable stall • Bakery面包店 • Hypermarket大型百货超级市场 • Department store百货公司; • 百货商店 • Indoor market • Street market • Flea / yard market 跳蚤市场 • Specialty market 专卖店 • Mini-market • Supermarket 超级市场

  4. Asking prices • How much is it? • What do you charge for it? • How much do you ask for it? • How much does this cost? • What’s the regular price? • What do the apples start at? • Is this the sale price? • Eggs are sold by the dozen. • The disks are sole by the set. • The size makes no difference in price.

  5. About Settlement : • How much does it come to? • How much is it altogether? • How much shall I pay for these? • How much do I owe you? • Let’s see what it’ll all cost. • That will be a total of 345 dollars. • It comes to 201 Yuan, Miss. • Twenty dollars in all. • Here is your change. • Your change and receipt, please.

  6. Making a dialogue Situation: A finds a pair of jeans whose design and color are exactly to his or her taste. A likes it very much but thinks it’s too expensive. So he/she bargains with B, the salesperson, hoping to get some discount on the price.

  7. For Reference B: I’m telling you. The jeans will look great on you A: They’re nice, but I think I’m going to look around a little first. B: We only have a few pairs left. A: They’re just too expensive. If you give me a discount, maybe I'll be interested. B: Since these jeans seem exactly specially made for you. I’ll give you a five percent discount. A: Make it ten percent, and I’ll take them.

  8. Discussion on • Advantages of online shopping • Disadvantages of online shopping

  9. Advantages of online shopping In a fast paced society, time saved by searching, comparing, and buying online versus hitting the streets and browsing the traditional stores is immeasurable. Almostanyitem a consumer can imagine is available when the shops of the globe are as close as a computer terminal.

  10. With a few keystrokes, prices on one retail web site can be compared with the sale prices on another. When you shop at brick and mortar stores, you have to manually compare prices in ads, or rely on tips from friends about good deals. Shoppingonline eliminates the hassle of browsing and deciding at absolutelyground zero on the spot. Shoppers are able to get lower prices when buying online because online stores are not burdened by the costs of running a physical store, such as the rent of the physical premises and operating costs such as the wages of sales staff.

  11. It is convenient. You don’t have to get dressed, get in your car, drive through the traffic, and struggle to find a parking place to get to a brick and mortar store that may or may not have the item you want. Instead, you can sit in comfortably in your own home, in your robe and furry slippers, purchase the item you need onlineand arrange for overnight delivery.

  12. Listening in • In this part you are going to listen to people talk about shopping.

  13. Listening in • Task 1: Malls in the U.S. • Task 2: Online Shopping • Task 3: Beware of Bargains! • Task 4: An Advertisement

  14. How many expressions do you know about making and responding requests?

  15. Making requests Could you… Could you do me a favor? Would you mind…? Would …suit you? Will/would you please…? May I …? Shall we…? I wonder whether it would be convenient for you to… I was wondering if you could possibly…

  16. Responding to Requests Ok/ Sure/All right. No problem. I’d be glad to. That’s fine with me. I’m sorry, but… I’d like to, but… I’d really like to help, but I’m afraid…

  17. Role-play • Situation 1:Sarah is going to the supermarket for some fruit. Lisa asks her to pick up for her some clothes detergent and also some printing paper. • For Reference

  18. For Reference Lisa: Sarah, where are you for? Sarah: Oh, just going to the supermarket for some fruit. Lisa: Hey, would you mind picking up some clothes detergent for me? Sarah: All right. You need anything else? Lisa: Yeah, could you get me some printing paper too? Sarah: Okay.

  19. Role-play • Situation 2:Jennifer can’t get the tape rewinding. She asks Christopher to check it for her. After discovering that something is wrong with the tape itself, she then asks Christopher to pick up for her a six-pack of new ones when he goes to town tomorrow afternoon. . • For Reference

  20. For reference Jennifer: Hey Chris, would you take a look at my tape player? It can’t rewind the tape. Christopher: Sure. Hmm…the problem seems to be with the cassette tape itself: it’s jammed. Jennifer: Could you do me a favor? I mean, since you’re going to town tomorrow afternoon, could you pick up a six-pack of new ones? I need them for some work I am doing. Christopher: No problem. Oh, by the way, any particular band? Jennifer: I usually get Sony, but maybe whatever is the best bargain. Christopher: I see.

  21. Role-play • Situation 3:Kimberly regrets buying the CD player because it doesn’t work now. He asks Matthew to go back with him to that store to make a complain abut it. • For Reference

  22. For reference Kimberly: I wish I hadn’t bought this CD player. I thought it was a good deal, but now it doesn’t work. Matthew: I’m sorry to hear that. What are you going to do? Kimberly: I think I should make a complaint about it. I was wondering if you could possibly go with me for moral support. I hate doing that sort of thing. Matthew: I’ll be glad to. But don’t forget to take the receipt with you.

  23. Home Assignment Prepare Unit 8 Think about the advantages and disadvantages of living on campus

  24. See You Next Time!